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General Information

Type RoZ Dynamis - Northlands
Entry Trail Markings, Xarcabard (J-9)
Requirements Vial of Shrouded Sand (key item)
Hydra Corps Eyeglass (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Bastok)
Hydra Corps Command Scepter (key item, obtained in Dynamis-San d'Oria)
Hydra Corps Lantern (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Windurst)
Hydra Corps Tactical Map (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Jeuno)
Hydra Corps Insignia (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Beaucedine)
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes



Primary Map - Missing: Vanguard Dragon exact positions, numbering verification (176-185, 420-431)
(Spawn List)

Time Extensions

Extension Time   Extension Time
Tombstone Prototype 94 30 minutes Statue Prototype 529 30 minutes
Icon Prototype 382 30 minutes Statue Prototype 454 30 minutes
Tombstone Prototype 233 30 minutes  

Total Extensions: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Basic Strategy

  • (Optional) Clear ahriman directly west of the zone entrance. These can also be avoided by following the wall closely to the north.
  • Alliances stage northwest of the first time extension (Tombstone Prototype 94).
  • (Optional) Clear ahriman to the the first time extension. It is also possible to pull one Vanguard Eye without linking the rest, allowing mages to get in close enough to kill the time extension.
  • Avoiding Vanguard Eyes 188, 192, and 196, clear ahriman to the west, including time extension Icon Prototype 382. See notes below for details.
  • Proceed north, avoiding Vanguard Eyes 337 and 358.
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 219, 224, 228, and time extension Tombstone Prototype 233.
  • To avoid future linking, pull and clear Vanguard Eye 344.
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 496-500, including NMs Count Zaebos (WAR), Duke Berith (RDM), and Marquis Decarabia (BRD).
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 502-507, including NMs Duke Gomory (MNK), Marquis Andras (BST), and Prince Seere (WHM).
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 516-520, including NMs Duke Scox (DRK), Marquis Gamygyn (NIN), and Marquis Orias (BLM).
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 509-513, including NMs Marquis Sabnak (PLD), Count Raum (THF), and Marquis Nebiros (SMN).
  • Clear Vanguard Eyes 522-527, including NMs Count Vine (SAM), King Zagan (DRG), and Marquis Cimeries (RNG).
  • Pull and clear time extension Statue Prototype 529.
  • Clear ahriman to final time extension, Statue Prototype 454.
  • Clear Vanguard Dragons. It is not necessary to kill all ten, but many of them are in the way of potential kiting routes.
  • Clear Ying and Yang. Ying and Yang must be defeated within twenty seconds of each other, or the surviving dragon will resummon the one previously defeated (which must be cleared again).

Boss Strategy

There are various strategies that are used for the Dynamis Lord. DynamisBums uses the terrain to limit the number of people exposed to the heavily-damaging AoE the Dynamis Lord users, and a few RDM/DRK to try to prevent them by using Chainspell and Stun.

At some point prior to the beginning of the fight, jobs should be changed and alliances should be reconfigured towards an offensive-heavy setup. Because the point of this fight is to kill the Dynamis Lord as quickly as possible, support itself should be at a minimum. Our alliances are recreated to attempt to get as many melee as possible in a party with a BRD to boost damage through Soul Voice-enhanced songs.

  • Prior to pull: if necessary, Chainspell and Invicible orders are determined and announced.
  • 1 minute prior to pull: Alliances finish casting buffs.
  • 45-30 seconds prior to pull: BRDs use Soul Voice and appropriate songs for their party.
  • 15 seconds prior to pull: ALL players use Poison/Venom potions to prevent being slept by Dynamis Lord's possible Sleepga cast.
  • At this point, no players should be casting spells or resting.
  • Pull: One player pulls Dynamis Lord from its position at Castle Zvhal (avatar, Shadowbind, etc.) and brings it towards the melee/tank position.
  • First PLD Provokes and Flashes the Dynamis Lord and uses Invincible once it is within range of both the melee and the BLMs on the cliff above to fix it in position.
  • First RDM/DRK begins Chainspell and Stun, preventing the Dynamis Lord from acting or casting any spells.
  • Note: It is imperative that both the PLD and RDM act quickly to prevent the Dynamis Lord from casting or damaging the waiting alliances.
  • While the Dynamis Lord is stunned, melee alliances rush in to apply damage as quickly as possible.
  • Next in Invincible and Chainspell orders should be used as necessary, repeating until Dynamis Lord has been defeated.
  • Dynamis Lord will occasionally summon copies of itself when using Tera Slash and Oblivion Smash.
  • Dynamis Lord will resummon Ying and Yang 90 seconds after being pulled. Ying and Yang can be pulled away, but they will occasionally lose hate to assist the Dynamis Lord.

Defeating Dynamis Lord does not grant a time extension. Members of the alliance "defeating" the Dynamis Lord receive the title "Lifter of Shadows."

Animated Weapon Strategy

Scattered through Dynamis-Xarcabard are various animated weapons, which drop fragments used for relic weapon upgrades. Prior to defeat of all of the Demon NMs (and receipt of the "The prison of souls has set free its captive spirits!" message), these weapons are mere placeholders which drop nothing when defeated.

The basic strategy is very simple: alliances buff appropriately; one player (usually a THF) aggros the animated weapon by proximity and runs away, training away the summoned Satellite pets; tanks pull the Animated weapon itself from the link; alliances kill the Animated weapon as soon as possible, preventing attempts to Warp by stunning it.

Name Spawn Location Notes
Animated Claymore (G-10)
South of Vanguard Eyes 420-431
Animated Dagger (H-9)
West of Vanguard Eyes 176-185
Animated Great Axe (I-6)
Northwest of Vanguard Eyes 312/317
Immune to Stun
Animated Gun (E-8)
Southeast of Castle Zvahl
Animated Hammer (I-10)
South of Vanguard Eyes 243-249
Animated Horn (I-7)
North of Vanguard Eyes 158-168
Animated Knuckles (I-5)
North of Vanguard Eyes 383/393
Animated Kunai (H-7)
South of Vanguard Eyes 387/401
Animated Longbow (E-7)
Northeast of Castle Zvahl
Animated Longsword (J-6)
East of Vanguard Eyes 365-371
Animated Scythe (J-7)
East of Vanguard Eyes 285-293
Animated Shield (G-10)
South of Vanguard Eyes 408/416
Animated Spear (H-7)
South of Vanguard Eyes 396/398
Animated Staff (G-7)
South of Vanguard Eyes 253/256
Animated Tabar (F-7)
North of Vanguard Eyes 473/483
Animated Tachi (F-7)
North of Vanguard Eyes 478/488

General Advice

  • Vanguard Eyes have HP low enough that they can be killed by a party of BLMs when unresisted. This can also be applied to the Vanguard Eyes that spawn Demon NMs--the Vanguard Eyes can be cleared by coordinated casting of series III -ga.
  • (Smaller groups) It is possible to get many of the time extensions with limited or planned sacrifice pulls.
  • Demon NMs: Use the terrain and platforms to your advantage while kiting. Demon NMs are susceptible to Bind, but are immune to Gravity and Sleep. Because of the inability to be slept, DoTs should be applied to kited NMs for extra damage.
  • Dynamis Lord: Job abilities (such as Angon) and spells (such as the ninjutsu elemental series) can be used to help debuff the Dynamis Lord for increased damage.
  • Dynamis Lord: Behavior of the Dynamis Lord has been modified, making "zombie" strategies very difficult to prolong with the aspects of double weakness and loss of hate regardless of applied DoT if the source player is KO'd.
  • Dynamis Lord: Reserve PLDs and RDM/DRKs using Invincible and Chainspell should initially be a distance away to avoid being prematurely killed by AoE. These players must be ready to take over quickly so the transition is seamless.
  • Map and notes about time extension 382 here.
  • Map and notes about time extension 454 here.

Zone Drops

Artifact Armor




Ordelle Bronzepiece
Montiont Silverpiece

1 Byne Bill
100 Byne Bill

Tukuku Whiteshell
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell

General and Synthesis Items

Ginuva's Theory
Infinity Core

Schultz Stratagems
Sparkling Stone  


Notorious Monsters

Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Count Zaebos WAR Vanguard Eye 496  
Duke Berith RDM Vanguard Eye 498  
Marquis Decarabia BRD Vanguard Eye 500  
Duke Gomory MNK Vanguard Eye 502  
Marquis Andras BST Vanguard Eye 504  
Prince Seere WHM Vanguard Eye 507  
Marquis Sabnak PLD Vanguard Eye 509  
Count Raum THF Vanguard Eye 511  
Marquis Nebiros SMN Vanguard Eye 513  
Duke Scox DRK Vanguard Eye 516  
Marquis Gamygyn NIN Vanguard Eye 518  
Marquis Orias BLM Vanguard Eye 520  
Count Vine SAM Vanguard Eye 522  
King Zagan DRG Vanguard Eye 524  
Marquis Cimeries RNG Vanguard Eye 527  
Ying   East of Zvahl gates Defeat required to damage Dynamis Lord
Yang   East of Zvahl gates Defeat required to damage Dynamis Lord
Dynamis Lord DRK
Castle Zvahl Zone Boss


Warrior Monk Thief White Mage Black Mage Red Mage Paladin Dark Knight
Beastmaster Vouivre Bard Ranger Samurai Ninja Dragoon Summoner


Vanguard Eye

  • Airy Shield - Arrow Shield (temporarily immune to ranged attacks)
  • Binding Wave - AoE Bind
  • Blindeye - ST Damage, Blind
  • Eyes on Me - ST Damage (heavy, dark-based)
  • Hypnosis - LoS Sleep
  • Level 5 Petrify - AoE Petrify (players with levels a multiple of 5)
  • Magic Barrier - Magic Shield (temporarily immune to magic attacks)
  • Mind Break - Max MP Down

Vanguard Dragon

  • Petro Eyes - LoS Petrify
  • Heavy Stomp - AoE Damage, Paralyze
  • Body Slam - AoE Damage
  • Chaos Blade - LoS Curse


  • Condemnation - LoS Damage, Stun
  • Demonic Howl - AoE Slow (can be evaded/overwritten with Haste)
  • Hecatomb Wave - LoS Damage (wind-based), Blind
  • Quadrastrike - ST Damage
  • Soul Drain - ST Drain

Dynamis Lord

  • Dynamic Assault - ST Damage
  • Dynamic Implosion - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Manastrom - AoE Aspir
  • Oblivion Smash - AoE Damage (heavy, absorbed by up to 3 shadows)
  • Tera Slash - LoS Damage (heavy)
  • Transfusion - AoE Drain
  • Violent Rupture - AoE Damage, Knockback, Gravity (absorbed by up to ? shadows)

Targetting Order

  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

Other Resources