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Thread: New Rule - One Dynamis Linkshell

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    New Rule - One Dynamis Linkshell

    Ok, here it is... By popular demand the new rule about having one Dynamis Linkshell.

    All members of DynamisBums will be required to attend Dynamis runs with DynamisBums Linkshell only unless DynamisBums is skipping a Wednesday or Sunday run for whatever reason.

    Any member attending another Dynamis Linkshell's run will be removed from the active memberlist and will no longer be a member of DynamisBums.

    Anyone wishing to attend dynamis with someone other than DynamisBums may do so if they get express permission from myself, Sykes, or Teorem.

    I expect everyone to be aware of this rule by next Monday at which time it will go into full effect.
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