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Thread: All Good Things... (Warning: This is a long post)

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    All Good Things... (Warning: This is a long post)

    For a while now the leadership has been occasionally bringing up the future of the linkshell. It is not a simple discussion by any means: we have discussed the growth of the linkshell (less about the number of people, and more the maturity of the membership), how Dynamis fits into the future of the game, our own individual plans to be involved with FFXI with respect to other factors (FFXIV, life in general, etc.), and so on.

    The last bit of discussion was interrupted by me having to take my work-mandated sabbatical, and instead of bringing up the discussion again with solely the leadership, I open it up to discussion with the membership. This affects all of you, so I hope you will take a few minutes to read over what I write here and give the issue some thought before making any reply.

    Right now the game of FFXI is in an interesting state. The level cap has been lifted beyond what it was fixed at during the history of the linkshell, and will continue to go higher. New items are introduced with every update and the effective value of what we can obtain through Dynamis--looking at the equipment only--diminishes with each update and with each new event added. It's a bit of a shock in a way, seeing these things we worked for years to get become inferior, but this is the path that the developers chose; we cannot realistically expect anymore to be able to want or need the items we can obtain in Dynamis at LV75, at LV99.

    Well, unless SE folds it into some LV99 upgrade scheme...and who would really rule that out, knowing how SE works?

    I think that most people will agree that there isn't much need for AF at this point, as things are mostly distributed to those who want them or dropped entirely. This is not to say that there aren't still AF items that people want, because there are, but the sum of AF that people are lotting for their main jobs and those that can go to those who can use them is now vastly outnumbered by those that effectively go to waste.

    Currency for our relic-seeking members is important, of course, but it is also available on the global market, even if it is for a premium. We've also deliberately worked to ensure that our current upgraders (as of August) are set with the Rare/Ex items they need a group to obtain. If the linkshell were to vanish tomorrow, a determined relic-seeker would still likely be able to finish their relic.

    The consensus of the leadership is that we have, with the linkshell's collective effort over the last six years, pretty much beaten Dynamis. And at some point, it is time for us to decide that it is time to move on and reinvest our time in other events that are supported by the future growth of the game. However, what the leadership has not discussed in depth is when the appropriate time to do so is, and so I would like to go over a few options now to see where the support within the membership lies.

    To me, there are four logical options for when we should decide to end our activities as a linkshell. Please consider the options that appeal the most to you.

    1) The release date for FFXIV (or shortly thereafter). We have discussed that we expect to lose some active members to full-time play of FFXIV when it is released on 22/30 September 2010. I know there has been some discussion among current members that they do not expect to play FFXIV immediately when it is released (or at all).

    2) The release date for the update containing the final Abyssea expansion. We expect this to be late December-early January. At this point, the level cap will be raised again and the last Abyssea add-on will be added, including the last AF items to be released.

    3) The end of the calendar year 2010. Just a round number to end on, and not otherwise special.

    4) Never. Potentially another leader might step up at the last minute and continue to lead, but I'm pretty sure that we're all really tired and ready to move on.

    Personally, I don't support Option 1; I know the weeks surrounding the release date will be tough, but I think it's too soon, and it's hard to say how many people we will actually lose compared to every other game released during the history of the linkshell. I support Option 2, because it seems to me like a natural transition to make: moving on from goals of obtaining Dynamis AF to obtaining Abyssea AF. By then, Abyssea as an event should have a solid foundation, if it isn't already complete. It also gives us time to accomplish anything else we might need to for our members, and an opportunity to outfit our newest members with rewards for their participation.

    In conclusion (for now), I am concerned in a way that by talking about ending the linkshell's activities and when, that participation will flag because people will become disenchanted or discouraged. I assure you that as long as there are people willing to put in the effort to show up, we will continue to work hard to make every run a success. I really hope that we will not have to watch the linkshell fade to oblivion as people slowly leave the event (or the game), and that our eventual last run is a resounding success to cap off a fantastic six years.

    Thank you for reading. Please take a few minutes to comment below, as we are interested in your feedback.
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    I think option 2 is the most favorable one, simply because SE is wierd and you can never tell when they are going to throw a curveball at you.

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    2 or 3 sounds good to me. I think another few months would be nice to (hopefully) complete people. Another thing I was thinking about to is what will we do with the bank? Just distribute among remaining active members?

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    Realistically, some part of my brain realizes this is a logical eventuality to be expected.
    However, emotionally I'm really not at all ready to accept this.
    I know this may seem childish, but while I appreciate leadership being willing to discuss this in the open, I do not wish to vote on anything because it will feel to me as if I were directly contributing towards bringing the end about, regardless of whatever option I choose.

    I will go by whatever the leaders and the majority of the ls members decide.
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    I would support whatever the group decides. I would like to get Shadow Ring before we quit. If that doesn't happen though, it's not really critical.

    It has been a real pleasure playing with you all.

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    Addressing comments so far:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alarial
    Another thing I was thinking about to is what will we do with the bank? Just distribute among remaining active members?
    The plan I had in place (which I made years ago when I was the last of the initial leadership to be around) involves liquidating our assets completely and distributing the bank to members. I'm not really going to go into the details of exactly how just yet, because there some parts of the plan that are more complicated and others that would take some time to complete, but I can definitely say that members who are active (and not just opportunistically active) when we decide to wrap up will be getting a portion of the bank. I warn in advance, however, that something of a certain perceived size, when divided among a number of people, is not necessarily that large.

    I don't think I should really have to outright say it, but just in case: neither I, nor any other leader, will be absconding with the bank. I would hope that we (and me, in particular) have worked hard to earn your trust over the last years that we have worked together, and we will certainly not violate that now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Felixcat
    I would like to get Shadow Ring before we quit. If that doesn't happen though, it's not really critical.
    We will continue to schedule Dynamis-Xarcabard and we will continue to push everyone to put forth their best effort in the zones so that we can continue running through our Shadow Item list, as well as the other equipment rewards that people have focused on for their main jobs.

    I don't know if people have noticed that we have basically frozen recruitment for the last several months. The reason wasn't laziness, because it really doesn't take that long to review someone's application and say "yes" or "no" or put it up to a vote. The primary reasons are to 1) encourage the group to do more with less (particularly with ability scaling upward with the level cap), and 2) to limit introduction of competition, allowing people as much opportunity as possible to achieve their current goals.

    I do have a contingency plan of sorts for handling goals we may not be able to reach as a group, but let's focus foremost on achieving what we can, first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuwei
    However, emotionally I'm really not at all ready to accept this.
    I understand how it might be difficult to read this, considering that we have worked together as a group for a very long time, outlasted almost every linkshell of any type on Phoenix, accomplished so much for so many people, and, in a way, integrated this event into our regular routine.

    For now, I can only say that if this was hard to read, imagine how hard it was for me to write.

    There is one thing that I want to make very clear to everyone:


    Unless every person decides to go their own way tomorrow and onward, we are still running business as usual. Even if we only have one party going into a zone to farm, even if I have to sacrifice pull every single pull myself just to make progress, and even if means I can't do anything else in the game with the time I have. Just so long as it doesn't get me fired from my real-life job, because this economy really sucks and as much as I love you guys and all, I still need to pay the bills.

    Save the closure comments for the time that we actually achieve closure.
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    I would vote 1 or 2. Personally I don't really see much of a need for dynamis anymore. I like 1 more because I rather move on and focus my time playing FFXI on new stuff now rather then spending 3 more months of using time for Dyanmis since Dynamis now takes away a lot of time from doing other FFXI activities, abyssea for exp and af3, trail of the maginas for relic upgrades, ect. I just see very little to be gained from dynamis anymore. But if a majority of people want to do a few more runs then 2 is fine.

    Most of the AF has become obsolete and everyone has the majority of it. AF3 from abyssea is a lot better and SE should be finishing off the complete sets in their December update. AF3 is probably what people should be trying to get now to make their characters better. There just isn't enough time to do everything in FFXI so something has to go, and dynamis has already had a good run and we should be ending running it soon.
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    I like option 2 the best
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    I read the post and took a couple of days to let it all sink in, but truth be told ive wondered about what would happen to remaining linkshells I have including db.

    First of all I would like to thank Dynamisbums for letting me be a part of the shell. Ive had a lot of fun and Tav's win on Wed. makes me 10/10 on the zones for wins. It's been fun to see areas in the game I have not before.

    As for which option to take most of you are saying 2 so I'll go with that. It seems apporpreate considering the changes to the game that are catching us all by surprise. I'll keep going to runs as long as you schedule them assuming RL doesnt keep me from doing so.

    As for things I would like to get, the remaining pieces of armor in the sets would be nice, but I do understand this may or may not happen. The BLM coat and the THF hands (I understand that others with priority come first, whatever happens happens) being the main 2 items on the list.

    Last I would like to thank the leaders of the shell for making these runs happen and taking time out of thier personal schedule to make the events happen at all. I'm sure I have made a ton of mistakes (including agroing the 2nd Diablos last run =S) and drove you crazy a few times, but I do try to learn from them (the statues in Windy cast GA... fight them away from the alliance... Understood). Thank you for putting up with me, and Papi I'll try to help get Ocy killed more, if he gets charmed I could sleep then blow him up o.O......
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    not sure if my 2 cents are much of anything but first things first:

    hi everyone i'v missed you all and sorry i have not poked my head in more in the past. been haveing some difficaulties with play time and the ability to log in. i hope to be returning to the game shortly after i fix my internet

    as for the future in the shell i wouldnt really know much of how things have been going but i would like to return and rejoin all my friends in these future events if possible.
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