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General Information

Type RoZ Dynamis - City
Entry Trail Markings, Ru'Lude Gardens (I-9)
Requirements Vial of Shrouded Sand (key item)
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes


Primary Map
Boss/Respawn Map
(Spawn List)

Time Extensions

Extension Time   Extension Time
Goblin Replica 4 30 minutes Goblin Replica 234 30 minutes
Goblin Replica 87 30 minutes Goblin Golem (Zone Boss) 30 minutes
Goblin Replica 150 30 minutes  

Total Extensions: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Basic Strategy

  • Clear statues in front of Mog House area.
  • Clear statues on upper level, east of Quadrangle.
  • Clear statues on upper level, south of Quadrangle.
  • Clear statues on upper level, west of Quadrangle.
  • Clear statues on upper level, north of Quadrangle.
  • Clear statues at Auction House area.
  • (Optional) Defeating Goblin Statue 210 will respawn enemies at the Auction House.
  • Clear statues in palace interior.
  • Clear statues north of the palace. Defeating Goblin Statue 293 causes enemies to respawn inside the palace and at the zone to Upper Jeuno (including boss). These areas should be cleared of players prior to clearing the Statue to avoid aggro.
  • Clear respawned statues in palace interior.
  • (Optional) Clear statues in Quadrangle, lower level, starting from the Mog House area. Defeating Goblin Replica 33 will cause Goblin Statue 44 and Replicas 45-46 to respawn at Mog House; this area should be cleared of players to avoid aggro.
  • (Optional) Clear respawned statues at Mog House area. Defeating Goblin Statue 44 causes enemies to respawn in the Quadrangle; this area should be completely clear of players (aggro of a single statue will link the entire area).
  • (Optinal) Clear respawned statues in the Quadrangle, lower level.

Boss Strategy

  • Camp northwest of Upper Jeuno zone. Camp should be south far enough to avoid aggroing respawning statue 402.
  • Pull and defeat Goblin Replicas 342, 348, 336, 330 WITHOUT linking Goblin Replicas 354-356 and Goblin Golem.
  • It is possible to kill all statues at once with coordinated series III -ga, however, this requires the alliances to be able to deal with one Vanguard of each job and an additional BST, along with their pets (16 Vanguard total).
  • A player with increased movement speed pulls and kites Goblin Golem through previously-cleared areas. Additional mages will be required to sleep spawning Vanguard from linked statues. Movement speed is imperative to outrun Goblin Golem's ability to cast Death.
  • Defeat spawned Vanguard from Goblin Replica 356, including NM Kikklix Longlegs (MNK).
  • Goblin Replicas 354 and 355 can be defeated at strategic times to restore HP and MP. They should be kited until it is necessary to do so OR 354-356 can be killed by BLMs using coordinated series III -ga, without hitting the Goblin Golem.
  • Defeat Goblin Golem. Alliances should be camped closer to the Upper Jeuno zoneline to avoid respawning statues 370 and 402.

Defeating Goblin Golem grants a 30-minute time extension.

General Advice

  • Vanguard's Slimes cast Paralyga often. Slimes should be Slept and and Silenced away from the main alliances while fighting other Vanguard.
  • Vanguard's Slimes should be killed using a sleep-nuke strategy to avoid damaging AoE (eg., Fluid Spread) while melee focus on other Vanguard.
  • Statue "traps": 44, 210, 293
  • Goblin Golem (Zone Boss) is spawned by defeating Goblin Statue 293, north of the Palace by the Duke's Manor.

Zone Drops

Artifact Armor




Ordelle Bronzepiece
Montiont Silverpiece

1 Byne Bill
100 Byne Bill

Tukuku Whiteshell
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell

General and Synthesis Items

Goblin Grease
Gold Beastcoin
Infinity Core
Mythril Beastcoin
Sparkling Stone


Notorious Monsters

Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Cloktix Longnail DRK Goblin Replica 24  
Tufflix Loglimbs PLD Goblin Replica 28  
Gabblox Magpietongue RDM Goblin Replica 33  
Smeltix Thickhide WAR Goblin Replica 53  
Wasabix Callusdigit SAM Goblin Replica 58  
Jabkix Pigeonpecs MNK Goblin Replica 63  
Wyrmwix Snakespecs DRG Goblin Replica 82  
Hermitrix Toothrot BLM Goblin Replica 99  
Morgmox Moldnoggin SMN Goblin Replica 121  
Sparkspox Sweatbrow WAR Goblin Replica 150  
Buffrix Eargone PLD Goblin Replica 170  
Humnox Drumbelly BRD Goblin Replica 177  
Elixmix Hooknose RDM Goblin Replica 198  
Trailblix Goatmug BST Goblin Replica 205  
Mortilox Wartpaws SMN Goblin Replica 218  
Bandrix Rockjaw THF Goblin Replica 234  
Lurklox Dhalmelneck RNG Goblin Replica 247  
Ticktox Beadyeyes DRK Goblin Replica 289  
Karashix Swollenskull SAM Goblin Replica 310  
Rutrix Hamgams BST Goblin Replica 316  
Snypestix Eaglebeak NIN Goblin Replica 323  
Kikklix Longlegs MNK Goblin Replica 356  
Scruffix Shaggychest PLD Goblin Replica 376  
Mobpix Mucousmouth THF Goblin Replica 390  
Tymexox Ninefingers DRK Goblin Replica 416  
Slystix Megapeepers RNG Goblin Replica 423  
Anvilix Sootwrists WAR Goblin Replica 456  
Distilix Stickytoes WHM Goblin Replica 464  
Bootrix Jaggedelbow MNK Goblin Replica 471  
Prowlox Barrelbelly RNG Goblin Replica 479  
Jabbrox Grannyguise RDM Goblin Replica 485  
Blazox Boneybod BST Goblin Replica 491  
Eremix Snottynostril BLM Goblin Replica 504  


Smithy Pitfighter Welldigger Alchemist Shaman Enchanter Armorer Tinkerer
Pathfinder Slime Maestro Ambusher Ronin Hitman Dragontamer Necromancer



  • Bomb Toss - AoE Damage (fire-based)
  • Crispy Candle - LoS Damage (fire-based)
  • Frypan - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Goblin Rush - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Paralysis Shower - LoS Paralyze
  • Smokescreen - LoS Blind
  • Goblin Dice - Randomly one of the following (NMs only):
    • AoE Virus (not Plague)
    • AoE Dispel (removes one effect on players)
    • AoE Poison (-10HP/3s?)
    • AoE Silence and Slow (Slow must be Erased)
    • AoE Sleep
    • AoE Damage (magic-based?)
    • AoE TP Reset
    • AoE Revitalize (players' abilities restored)
    • AoE Restore HP (goblin and enemies within range)

Targetting Order

  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

Other Resources