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Thread: Three and a Half Years!!!

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    Three and a Half Years!!!

    Congratulations DynamisBums!!!

    It's been another half know what that means!?!?!!?..... AWARDS TIME!!!!

    Grats to us on 3 and a half years in Dynamis!!


    Total Runs = 367

    Diamond Award - 350+ runs
    Teorem - 359.00

    Platinum Award - 300+ runs
    Zumi - 307.00

    Gold Award - 250+ runs
    Carmisse - 272.00
    Izzy - 250.50

    Mythril Award - 200+ runs
    Halon - 238.50
    Jayiiq - 229.50
    Liche - 221.00
    Tornrage - 213.50
    Riloth - 214.50
    Spunkymage - 209.50
    Sueno - 207.50
    Arcadina - 200.50
    Kainhighwind - 200.00

    Silver Award - 150+ runs
    Papillion - 197.50
    Penty - 194.00
    Laudeaubond - 191.50
    Caclax - 185.50
    Kariessa - 185.50
    Krish - 178.50
    Andhalas - 178.50
    Neosutra - 164.00
    Trixter - 157.00
    Kiljaeden - 155.00

    Bronze Award - 100+ runs

    Leylana - 148.00
    Sephffg - 142.50
    Artfuldodger - 137.50
    Kanaye - 127.50
    Ocyris - 126.00
    Ryanito - 102.00
    Nerces - 101.00

    Number of unique members: 500
    Number of one run wonders: 62

    Original members still active: 3

    Dynamis Completion Stats (Wins/Losses/NC)
    29/4/0 Total: 33
    34/3/0 Total: 37
    Dynamis-San d'Oria
    38/0/0 Total: 38
    28/10/0 Total: 38
    28/6/40 Total: 74
    38/18/25 Total: 81
    21/2/0 Total: 23
    20 15/4/1 Total: 20
    20/5/2 Total: 27
    9/11/31 Total: 51
    260/63/99 Total: 422

    Loot Statistics
    Total AF Obtained: 1793
    AF -1/Accessories Obtained: 252
    Hydra Pieces: 12
    Total Currency: 80,081
    Relic Weapons: 1296
    Free lot AF (in any form): 456
    Shadow Mantles: 15
    Shadow Rings: 14
    Full sets of AF2: 149
    Fully upgraded relic weapons: 5

    Drops by Zone
    Bastok - 256
    Jeuno - 325
    San d'Oria - 351
    Windurst - 245
    Beaucedine - 262
    Xarcabard - 245
    Buburimu - 51
    Qufim - 33
    Valkurm - 59
    Tavnazia - 37

    Average AF Per Zone
    Dynamis-San d'Oria - 10.63636
    Dynamis-Jeuno - 10.45161
    Dynamis-Bastok - 9.84615
    Dynamis-Windurst - 8.75000
    Dynamis-Buburimu - 4.52174
    Dynamis-Beaucedine - 3.86567
    Dynamis-Valkurm - 3.48148
    Dynamis-Xarcabard - 3.02469
    Dynamis-Qufim - 2.85000
    Dynamis-Tavnazia - 1.19608

    36 runs with 0 AF
    1 run with 21 AF


    Attendance Award (Best attendance out of the last 100 runs)
    Teorem - 98
    Tornrage - 97

    Most AF: Teorem and Zymurgy (39)

    AF/Run Ratio (At least 25 runs)

    Best: Reaghol - 15 AF - 28.5 runs - 1.9 runs/AF
    Worst: Sueno - 8 AF - 207.5 runs - 25.9 runs/AF

    Q_Q Award (For making Dynamis more fun): Neosutra - May the bazaar and unexpected conversations continue for years to come

    Bard Enmity Award: All the BLM - This is why the BLM parties get RDM and not BRD

    Courage Award: (For doing what it takes to win): Papillion, Riloth, Sueno, Halon, Andhalas - Thank you guys for always putting your EXP on the line for us. If I missed's probley because you were dead Q_Q.

    Taru Slayer Award: FLIPMODE!! I killed Neosutra AND Tornrage within 30 seconds of each other in San d'Oria!!!

    Train Award: Neosutra - Not necessarily a train, but dear God you aggro everything in and out of sight.

    EXP Award: Izzy and Andhalas - You're climbing the ranks young one, continue to pull hate during EES and you just might one day be the best!

    Favorite Moments in Bums History

    Fatman's Moments:
    - Harmonia accidentally breaks her hnmls by tossing the pearl because the temporary dynamis pearl I made was same color
    - When Teorem who is ALWAYS very serious and professional when doing dynamis says on linkshell chat "The power of Holy bitches".
    - The time we had to cancel Dynamis-Windurst because Bune was up...
    - After Saintpal got 7 AF (3 more than anyone else) someone informs me he quit the linkshell because our lotting rules suck
    - Sykes calls A GM because city run is more than half over and no AF has dropped. The GM informs him he is turning AF off for asking.
    - Cyrus proclaims to all that Effigys in Bastok do not drop AF. Moments later the Effigy we are fighting drops AF.
    -Teorem obtains full set of free lot Dragoon AF!
    - Fatman tells the linkshell he is trading glass to trail markings. Moments later he realizes he forgot to buy the glass.
    - Duk
    - After yelling in linkshell for melees to move down the hill away from the big group of Nightmare Dhalmels to fight over and over, Fatman finally says: " Let's try Tarzan, Me melee, me move down hill, me good melee". Melee immediately move down hill away from Dhalmels.
    - Lycender announces that he is going to /random the secret number which only Fatman and Sykes know is 436. A few minutes later Lycender arrives at the Trail Markings and /randoms a 436.
    - Some drunk guy he never met stumbles into Fatman's apartment then room and crawls into his bed with him, as Fatman wakes up police storm into his room and arrest the drunk guy! (OK not a dynamis moment but damn that was funny)
    - lolDragoon

    Izzy's Moments:
    - Cuc
    - Fatman explaining to us one run how he used to drive by kids listening to techno in his van, hop out, grab their discman and smash it on the cement in front of them. Then hop in the van and drive off.
    - Teo and I were about to pull the eye triangle for Caclax's weapon shard. Teo calls time for :00 and I'm ready to go, but I slip off one of those small ledges in the ground and slide into aggro about 3 seconds early. I aggro every eye and I think Teo got a little angry. Luckily for me, Halon swoops in and grabs the extra shit and runs it toward Teo.
    - A couple runs ago at Qufim, there was 5 mins left, and we still had to kill Suttung and Anteaus. Some asswad Taru bought all the icarus wings from Teo's bazaar so we had no wings OR time to finish the zone. Aspir and I devise this awesome plan to pull Suttung to the group without linking the goblins. I send Araut to aggro the goblins when i see Aspir coming with Suttung, however, there's like 10 snolls behind him too. So I quickly diaga all the snolls and run off to the side and manage to not hit suttung. Aspir made the pull to the group and we killed Suttung AND Anteaus with 30 seconds remaining.
    - Fuuten trading 1,000,000 gil to the markings to try to get a glass.
    - That same Qufim run as listed before, I tell Tickles to come RDM/DRK. She gets in the zone as RDM/DRK and looks at her magic menu, and realizes that she never used the scroll of stun on her DRK. She goes ALL the way back to her mog house, runs ALL the way back and tries to use her scroll. It wont let her. Turns out, she didn't have her subjobs yet, so "Stun" did'nt show up in her magic menu yet. She didn't tell me for like 4 days because she was afraid I was gonna call her a noob. (Now everyone knows ahhaha)
    - One run, Zym and I are meeleing the extention statue that pops after the Xarc NM's are dead. Teo walks by us and see us, then says, "Do you guys do this every run >_>" Well Teo, yea we do Q_Q.
    - So, after Epedemicoptikz left DB for another LS, a couple members went out infront of their LS waiting at Dynamis - Jeuno markings. We all swiched to Taru mules if we weren't already Taru, and proceeded to die in a big heart in front of them while Fatman and I sat in the middle. Then we all reraised at the same time and left for Dynamis.

    - Kneeling to Carson. (Fatman made us stop Q_Q)

    Izzy's New Additions:
    -Just last night I was saying how Lau wins every single thing he ever lots on with a lot of 900+ and he was arguing that he had terrible luck. A piece of AF dropped and I said, "There you go Lau, have at it." He lotted 960 I think...
    -Zumi telling us about his wicked disgusting health teacher and the two guys sent in to promote safe sex Q_Q
    -Tickles accidentally teleported Kintix and herself out of a run during a wipe because she hit the wrong macro...good job winner!
    -The time Sykes and I got tanked during the Dynamis - Jeuno drinking game...I think Yuna might have been involved as well. That was the first night I ever drank tasted like skunk.
    -I swear I got another "The power of holy bitches." out of Teo Q_Q
    -Getting Mjollnir ^.^/

    Here's a link to the last awards:
    Remember to read the DynamisBums history!

    See you in another 6 months!
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    It's nice to see you've taken a chance to digitally masturbate on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephffg View Post
    It's nice to see you've taken a chance to digitally masturbate on the forums.
    We always used to do it every 6 months. Jerks who don't play anymore aren't allowed to be jerks.

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    Anyone else notice that this is almost 3 months late?

    Oh, and Artamaeus is an original member that is still active, although he did take a very long break.
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    yay I win some awards! I guess 4 EES last night count! oh where is the hundred fist!?
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    Job pref: Melee>PLD/THF> RDM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayiiq View Post
    Anyone else notice that this is almost 3 months late?

    Oh, and Artamaeus is an original member that is still active, although he did take a very long break.
    It's a month and a half late. I had forgotten all about it. Just gonna stop doing it if people are constantly dicks lol.
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    Always fun to see these stats. Especially the 1800 AF received over the years.

    The fact that I pointed out that we're nearly as close to four years as three and a half doesn't change that fact.

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    I dont aggro things in dynamis, things in dynamis aggro me
    PLD/BRD/NIN/SMN/MNK/THF. 100 Cloth.

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    No, no, keep posting it! Reading one of these threads a couple years back helped convince me to apply to DB. I'm very glad I did, too, even if I haven't gotten my name listed in an awards thread yet.

    Seph's not playing again?

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    Sephffg lapsed into non-existence at the end of February.

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