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Thread: Treasure Pool Experiments in Dynamis

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    Treasure Pool Experiments in Dynamis


    I'm trying to coordinate with the other Dynamis Linkshells (DynamisBums, Dienamis, Dynamix, DarknessWorld etc.) in Phoenix server and getting data from different treasure pool results per run.

    I wanted to take the opportunity now to do this on the NA side, since some of my JP friendlisted dynamis contacts can barely understand what I'm trying to ask. Your LSs data will be very helpful in this endeavour. I hope to gain a better understanding on how exactly Treasure Pools are affected, and hope to make this data available to the NA Dynamis population as a whole.

    I started this experiment 5 months ago, but due to lack of record keeping, I haven't been able to come up with tangible results, and also a lack of Japanese vernacular makes it nearly impossible to hold a conversation (except with Cainverl, but he falls asleep all the time.)

    So far there are 4 LSs that do the major contingent of Dynamis for our Server, and this gives a better oppurtunity to test and gather data for all of us.

    Here are the variables I'm considering :

    1. Multiple Zones occupied.
    How many Dynamis zones are occupied concurrently within the 4 hour block from deploying a timeless hourglass. I heavily suspect that having 5-6 Dynamis Zones being occupied yeilds more treasure per zone.

    2. Moonphase
    From what I had before... Fullmoons on waxing yeilded more AFs, Fullmoons on the waning yeilded more currency. (still untested, because data came from only 10 different runs.)

    3. Number of Thieves and Average Treasure Hunter LVL.
    Trying to test also if THFs were made to pull statues and see results from them.

    4. Kill Rate
    On a scale of 10 minutes, how many statues can your LS kill? I also suspect that AF drops from very very fast killrates. We've tested this once in Bastok, and had numerous drops in 1 period of time.

    5. Armor/100coin to RelicWeapon/Items ratio
    I'm trying to break the curse of 1000000 Relic Lances dropping in SanDoria, and see when exactly this has to happen....

    6. Areas/Mobs AFs dropped/Treasure Pattern
    I also suspect that AFs are placed on specific mobs in specific places located in each zone, and distributed in a pattern. Dynamis wouldn't be such a gamble if we can prove this.

    If you have the time, can yall tabulate a record of such data? Pooling all our results, maybe we can come up with a better understanding of Dynamis and give a better output for our members.

    for current data please post/view at the forums section under
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    black on black is hard to read

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    I don't see any practical way to test any of your theories except to log what moon phase and day we went in on and what moon phase and day we exited and how many thf's we had. Mobs definitely don't have predetermined AF except in Xarcabard where the NM's have a 10% chance to drop the AF of their job only.

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    Full moon usually is horrible for AF drops for us.

  5. I think we have had best results around 65% moon phase? thats just my observation anyways

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    We also had bad drops when there was 0 thfs and like 1 thf sub. I think 0 AF dropsed. Proof enough for me that TH does increase the AF drop rate.

  7. I kind of agree with the "af drops in specific places/on specific mobs" thing...
    In Xarcabard we got like 6 AF in 6 consequent runs off the exact same pull from the eye right next to the first NM triplet. 2 Of them were Wyrm armets <<. We also got 2 duelists chapeaus on the pull right after the last timer / eye wall , when you continue farming, instead of going to dynamis lord. The same pull also resulted a summoner's horn there. Maybe it is just weird luck or so lol but i found it kind of suspicius. I cannot really say the same about main city AF, only noticed this kind of thing on Xarcabard runs.

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    Actually FiraX... we call that the AF pull... we get good AF drops there too...

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  10. Ragnard, from my LS, is doing something very similar, collecting the Dynamis drop data from people across servers. Click the link to look at the data collected so far and Dynamisbums' participation in the study would also be greatly appreciated!

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