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Thread: Dynamis-Lord Sunday May 15th 7pm EST.

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    Dynamis-Lord Sunday April 31st. 7pm EST.

    Well our last attempt we got him to a sliver... One more WS or full blast from a BLM and he'd probably be dead right now. Sooo we're gonna stick to our strategy. I'll ask that you get everything on the list again. If anyone needs to xp this week give me a /tell I'll be looking to get a few xp sessions in.

    One thing we might wanna think about is having the melee hold back until after DL uses Oblivion Smash. This way we might eliminate people getting crushed all at once like we did last time. I saw the whole episode literally with DL doing his damage right in my face. So I saw close up everyone re-raise then him doing dispelga shortly after then bang OS again.

    I'm gonna copy and paste the information from the last post I made. I'll make some additions to it at the end.

    I'm posting this stuff now so that you guys can get all of these items way ahead of time. So here is the repost of stuff you MUST get.

    Opo-Opo Necklace
    2 stacks of sleeping potions.
    1 stack of Poison Potion to use on Dynamis-Lord He can use sleepga.
    Item to use to get yourself Re-Raise
    Icarus Wing (I'll do my best to get enough of these for next Sunday.)

    These items are really important which I've said like 3 times already.

    Echo Drops
    The BEST food you can buy.
    Eye Drops

    I can't stress enough using your best food. So get whatever is appropriate for the WS that you are using. We also have some big alterations to our strategy that we are gonna employ this time. I really like them. Fatman came up with this so I'm gonna copy and paste it below.

    Adjusted Strategy:

    1. Pull DL to the spot where melee will use their TP. PLD will be assigned to stand where DL should be stopped at.

    2. RDM/DRK uses Chainspell Stun.

    3. Melees use their TP and begin running away to safe camp. If you notice DL turn to follow you wait till BLMs have hate to move out.

    3a. BLMs watch for HP to start falling then start casting their first barrage of nukes.

    3b. (This is a suggested thing we might think about trying.) SAM 2 hr. Chains with himself making a skillchain that you can burst Thunder off of. Just a suggestion.

    4. BLMs keep nuking while stuns are still going on. PLDs are off waiting for stuns to stop so they can come in and use their invincibles to keep DL busy while BLM get MP and melee get TP.

    5. Stuns are done. PLD take turns using invincible to marathon DL on the level between the BLM camp and the melee camp. Melee report TP. BLM report MP. When ready we need to try and keep DL from moving so the BLMs can get off a barrage of nukes. Maybe we can have him be shadowbind. He'll move again once one hits but I think it might hold him in place long enough to get the nukes to start hitting.

    6. Pretty self explanatory from here on out. Re-raise get TP or MP and work DL down to nothing.

    Misc. notes....

    I wanna station one person who can marathon DL at the steps leading up to the castle. So when he goes into sprint home mode somone can get aggro and run him back down the hill.

    Prolly the two most important things are to not have everyone die at once. So we need the melee to get out after they use TP and get to their camp. Being sure to watch not to drag DL down the hill away from the mages. Second is not to let DL get up to the mages and start whiping them out. BLMs if you have to space out your nukes. Don't just go crazy and nuke one after another really fast. We really need to keep you guys up so when he's really low you can finish him off.

    Be sure to get appropriate food for what you plan on using as a weaponskill. I.e. HP food if spirits within.

    Re-raise items save huge amounts of xp for people. Get these you won't regret it. Lets try and get that new mage re-raise item some how. The enhancement is pretty cheap that is needed for bonecrafting you could prolly get enough gp to get it within a week.

    PLEASE TRUST our ability to defeat him. Don't half ass it and not get what you need. Last time I know there were still a bunch of people who did not bring enough sleep pots, or were not re-raising after they died 1 time. We can win and it will become pretty easy if we all go 100%.

    The Dragons... I think prolly the best thing to try and do is have the BLMs not cast -ga spells and get a few NIN or War/NIN to run this guys off. They are a pain and can become quite a nuisance.

    If anyone sees anything I missed or if you would like to suggest something please do.
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  2. One thing I saw when I got a chance to watch Feather kill Tiamat, and I saw the same thing in a video of another ls beating Vrtra, they use Stun throughout their battles. For obvious reasons we would still use the Rdm/drk chain-spell stun for everyone's WS, but after all the TP is used is when things get "iffy"

    What I saw both these Wyrm ls' doing was using stun constantly throughout the fight. Basically boiled down to they had about 6-8 people in the alliance (and since we do dynamis we'd have even more!) either blm, drk, or sub drk. They had an order set up for their stuns (like for us it'd be Fatman, Wrish, Krish, Lego, Maju, Cyrus, etc) so 1 would stun, then you'd wait 5 seconds or so, then the next would stun.

    THE KEY TO THIS is working out the number of seconds between stun based on the number of stunners you have so when the rotation was completed the FIRST person's re-cast timer would be ready to stun again (stun is 45 second recast right?) So if we have 10 stunners (10 blm's in the blm alliance) that could translate as 1 stun every ~4.5 seconds.

    This isn't like trying to stun a -ga or AM. It works trying to limit normal hits, tp gain, stopping random WS' or special moves, etc. This shouldn't interupt the normal blm operation since they are only stunning once (per person) every 45 seconds, the rest of the time they can nuke their hearts out.

    This technique I think is one of the major factors that allows ls' like Feather to defeat the 3 Wyrms, I don't see why it couldn't help out some against DL as well.

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    <3 Scytale. How's noobin it up in Valkurm been? Been waiting to see you back in Dynamis let me know whenever your ready.

    Stun order.. I'll see what I can do about that.

  4. Can DL be stunned? Just asking cause I know one HNM that cannot be(Kirin) and dont know if SE made DL unstunable. there maybe one problem with that, albeit a small potential, but while BLMS are casting stun, if lag is an issue there, that will make the stun order a bit harder to go on time, also may make casting other spells take longer and this may prevent a BLM his/her turn to stun. I have an idea to aleviate this though. Find out how many stunners we have, I yet cannot be there I need the other cities b4 I join you, then replace some drk or /drk in the stun order freeing up some BLM's on the side to go full nukeage. Then the stun peeps can nuke if they can as long as they do not forget their turn to stun. Just a simple suggestion you can take it or leave it.

  5. Doesn't necessarily need to be blm, I picked them as an example because they could filter all "others" out only seeing "Alliance" to avoid extra chat garbage.

    I'm done with the dunes >< I went through 4 jobs in a row and I said screw it so lol.

    I might make Wednesday, but not sure I need to scam my way out of a volleyball game, if not I'll make plans to show up Sunday. Got my reraise Hairpin already (Thanks to Supersayingalka! ^^)


    Not taking credit for finding this, Nuclear posted this one first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irinicus
    Can DL be stunned? Just asking cause I know one HNM that cannot be(Kirin) and dont know if SE made DL unstunable.
    Yes, DL can be stunned. We know this because we have fought him a few times already, and you can download films of LSes on other servers fighting him the same way.

    Just a note tho, Kirin can be stunned also. It just gets resisted 99+% of the time. I may even have a screenshot of the Kirin stunned text somewhere.


  7. Ok that idea sounds great to try. Just wish I was there to offer my BLM assistance, /sigh. If you do this, I wish you all luck and will be rooting for you back in the real world of Vanadiel.

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    better off sticking to the strategy we used last time and focus on executing it correctly this time, since last time he was about 5% or so

  9. beautiful thing about it is it's not changing anything, it's adding onto it.

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    I'm with Scy on this one. That's a downright bitchin' idea.

    Would it be possible for us also to have a single person dedicated to renewing claim on the DL, while garnering as little hate as possible? Say...someone standing around with three stacks of pebbles who hangs around just outside AOE range?

    Assuming that a single pebble wouldn't doom him, it might help us avoid the unfortunate events of last time.

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