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Thread: Dynamis-San D'Oria alliance (18 May 2011)

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    Dynamis-San D'Oria alliance (18 May 2011)

    If you have not done so already make sure you buy the key item "Prismatic Hourglass" for 50k from any of the goblin NPCs at the start of Davoi, Beadeaux, or Castle Oztroja. It’s a permanent key item which only needs to be bought once.

    Alliance is subject to change:

    Party 1: Danilo (WHM), Abrasax (BRD), Penty (SAM), Zumi (WAR), Papillion (MNK), Chuwei (DNC)
    Party 2: Thalmalkrichten (BLM), Califlower (SCH), Krish (BRD), Kariessa (MNK), Riloth (THF)
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