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Thread: Dynamis-Xarcabard April 10th 7pm EST. Dynamis Lord attempt #4

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    Dynamis-Xarcabard April 10th 7pm EST. Dynamis Lord attempt #4

    Thank you to all of you who made last night a great run.

    I'm gonna copy and paste the information from the last post I made. I'll make some additions to it at the end.

    I'm posting this stuff now so that you guys can get all of these items way ahead of time. So here is the repost of stuff you MUST get.

    Opo-Opo Necklace
    2 stacks of sleeping potions.
    1 stack of Poison Potion to use on Dynamis-Lord He can use sleepga.
    Item to use to get yourself Re-Raise
    Icarus Wing (I'll do my best to get enough of these for next Sunday.)

    Make sure you get these items. I've been in talks with various people who have beaten Dynamis Lord and using this stuff is the key to winning.

    Echo Drops
    The BEST food you can buy.
    Eye Drops

    I can't stress enough using your best food. Sushi's I think would be good for melee cause they give alot of accuracy. I don't know for sure but I think this might be the best stuff for the people trying to hurt DL to use.

    Here are alterations to our strategy that have been discussed.

    1. PLD save invincible until after the stunners are done stunning.

    2. SMNs astral right at the beginning. It seems DL is weak to thunder so maybe Ramuh would be the best to use. Do the ether thing so you can get off 3 astrals (if you live long enough).

    3. Ranger WS should be done like this.
    Sidewinder -> Barrage -> EagleEye -> Sidewinder ->IcarusWing -> Sidewinder.

    4. So after the stunning is done we go into kite mode. PLD do their best to voke and run DL. Rangers shoot from afar keeping your utsusemi as full as possible. The rest of the melee need to run far away and start getting TP again with a second stack of sleeping potions. Then you can come back do Spirits again and we finish the job.

    5. Have one dedicated DRK to just stun DL when he goes into the summoning animation which is the prelude to Oblivion Smash.

    Any more suggestions thoughts or comments add them to this thread please.

  2. rangers should

    slug > icarus > slug > barrage > EES > slug

    barrage and EES may not be enough to rebuild tp since we can miss on part of the slug and even if all hits land its just shy of 100tp with Obow 14tp a hit ; ;. I may try bringing a hell fire for dynamis lord , that builds more tp and is slightly stronger.

    as for summoners i think they should try and get some descent ethers so they can each try a triple astral floow on dynamis lord , and i forget what the full ether that leaves you medicated is , but that would be good to use after astral flow ends , plus it isnt to expensive , to put them back in the game.

    sub note whats better refresh RDM or the best jusice.

  3. For summoners from what i've seen its better to use normal Bloodpacts: Spinning Dive and Mountain Buster. Astral flow doesn't hurt Dynamis lord as much as the physical bloodpacts do. So i think its better to use astral flow to save mp instead of the astral flow bloodpact

  4. Both ways work for RNG. As long as you EES after Barrage, or you can shoot once to get the 100TP. But Might as well just EES. You can also run back, and sleep for 100TP more. I was able to do it once but then died to his area attack thing 2nd time.

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    I'm still at a loss of where the RDM stunners are suppose to be. I thought I was safe from the battle. DL was barely out of my sites standing with some other people waiting for my turn to Chainspell Stun. All of sudden my hp is to half with blink and stoneskin gone. I heal back up to full with the help of the whm in the party at that time with stoneskin and blink back up, then all of sudden DL is right in front of me and everyone around me doing Oblivion Smash (think that's what it is called, the one where it summons itself) and total wipe. I didn't know about the reraise gorget before. Now I have one, but still I'm confused on where to be and not get hit and die until after my turn. Do I stand there right next to DL (did anyone directly fighting DL get hurt by oblivion smash?) or run away even farther? The range of that attack seems to be quite wide also. Please help. ^^

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    Does anyone have any opinion or comments about this?

    My first inclination would be to say stand within range of casting stun and be ready to go. If the shit hits the fan. Anyone have any ideas about this?

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    It seemed to me Oblivion Smash was a Cone-of-Effect attack, and had an incredibly long range. People to the sides or behind it wasn't hit, from what I saw.

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    would it help if rngs ate bison steak or hedgehog pie + soul voice minuet 3/4? =p even my boomerang hit that thing so i doubt it has much eva

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    Due to everyone switching with daylight savings time, Dynamis is cutting it close for me to get home from work in time so I will be logging in Xarcabard before work. I'll be kinda late showing up but I will be on before the glass is traded.

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    Ok Cyrus I'll hold a spot for you.

    As for the the ranger thing. If you think you won't have a problem hitting him then use those items to get as much +attack as you can. We'll make that RNG + BRD party again and do the same thing we did last time.

    Also WARs might wanna thing about doing this instead of Spirits Within.

    Beserk + Warcry + Agressor + Mighty Stikes >> Raging Rush >> Icarus Wing >> Raging Rush.

    We'll talk about the RDM positioning before we start the run.

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