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  • Yes, I plan to beat FFXIII in the first three days.

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  • No, and I plan to be at Wednesday's run without any "distractions." Really.

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Thread: Cancel run on Wednesday, 10 March 2010?

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    Cancel run on Wednesday, 10 March 2010?

    Last time SE decided to release a console Final Fantasy game, Dynamis was a mess. Not many people showed up, and most those that did were clearly distracted by playing in the background. The run was In an effort not to make this mistake again, I am considering canceling Wednesday's run so as to save the leadership some grief and to give those who will be getting FFXIII a chance to enjoy their new game without causing everyone to wipe in the process.

    Vote on the poll above. If Wednesday's Bastok run is canceled, I will replace 31 March's Buburimu run with Bastok instead. As we ran Buburimu just last Wednesday, there will not be any significant loss with the zone swap.

    And in case it occurs to anyone, no, I am not considering canceling runs for future release days/weeks of other console games names not starting with "Final Fantasy."
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    Yea I remember that run it was Jeuno. And I was talking about game mechanics in party chat and like one of the first bosses and some people were like, quit talking about FFXII your spoiling the game. Even though I wasn't in my opinion. Zymurgy had it like a week early or something.
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    I will not be distracted by a game I will not be purchasing so will do whatever leadership danes is a good idea. I do however have enough trouble keeping a refresh for my whm on normal runs due to no shows and temp logs so yeah.

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    Your going to miss out on probably the best game that gets released all year.
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    Anything FF12 (inclusive) and up we have no interest in, so no danger of distractions from me or pents

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