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Thread: Dynamis-Tavnazia, Wednesday, 20 January 2010, TBD

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    Dynamis-Tavnazia, Wednesday, 20 January 2010, TBD

    Read the announcement carefully for details regarding the tentative run schedule.


    Run Announcement

    On Wednesday we will be running Dynamis-Tavnazia. This run MUST start on-time.

    There are two possible schedules for this run, depending on the number of people signed up before 12AM PST, Wednesday morning:

    30+ sign-ups before 12AM PST:

    Run #1: 8PM EST / 5PM PST
    Run #2: 10PM EST / 7PM PST

    Less than 30 sign-ups before 12AM PST:

    9PM EST / 6PM PST

    When signing up, indicate:

    - which run you would prefer if we hold two consecutive runs,
    - whether you can attend the single run if we hold only one run,
    - whether you would be willing to sit out for another lotting-eligible member


    If we hold only one run on Wednesday and there are more than 18 people signed up for the run, all signups made after the deadline AND those who are currently lotting-ineligible will be automatically placed on the standby list. No exceptions. If we still have more than 18 viable attendees after all automatic sit-outs and time-of-signup volunteers are handled, the list will be randomized.

    I WILL NOT reconsider adding a run based on the number of last-minute sign-ups or people showing up at the zone on Wednesday, if it has been cancelled at the deadline. I already spend a considerable amount of time at work doing alliances, and refuse to spend even more having to correct and re-balance them throughout the day. It is not that difficult to sign up before Wednesday.

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring:

    - your "A" game
    - Signet
    - Food
    - Reraise (for use during the entire run, this should be a charged item with at least 8 remaining charges)
    - Echo Drops
    - Eye Drops
    - Antidotes

    Lotting Eligibility


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    Chuwei and I.

    Both can make either but prefer second run.
    Can both make if there's only one.
    Both prefer not to sit out, if possible
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    Mm, I'd like run two please if we do two, however, I can attend if there is only one and have no interest in sitting out.

    Edit: Deleted note that was here; my meeting released me early, so nvm ^-^
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    Me me me!

    Run two if we hold two consecutive. I can also attend the single run if there is just one.

    I will be more than willing to sit, since I am most likely ineligible to lot anything anyway.
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    I can attend either run.
    No preferences which run.
    Prefer not to sit.
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    / doesnt matter what run
    i'd like to not sit out but if i need to please make more bastok runs :P
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    / first run
    prefer not to sit
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    Either is fine, prefer run 2 if there are 2 though.

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    I can attend either run or I can sit, whichever suits the needs of the run.

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