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Thread: Dynamis-Valkurm alliances (28 October 2009)

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    Dynamis-Valkurm alliances (28 October 2009)

    On-time active member signup: 33/49 (67.3%)

    Alliances will change before the run begins.

    Alliance 1

    Party 1: Izzy (BLM), Spunkymage (BLM), Papillion (BLM), Usmrsiberian (BLM), Califlower (SCH), Vayla (COR)
    Party 2: Neosutra (PLD), Zumi (WHM), Laudeaubond (BRD), Boglemorine (RDM), Abrasax (BLU), Chrio (THF)
    Party 3: Ariamo (WHM), Leylana (BRD), Penty (RNG), Eviil (RNG), Zephera (RNG), Godzwrath (SAM)

    Alliance 2
    Party 1: Vandyr (PLD), Chaela (WHM), Alarial (RDM), Brynn (BRD), Demonprince (BLU), Riloth (THF)
    Party 2: Ruball (WHM), Gally (BRD), Chuwei (DNC), Ocyris (MNK), Robhighman (WAR), Teorem (DRG)
    Party 3: Kariessa (WHM), Seshu (BRD), Albatross (DRK), Jayiiq (DRK), Gerrott (DRK), Garaku (DRK)

    Nightmare Flies
    Hippogryph: Spunkymage, Alarial
    Manticore: Izzy, Califlower
    Sheep: Papillion, Usmrsiberian

    Alliances will proceed directly to the Quadav area after entering Dynamis.
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    So um, I did sign up on time.. Was the 13th post. >:O You still have open spots so I'm still ready to join.
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    I am feeling well enough to come today.

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    I'm posting to flaunt my new avatar <3

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    Haha, Chibi-Carm has a fat face!

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    I'd like to attend if you still have space available. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it today until recently.

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    I can make it today.
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    I am can Dyna today. Got off early.

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    I filled in alliance spots with corrections and those that posted after I put up the alliances, in the order that they were posted.

    At this point, I will not make any further changes until immediately prior to the run. Anyone else that has signed up but was not added in should still show up, because it will be likely there will be the usual last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmisse View Post
    I'm posting to flaunt my new avatar <3
    *slobbers over your avatar*

    by the way the second party in the first alliance only has 5 people, is that intentional? :O

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