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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucedine 1/23/11 Alliances

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    Dynamis-Beaucedine 1/23/11 Alliances

    P1 Sueno NIN Zumi PLD, Alarial RDM Heep SAM, Chuwei DNC, Penty BRD

    P2 Enelia BLM Teorem DRG Thalmalkrichten BLM

    P3 Danilo RDM, Hankie DRK, Ocryis BRD, Papillion DRG, Kariessa WHM
    Riloth THF
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    Jobs PLD 85 MNK 85 WAR 85 SAM 85 RNG 80 THF 85 BRD 81 WHM 85 RDM 85

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    I am running what will hopefully be a very fast errand and should be on before the run begins.

    I will also make sure that we are caught up on fund-related matters today after the run.

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