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Thread: Not sure what to say but here goes...

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    Unhappy Not sure what to say but here goes...

    The events of Wednesday and Sunday have led me to face some real facts. Most people are here and put up with me because they want AF and other Dynamis items. It's not because they like the challenge and teamwork involved with Dynamis. I know some of you do, but honestly its not very many...

    I spend hours and hours preparing for Dynamis when im not online and most of my game time doing the same thing. The hard truth is people don't appreciate that effort they expect it. I suppose that's a leader's job to bear the burden of everyone's complaints and wants but its just not who I am.

    Radav always had that ability to say the right thing and know when to not say anything at all. I'm not that person. I try sooo hard to make everyone happy and I can't do it I'm sorry. I make mistakes.... I make decisions that I feel are best and most fair and I fail.

    My dream was a linkshell where when AF dropped everyone would be happy for whoever got it cause they'd get theirs next time. The cold truth is when AF drops (especially Xarcabard AF >_>), there's resentment and /tells and cries of foul and unfair treatment.

    I get alot of "its not fair" tells. I'll tell you what's not fair... Putting so much effort into something to have it ruined by greed over a digital piece of armor in an online game. I know I will never be able to understand that.

    I get so many tells asking questions and all the info is on the website. It's like people want me to hold their hand through everything and put zero effort into it just as long as they get the AF they think they deserve. It really is that bad. You know what the highlight of my night was tonight?!? A couple people when I traded them before the run already knew how much currency I owed them... Yes, that amazed me! You would think everyoine would know that... it is on the website but people are so lazy they cant even check it cause Fatman will do all the work for them.

    Sorry to rant you all must think I'm an idiot... but after a year plus of this effort its such a hard thing for me to let go of... Dynamis and all the paperwork are a routine for me... something that lost all its enjoyment this week.

    I wont be here Wednesday and I don't know if I will be here again at all. I need to decide if its worth the hassle anymore.

    I'm sure the biggest concern you have is the dynamis bank money and the currency. Don't worry lol I wont steal it I will give it to whoever takes over if I decide this week not to come back.

    I think I'm really hoping you guys will give me a reason to come back. I hate the fact that I'm losing the battle Radav and I fought against this linkshell versus linkshell stuff that goes with HNM camping. But it appears it was all an illusion created by Fafnir being in JP time not dynamis time. Maybe I just need a couple days off but right now I'm hating dynamis because I'm just a means for people to get AF. And all this time I thought you like my jokes >_>

  2. I like your jokes ; ;

  3. I like petting the rabite Q.Q I think the trouble makers should just be booted honestly; ; a lot of people would love to join this LS if given the chance.

  4. Despite previous diplomatic blunders : I wanna say one thing.

    I feel your Pain, Fatman. I'm going through the same damn thing......
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    I wasn't really around for the Radav era, so to speak, but I feel like you've been doing the best you can as, from what I can tell, the only leader of the linkshell. I can understand how the burden kinda wears you down occasionally.

    You probably don't need to hear this from such a new member, but I think if you deligated more of your duties to the linkshell sub-leaders (or whatever the technical term is) then you won't have to put up with so much. And then you can go back to actually looking forward to Dynamis.

    And, as Helm suggested, if people complain too much then maybe there should be some serious consideration about giving them an encouraging push to find a more suitable Dynamis LS.

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    i love fatman <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatman
    And all this time I thought you like my jokes >_>
    I like your jokes. I've been hoping for a new issue of the History of Dynamis Bums. We done some great things since it was last updated. I just hope that it won't end on a sad note. ; ;

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    Fatman, I appreciate all the work you put into this linkshell. The reward for such hard work is about as far from instant gratification as is possible; instead of getting respect, fortune, or infamy, you get complaints, bickering, and in some cases outright flames. One problem with being a leader (or manager), is figuring out how to delegate work without losing control of the core of the project. Farm out too much work, and the momentum slows, goals become blurred and distant, attrition grows. Keep too much work and you burn out far too fast. I think in this latter case, as you probably feel right now, it's time to step back and take a breather - maybe re-center yourself to find whatever's fun in the game to motivate you back to playing again. I have some ideas that I hope will help.

    The one great thing about DynamisBums is the complete absence - or close to nil anyway - of interlinkshell HNM drama. This is a chance for EVERYONE, twice a week, to participate in something much grander than camping for an HNM. There are benefits and rewards to attending Dynamis runs, certainly, but to me, the sheer scale of comraderie is what keeps me coming back to these runs.

    On the DynamisCatAttack homepage, Dynamis is described quite concisely in three bullet points:
    • Japanese 'vokebots do not pwn you to the pull.
    • Dynamis is up to 3.5 hours of fighting monsters, rather than staring at an empty pop spot for 3 hours.
    • Fighting the monsters takes organization and tactics, which is fun to do.
    - and all of this is with up to 64 people total in the zone! I've never before encountered a game that took such a large number of people in a Cooperative setting. Perhaps that's why I can't just quit FFXI altogether and save my 15 bucks a month for something else. I'm drawn to this so-called Co-op or PvE game mode no matter what games I play. Rainbow Six: Raven Shield/Athena Sword/Iron Wrath co-op, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory co-op, Guild Wars mission and UW/FoW runs. All of these games have great co-op gameplay, but nothing even comes close to the scale presented here in Dynamis.

    Why don't I like PvP action? The magnitude seen in Battlefield 2 or RTCW Enemy Territory comes close to replicating this Dynamis experience, but it just isn't the same trying to rely on untried teammates who may or may not even be at the keyboard at any given moment (Guild Wars is especially bad at this - you can't kick someone off the team or even "mark" the character somehow as being "lame" or a "slacker" etc). Joining a Clan or Guild helps, but again the human factor intervenes, with sportsmanship quickly giving way to conflicts and bad blood. It's just not satisfying getting a victory over another player-controlled team when the other team isn't all there, or some asshat is tk'ing or whatever. No, I'm a co-op kind of guy, and I honestly can't stand the crap that goes on even between HNM linkshells in FFXI.

    Back to Dynamis. What happened today has happened before. It'll probably happen again. The only solution I can see is to just drop the people more interested in HNM gameplay, and recruit NEW people to fill out the ranks. I'd like to see a full linkshell of active members, people who are excited to be in Dynamis - and it HAS come to this before. From what I can gather, when I joined, DB was just getting over a pretty steep hump. Many members quit out of frustration or attrition. At that time I remember reading several threads on this forum (look at forum history if you really want to search) saying how the "new blood" was doing exceptionally well, even better than expectations! I don't know what the detractors "expected" from us, but I sure as hell wasn't going to go to my first few Dynamis runs and just sleep on my feet for 3 hours each time.

    The second time this happened was over growing frustration after repeated attempts to farm Xar (and kill DL) had failed. Stricter AF lotting rules, and the always-minimal Northlands AF droprate meant that at one Beaucedine run, 30-something people showed up. Some quick thinking by leadership took us to San d'Oria that day, and all of a sudden, the run was a full 64 members strong. Most of those "new" members stayed with us through the next 2 or 3 cycles of city runs for the privilege of joining us in the Northlands.

    Well, now we're at an impasse again. With the last server outage ending squarely in JP time again, HNM camp times probably won't interfere with runs for a while, but the problem will still recur. My opinion is this: go ahead and camp those HNM. If people want to leave, let them leave. Don't invite them back. If their stupid insistence on getting that HNM that pops daily takes precedence over an event that only happens twice a week gets in the way, hey thanks for the times we had together. Sayonara. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Perhaps it's because we can rely on a fixed schedule with DynamisBums that today's run caused so much rancor. HNM pop times tend to float. DB runs are supposed to be fixed. Where these intersect, problems arise. People think being late 15, 20, 30, 40 minutes to a DB run is fine - and it is. But when half the linkshell isn't there, we really can't just stall and wait for people any more. We have to stick to the schedule and go ahead and start a run - any run - whether 60 people show up, or 20. To prevent something like a 20-man run from happening, we can run a cycle or two of city runs again just like before, and maybe pick up yet another wave of people excited to join us on our semi-weekly runs.

    In fact, there are so many new Dynamis LS out there now it would be easy to find and recruit new members ("We Killed Dynamis Lord Six Times In a Row!"), many whom will already have access to Beaucedine or even Xarcabard. It looks like the time has come to bring in a fresh wave of "new blood"; revitalize the linkshell, and we can enjoy full 64-man runs once again.
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    N O

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    I'd really like to see Bums continue to move forward though. I've seen HNM leadership change hands and the linkshell continue its march onward; if you feel you have to step down from leadership Fatman, that's ok too. I don't know who would particularly want to field complaints and bickering, but I'm sure someone else would be happy to step in and do that job.

    I have to wax philosophical here. My point in adding this second post is this: I read some "Spotlight Reviews" of Atlas Shrugged a few weeks ago. Even without reading the book, I get the feeling that these two reviews summarize the moral quite concisely, in that the philosophy of "objectivism" is one of hatred and contempt for anyone differing in view. One review (bottom of the page) goes as far to say,

    Are you a person who delights in maintaining a standard of excellence in your work ethic? Do you find yourself continually surrounded by out-and-out slackers, with their myriad excuses for their underperformance? Are you tempted to sigh, give up the effort, and slide down into the stew of mediocrity where all these lazy confusigators, red-tape-makers, and soul-dead status-quo guardians live? Then read this book ...

    Oh. My. God. This point of view describes a lot of what's wrong with American society today. Slackers can get by with minimal work and get paid just as well as the guy in the next cubicle busting ass day and night. But so what? What difference does it make if the guy next to you isn't doing his fair share? You did your best, and that's what really matters.

    I've been trying to divorce myself from this kind of train of thought ever since reading these reviews, but I have no idea where to look or how to go about doing it. One line from Fight Club particularly stands out (though I'm not sure about its contextual relationship to this thread): "... The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide."

    I want that ability. I want to be able to take an insult and just smile serenely like a Buddhist monk. I want to be able to see and hear avarice, apathy, and attrition and not feel like I have to do something about it. But I can't. The Ultima IV Paladin in me won't compromise its ideals of Honor and Justice for the sake of Humility.

    Let me cut this short. The ability to divorce myself from thoughts of revenge against those I feel have done wrong is something that needs work. I totally empathize with how you feel, Fatman - but I think quitting the LS, or worse yet, breaking it, isn't a good idea just yet. Consider how far we've come - 6 consecutive defeats of DL unmatched on any other server; a core group of solid players who do drop everything just to come to Dynamis runs; so many full sets of AF2 I doubt any other LS or server will even come close; a level of efficiency so high we actually plan on completely clearing Bastok and Jeuno of every single monster. All that remains is to get some members fully upgraded Relic Weapons, and we'll have done everything possible in the current Dynamis sphere of experience. Let's go that extra distance and make it happen.

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