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Thread: Relic Upgrades - Currency Info

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    stage 1: 300/300 L. Jades
    stage 2: 7/1400 Bynes
    stage 3: 620/6000 M. Silvers
    stage 4: 755/10000 L. Jades

    Waiting on price fluctuations to mellow out before i continue purchasing currency in the open market.
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    4690/10000 sell me jades!!!!

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    stage 1: 124/300 O. Silverpiece
    stage 2: 4/1500 T. Jadeshell
    stage 3: 0/6000 Byne Bill
    stage 4: 8/10000 O. Silverpiece


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    Quote Originally Posted by cinnabun View Post

    stage 1: 124/300 O. Silverpiece
    stage 2: 4/1500 T. Jadeshell
    stage 3: 0/6000 Byne Bill
    stage 4: 8/10000 O. Silverpiece
    In order to buy currency for a relic weapon, you need to have first reached the third stage on your own. This has been policy for the last 18 months, announced April 2009:

    We've only made two exceptions for this to date:

    1) Members who were currently upgrading at the time we began to enforce this rule and were still below Stage 3. Those members had to come up with all of Stage 1 and half the currency for Stage 2 instead of the entirety of Stage 2.

    2) Those whose first two stages included Byne Bills. Since we have a overwhelming surplus of Byne Bills, members are allowed to buy them from the linkshell to satisfy that stage's requirement, but are still required to complete the other stage on their own before they can buy Stage 3 currency.

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    3400/6100 silverpieces

    can buy 20 silverpieces

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    To teo:I would like to know when the currency split will happen.I can understand that you are busy(it is the main reason why I have not said anything till now);however when I am too busy to take care of something I do the responsible thing and give it to someone else to take care of.I have been very patient and understanding(I have been posting for almost 6 months and waited over 2 months to make this post since your last reply)and would really like to know what is going on!

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    I agree that you have been very patient and understanding, and it has been irresponsible for me to not at least pass off the currency holdings to someone else while I have been otherwise occupied.

    The last couple of runs I was at, I had currency to give you, but you were not in attendance. I plan to be online for a VERY brief amount of time tonight, not at all on Wednesday, potentially some time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and will be at Sunday's run. Give me times that you plan to be online and not otherwise engaged in an area-limited activity (i.e., Abyssea) and I will coordinate meeting up with you to give you the Silverpieces.

    Sorry, and thanks.

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    Sunday's run sounds best since i will be busy working thursday,friday and will be busy most of saturday.If you can tell me how many silverpieces are avaliable i will make sure to have the gil ready.I currently have the gil to buy 20 silverpieces.

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    2/7000 byne bills
    Yoshimitsu obtained 12/11/10

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    We have PLENTY of Byne ready to be bought. Unless you're getting them free off of the global market, I doubt you will need to even look outside the linkshell even once.

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