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Thread: Dynamis-Windurst alliances (18 April 2010)

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    Dynamis-Windurst alliances (18 April 2010)

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    Alliance is subject to change.

    Alliance 1
    Party 1: Chuwei (DNC), Riannah (BRD), Papillion (COR), Alethra (DRK), Nada (WAR), Heep (SAM)
    Party 2: Gally (RDM), Danilo (RDM), Thalmalkrichten (BLM), Riloth (THF), Teorem (BLU)
    Party 3: Kariessa (WHM), Yodaforce (BRD), Spunkymage (COR), Felixcat (SAM), Ocyris (WAR), Chaela (DRK)

    Alliance 2
    Party 1: Krish (RDM), Arcadina (WAR), Eviil (BLU), Blademaster (SAM)
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