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Thread: Dynamis-Buburimu, Wednesday, 20 May 2009, 8PM EDT

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    Dynamis-Buburimu, Wednesday, 20 May 2009, 8PM EDT

    If a sufficient number of sign-ups (at least 40) has been reached by Wednesday morning and interest allows us to build solid alliances, we will run a concurrent
    Please amend your sign-ups to include whether you would attend Windurst if it was added to the schedule.


    DynamisBums Member Appreciation!

    Details about the contest can be found here.

    The deadline for entries is the end of the week! If you need to revise your entry, you can do so only until the end of the entry period.


    Please check your Memberlist entry to make sure that all of your data is correct. Pay particular attention to:

    - list of declared jobs
    - list of zones needed
    - AF+1 that may not be listed <= there are still several completed upgrades missing from the database
    - AF from other linkshells that may not be listed

    If you have any corrections or additions to make, please make a post in the Administrative Notices section. Do not send me a PM, since all leaders should be able to see corrections, especially if they result in different lotting situations.

    Full AF Sets Completed!


    Run Announcement

    On Wednesday we will be running Dynamis-Buburimu. Sign up for the run below.

    Due to another linkshell scheduling Dynamis-Tavnazia, it will not be possible for us to add a concurrent Tavnazia run. Possiblilities for running an additional zone will have to be determined closer to Wednesday, and will depend significantly on the number of sign-ups received by Tuesday.

    When signing up, indicate whether you would be willing to sit out for another member in the event we cannot accommodate everyone in a run. Members that are lotting eligible will be prioritized over members that are not, so if you are not currently eligible, expect to be sitting out if you don't need the key item from this zone.

    Lotting Eligibility

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring the following, appropriate for their job:

    - Reraise
    - Antidotes
    - Echo Drops
    - Food
    - Signet

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    UPDATE: Windy please! Going to be around 10-15 minutes late again.
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    / Buburimu please
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    jobs: 75 whm blu war bst smn drg drk blm thf

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    Darkborn Aka Dimmu
    No armlets. (5/5 Feint & Tomahawk)

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    Jun 2006
    Scarlet Devil Mansion
    I would like to attend the Buburimu run.
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    Low-manning zones is fun!
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    80 RNG~WHM 79 BLM 78 BRD 76 BLU~WAR~DRK
    75 RDM~MNK
    all applicable sub jobs, job abilities

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    Ala / Bubu!! CoP ftw.

    Neo X has an army meeting that night.
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    Whm90, Blm90, Blu90, Smn90
    Rdm90, Cor90, Sch90, Brd90

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    Myself, Elei, and Therin for Bubu prz!

    Vayla wants Windy if there is one.
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    ~BRD - COR - PLD - RDM - SCH - THF~

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    i'll b there - ok for dyna windy too
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    THF 75
    RDM 75
    NIN 75
    Sub jobs - DRK, WAR, SAM, BLM, WHM

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    GRRR There is drops form both zones I want. ;;

    Bubu please but I'm willing to go where I'm needed.
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