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Thread: Dynamis Mob Guide

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    For NIN and SMN type mobs (All monster categories), while it makes sense for BLM to stay away, a good strategy would be to Stun them in rapid succession with BLMs (and DRK) when it's about time for them to 2HR, so they never get a chance to use their 2HR. This strategy works on WHMs and MNKs as well.

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    We do stun nin/mnk/whm mobs. Makes no sense to bother stunning smn since we sleep avatars.

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    Scruffix Shaggychest
    Type: Goblin
    Job: Unkown <= Paladin
    Special Ability: ??? <= Invincible
    Notes: Spawns Fountain area post-Goblin Golem

    Vanguard Eye
    Type: Ahriman
    Job: Magic-User <= Black Mage
    Special Ability: See list below
    Notes: Can cast Slowga, Sleepga 2, Level 3 ga spells, Ancient Magic, immune to silenced and sleep

    I can't recall regular Vanguard Eyes being able to cast anything a BLM can't (eg., Eyes can't cast Slowga), with Angra Mainyu being the only exception.

    Ying, Yang, and Vanguard Dragons are dragons, not wyverns (like Kindred's Voiuvres, Zagan's wyvern, or Andreas' Wyvern).

    Shizune was right, wyverns in Dynamis don't use Radiant Breath. Instead, wyverns use Thunder Breath with no noticeable status effects.

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