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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucedine

  1. ok, i think i got what you meant. you meant:

    1.) pop the 6 adds by aggroing the NM, then die to lose all hate and let them wander back home into the tower.
    2.) now, the sac puller pulls an add shadow instead of the NM, and the NM and other adds all link to it and start chasing the sac puller.
    3.) pld vokes the NM off the train, and hate doesnt spread to the other 6.

    if this is what you meant, we tried it tonight, and it worked. now that i think about it, the times before it worked i think i aggroed the NM only by running close to it, so maybe you dont even need to pop the adds to pull this off. maybe the sac puller just needs to not attack the NM and aggro by proximity, kind of like that whole initial hate thing. guess ill mess with that on our next run in 2 weeks.

    oh btw, we got our fifth dagger attestation in a row tonight for anyone who is morbidly curious this game can burn.

  2. Yah this game is really pissing me off with attestations..

    Axex4 Daggerx3 Staffx0........

    F'in b.s. Ill bet SE has locks on certain drops based on people who have stage 3 weapons.

  3. Curious what else you guys get besides dagger this weekend?

  4. Finally got Staff Attestation!!!!!!!

    Will test out Gate of Tartarus on Saturday and let you guys know how it is...

    now 80 more jadeshells orz......

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    omg, tell us if it gives you 3mp/tic refresh in dynamis always or omg omg omg tell tell tell

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

  6. 8mp/tick after WS time duration is dependant on the TP.

    I've been experimenting with it the past few weeks -

    I hit the MONK NM in windurst with a 300TP gate of tartarus. He was hitting our PLD with hundred fists at 170-200 per hit. After the WS he was hitting for 100-110 per hit.

    A very significant 'Weapon Break' on his attack rating after WS was used.

    Other than that im still playing scientist with it. Will let you know if i find any other cool stuff. I'm told the hidden effects don't shine till final stage tho :-(

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    does it give any kind of refresh before you use WS or is it only after WS?

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

  8. only after WS. You do get more alot MP than spirit taker tho at 300TP.

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    Mysterytour recently revamped his Dynamis listings to include Statue and Monster names, jobs, locations, abilities, recommended medicines to bring, yadda yadda yadda

    Check out:

    He even went so far as to include totals for each monster type in the zones, and exact positions for every time extension. It's really impressive database work.

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    Before I forget, with the Orc boss. I like camping on the north and south sides and pulling 1 side at a time. This allows us to save the NM pulls for last, which should help MP. So the second one from the right on the north has an NM and the first from the left on the south has an NM.
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