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Thread: Dynamis-Xarcabard, Sunday, 7 September 2008, 7PM EDT

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    Dynamis-Xarcabard, Sunday, 7 September 2008, 7PM EDT


    Run Announcement

    On Sunday we will be running Dynamis-Xarcabard. The goal for this run is a clear of the Dynamis Lord with as much farming as possible beforehand.

    Sign up for the run below so that we can create alliances and make a list of job changes as early as possible.

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring the following, appropriate for their job:

    - Reraise
    - Echo Drops
    - Eye Drops

    We will provide Icarus Wings and Poison/Venom potions for use with the Dynamis Lord.

    Lotting Eligibility

    Wednesday's results have been added to the database.


    Questions you should know the answers to before entering the zone:

    1. After entering Dynamis-Xarcabard, where is the first place you should go?
    2. Suppose a Vanguard Eye pull (a normal, non-BLM pull) results in spawning a Kindred White Mage, a Kindred Paladin, a Kindred Ninja, a Kindred Summoner, a Kindred Black Mage, and a Kindred Monk. In what order should the enemies be defeated, and why?
    3. During the period in which we are fighting demon NMs, what should a PLD do after the NM he was responsible for kiting/tanking has been killed, assuming there are NMs still remaining?
    4. What are the best ways to prevent a Kindred from using Benediction, Mijin Gakure, Invincible, and Perfect Dodge? Why?
    5. In what order can the following spells be stacked (ie., successively cast on the same target without a "no effect" message): Lullaby, Sleep, Sleep II, Repose. Assuming no resistance, what is the duration of each spell? Are certain sleep-inducing spells more effective than others on Kindred in Dynamis? Are certain enemies immune to any sleep effect?
    6. What is the best way to negate Demonic Howl? Is it necessary to remove Slow from everyone?
    7. How is it possible to completely avoid Hecatomb Wave, particularly when used by demon NMs? What is Hecatomb Wave's additional effect? Is it limited to only a single target?
    8. For Ying and Yang, where are the best places to fight both of them that results in the least exposure to AoE? Why?
    9. For Dynamis Lord, where should the melee wait? Where should the BLMs wait? Where should the RDMs responsible for Stun wait? Where should the PLDs wait? Why are their respective positions important?
    10. If a piece of AF matching your main job drops, are you currently allowed to lot it?

    Some of the questions are strategy-related and some of them address either Dynamis or overall game mechanics. Though not everyone may know certain answers due to a lack of personal experience, the subject may still directly affect you in some way and it's important that you understand how.

    We'll go over the answers before Sunday's run, because I don't want to clutter the signup thread with too much discussion. If you think you know the answer to one of the questions (with the exception of #10), you're welcome to give it a shot as you sign up. Don't answer more than one, as it may be discouraging for someone to post their answer if they see someone before them hitting all nine.
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    Answer questions people! epeen points +20!
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    /........ *Does a bunch of research before the run.*
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    All Jobs have the proper merits.

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    ill be there !

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    6. What is the best way to negate Demonic Howl? Is it necessary to remove Slow from everyone?

    Just Haste your PT like you should!!!
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    jobs: 75 whm blu war bst smn drg drk blm thf

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