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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucedine

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    We have gotten the 15 minute extension to the right at top of the first ramp but have never really tried finding the other one.

    I am always interested in learning new stuff about dynamis lol

    Theres an eye over there whose spawns have dropped 2 AF each time we've pulled it too

  2. got a couple pm's about this too, i think a lot of people use dynamisbums for dynamis strategy . so this is kind of a general post recapping all the hydra info ive posted.

    first, for the sac pull method to kill the NM trigger eye, the original description is posted in this obscure thread:
    we've modified this a bit recently, pulling 4 more eyes total along the first path, to make the first sac run shorter (we were getting too many stuns when flee wore out too early) and only needing 4 people for the sac (1 whm/thf flee-er, 1 bard, 2 DD *at least one samurai with 2 hour, other can be a mnk or war*).

    second, for those who want to try fighting their way to the trigger, here is what works for us:

    use this map for all of my coordinates:

    the position of all the hydra eyes in this map isnt quite correct, but its close. you'll see what i mean when you try to pull it.

    eye timer 1
    : (just to be thorough )
    1.) you have to clear everything in G-7 just to avoid it all linking when the timer actually pops. all the pulls are 1-2 shadows if you pull it right. there are more like 6 eyes in this square, 3 on the bottom row instead of 2. pull the bottom row first, from right to left. you get (per pull) DRK, MNK, THF. Then pull the middle row eye (it moves east-west, try to pull near the west side) and i think its a warrior + bst. Next pull the eye north of it, its another east-west wanderer, and i think it pops a bst. finally pull the last eye in the trees by the west wall, it pops a rdm.

    2.) i think there are only 5 eyes in H-7, (3 in the left side row where it shows 4, and one is a east-west wanderer). we kill all 5 of these eyes and the timer pops. i think you only need to kill 3 of them, but im not sure which 3. the problem is, any pull here links all 5 eyes and you get like 10+ shadows with them. so, any form of sac pull can be used to either just grab the eyes, or kill the link piecemeal. when you kill the right eyes, a lone eye will pop just a tad south of where it shows it in the map above. this eye spawns a smn and whm, and when killed gives 15 minutes.

    eye timer 2:
    1.) the 3 trigger eyes are in F-9. they all link and spawn about 9 shadows i think, so its a nasty pull. some sort of sac pull should be used to kill them all or just the eyes a bit a time. we pull up the ramp so the sac puller can run by it. when all 3 are dead, the eye timer pops at the spot marked in the map, top left corner of H-8.

    2.) there are about 5 eyes in the woods on the way to H-8 that spawn maybe 10+ mobs, and they all link (they are in more of a line than what the map shows). you can use a split sac pull similar to what we use for the final wall in xarcabard: sac puller pulls one side, real puller pulls the other, and you end up with about half the train.

    3.) the timer eye links with a second eye nearby, but its an easy pull for the final 15 minutes.

    notes on pulling hydra zone:
    dangerous pulls to watch out for:
    1.) the eyes that pop the first timer, as noted above
    2.) the second pull along the skinny path at G-8, G-9, and I-8. the first pull here is just 2 eyes and a pld+drk. the second pull, however, is a huge link. you get like 4(maybe 5) eyes and 8+ shadows. i pull this by dieing on my camp as the first mobs arrive. those mobs kill me and link the the rest, but the back half of the train loses aggro and wanders home, and you can pull it after.
    3.) the eyes that pop the second timer, as noted above
    4.) the 5 eyes in the woods that block the way to the second timer, as noted above

    thats it really, the rest of the pulls arent very tough.

    random secret:
    you know the timer statue near the south lake in the orc area? at the bottom of G-10? 3-4 blm can Elemental Seal+Thunder4 this thing from the cliff above, up in quadav area, simulataneously (use vanadiel time), and not get aggro from its pops. it gives you a free 15 minutes without having to fight through all the orcs on the way. beaucidine has a number of little shortcuts to timers like this.

    for info on what NM drops what attestation, check, and search by mob name or attestation name. most of this info has been recently updated and is mostly accurate i think. other than that they still say normal hydra can drop attestations, which they cant.

    i added a map as an attachment, in case the link to the one above ever dies.
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  3. Thx for the extensions info.

    My ls's been hunting hydra's for a good 6-7 months now. Here are a few pics (theres a velosareon one thats just wicked) of our last run. Our strategy is similar to the one posted above - but we use a much different setup. I've shared my LS's strategy with fatman. Last run we killed all 5 NM's -AND- we killed angra with about 10 minutes remaining (just didn't get these hydra extensions you mentioned orz)

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  4. all 5 and the boss in one run? nice. how do you have the time?

    we usually have about 60-70 minutes after killing the eye trigger, and we kill all the adds that pop with the NM for farming af2 and more importantly because they seem to link by shared hate with the NM anyway, so we usually only having time to kill about 3 NM.

    im guessing, by those pics, that you reliably sac the NM away from their adds each time, but how do you do this? most of the time when a pld vokes the NM off the sac train, all the adds forget about the sac puller, and turn to start chasing the pld with the NM. we got a clean sac a couple times before we just said screw it and started killing the adds due to more often than not the adds all following the NM back to camp anyway. i could never put my finger on exactly why the sac pull sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt.

  5. Sacrifice someone to pop them before you sac pull them. Only tough one is Dagourmarche because of his pets. In this case, pop them, and have a BLM/THF sac pull it using ES sleepga (sleeps all pets, hydras follow the blm, pld voke dagourmarche).

  6. I'm a bit annoyed at our attestation drops. I have 3 people in my linkshell ready for upgrade and we haven't seen the attestations. If you guys are killing the add's - have you noticed any particular drop dependant on which mob was killed last? Our atst. record is as follows:

    Quietible -
    Horn x3

    Dagourmarch -
    Staffx0 (hunting this >.< still haven't seen it)

    Gouplefarge -
    Great Axe x2
    Swordx0 (hunting this too >.<)

    Great Katana x1
    Scythe x1

    Mildaunegeux -
    Knuckles x2
    Katana x0 (hunting this)

    Can you guys keep tabs on confirmed attestation drops? I'm starting to believe its not just luck based on the drops i'm seeing u guys get and our drops (no staff from dagourmarch is really raising the red flag weve killed him alot). Hunting them again saturday - maybe well see some of the ones we're looking for.

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    It's completely random for us.

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    It seems pretty much random for us. We only kill the adds if something goes wrong with the pull (read: they come back after the sac puller dies), and when we we do kill adds, they're always killed after the NM is dead. So if it is tied to the last mob you killed, we wouldn't know it unless it applied to the previous NM pull too (no idea how that would work).

  9. hmm, we tried this once on accident. i popped the mobs, then got a thundaga 3 in my face and died. i reraised, pulled again, the pld voked quibitiel off my train, and all 6 adds stopped chasing me, turned, and started running after the pld.

    as for getting the right drops, well, the one thing that seems consistent is that the one you want either drops first time or wont drop at all. ive had 62 L Jadeshell for stage 4 hammer for over 2 months now, and so far have gone 0/4 on Quibitiel. He's dropped 4 dagger attestations in a row. however, we got h2h, sword, and scythe on the first try for 3 people who needed them (h2h is finished, sword is now on stage 4). i can confirm though, that it isn't based on any trigger. For example, on Quibitiel, we've killed whm last, blm last, brd last, whm first, blm first, brd first. ive seen the NM do whm 2 hour last, blm 2 hour last, and brd 2 hour last before dieing. ive also seen him doing a cure, casting ancient magic, and playing a song as he died. everytime he's dropped dagger. so that kills the 3 big rumors about what add job killed last/first, what 2 hour was used last/first, and what job mode he is in during death. i think its random, with a strong possibility that bastard GM's monitor ls chat to see what drop is needed then disable that drop for the run .

    so far our drops have looked like this:
    Quib: dagger x4
    Mildau: h2h x1
    Velos: scythe x1
    Gauble: sword x1, great axe x2, shield x2
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  10. We never had a problem... Only with the pet ones.

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