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Thread: notes from pulling bubu

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    notes from pulling bubu

    Whenever i pull a zone i usually keep notes,as to what worked and what did not,so i can try and keep links to a minimum.After comparing last night's notes to other notes i have from Bubu i noticed a few things that might help us avoid future links.

    1.efts-These spawn and move all over the lower area and we usually camp to the north up the ramp.Last night's run had 6 groups clustered by the lower part of the ramp and the other 4 were spread out.For future runs,if this is the case,we could move the camp to the other ramp that is to the SE and pull the single mobs first which would give the clustered ones time to spread out.

    2.scorpions-these always seem to spawn in the following pattern: (2,3,4 are spread out more but it wont let me move them to the proper space)

    2 3 4


    1-spawns mobs north-south
    2-spawns mobs west-east
    3-not shure of spawn pattern as it always links with 2
    4-spawns mobs east-west
    5-spawns mobs south-north

    when i pull these i always pull 2>1>5>4.If 1 or 5 is pulled first it will link with 3 then link with 2 since we camp to the west.The first pull will always be a link and is unavoidable.

    3.ravens-these are located close to a hill.In past runs i have been able to pull these without a link,however last night we got them all at one time.I noticed last night that all of them were clustered to the west of the hill,in past runs they have been spread out all around the hill.The only pull i had at the start was 2 to the south.Since these spawn as they folow you one of the main group might have started to move south when i pulled and linked to the spawns.One thing we can try,if this happens again,is move on to Dhalmels(since they are close)while we wait and see if the ravens will spread out more.This way we can continue to farm and not have to wait since it will take quite a while for that many raven to spread out enough for a clean pull.
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