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Thread: Dynamis-Valkurm, Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 8PM EST

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    Dynamis-Valkurm, Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 8PM EST


    Active, Inactive, and Removed status

    There's been some recent confusion about how status works, so I'll take a moment to clarify what they mean and how they change.

    Active - a member who has been attending runs recently
    Inactive - a member who has missed four consecutive mandatory runs
    Removed - a member who has been missing for a long, consecutive period of time

    Active => Inactive

    Active members are marked Inactive when a member has not attended four consecutive, non-optional runs for zones they can access. Absences due to inability to enter zones because of a lack of a key item(s) do not count towards this total. A notable exception here is for members who have been with us for a while but have made no effort to get key items from zones they need to get access to these areas, even with us covering the needed zones several times.

    Absences where a member has told us in advance that they cannot make the run generally are also not counted towards this total. Absences are only excused if you are not online at the time of the run AND when they are not abused; if you are telling us that you are not going to make every run for a number of runs in a row, you're going to be marked Inactive as a result.

    In cases of holiday breaks, such as the end of the year around Christmas/New Year's, I generally will not mark people Inactive if they have told us in advance that they will be out due to a vacation, etc. However, some notice MUST be given ahead of time.

    Excused absences do not give you credit for attending runs; your recent run count will still be affected appropriately.

    Inactive => Removed

    If you have not attended a run for three or more months, you are marked Removed, taken off the memberlist, and given "Guest" status on the forums.

    You may be required to reapply to the linkshell if you want to attend runs again. This is up to the discretion of the leadership and depends on certain factors, with the most dominant being the length of the absence.

    Inactive/Removed => Active

    Inactive or Removed members are marked Active again AFTER attending a run. Your status is not changed before or during the run you are attending.

    I track all member status changes from run to run, including any notices about absences in the Administrative Notices forum for the other leaders to be able to review if there are any questions or problems.

    Izzy's Note


    Run Announcement

    On Wednesday we will be running Dynamis-Valkurm. Sign up for the run below.

    We will need to have at least 48 people sign up for this run in order to consider adding a concurrent Dynamis-Tavnazia. When signing up, indicate whether you would be willing to attend a Dynamis-Tavnazia run if it was scheduled.

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring the following:

    - a Reraise item
    - a stack of Antidotes

    We will provide Icarus Wings for use with Cirrate Christelle.

    Lotting Eligibility

    If you cannot see this link, let me know.

    Sunday's results have been added to the database.

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    Signing up! Can do Tavnazia if one happens.

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    Tavnazia if enough.

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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    Papi & I will both be there, can do either run.

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    Either is fine.

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    Oh, I have a trivial question about the statuses -- there's also a "Retired" category now, I see. It's pretty clear to me why each of the retired members are given that status, but perhaps you could clarify it in comparison to "Removed" or "Inactive" for people who don't know some of those names.

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    Valkurm please.

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    Count me in for either run.

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