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Thread: DynamisBums BLM's please read

  1. Here are the guidelines we use for our linkshell. Hope it helps:

    Black Mage Basics in Dynamis

    When I originally wrote this article, we were new in Dynamis and had a lot to learn. We were working out strategies for a linkshell our size, which was a little over 30 at the time. There were other strategies out there, but they were geared for linkshells much larger than ours, some as large as 64. Our biggest problems were time isues. In Dynamis, time is everything. I really mean it when I say that seconds count. They add up real quick. Time means the difference between a win or the loss of a run. It also means the difference between how many mobs are killed which is equal to how many pieces of AF or currency drop. Pulls must be made one right after the other (providing Mp and Hp are good) without stopping in between fights. Mp management is crucial here. If the mages run out of mp then the run slows down or may even stop. Bad pulls resulting in a full alliance wiping can ruin an otherwise great run.

    The following are some general guidelines:

    1) Always keep Stoneskin and Blink up. Although we all accept this and use Stoneskin and Blink, these buffs do not last long. Before you engage a new set of mobs, cancel your old buffs and recast. Do not wait for your buffs to wear off before you recast them. This way you can be assured that your buffs will not wear off during battle. Always be aware of you buffs status. AOE can strip them off and you may not know it.

    2) AOE (Area Of Effect Spells) cast by spawns do not have a huge range. I see mages on every run that are standing right next to a mob that is casting aga spells or using AOE TP moves. One AOE move and your Stoneskin and Blink are gone. One more AOE move and you are either heavily damaged or KO'd. There is a sweet spot where you can cast your nukes and be out of range of the mobs AOE. Find that spot and use it.

    3) Sleep Duty: Red Mages are normally assigned to Sleep Duty or Crowd Control. Black Mages should always assist the Red Mages in keeping the mobs under control. RDMs have Sleepga, BLMs have Sleepga II. If a RDM cast Sleepga, then it should be followed up by a Sleepga II from a BLM about 40 seconds later, or if the mobs wake up early. Mobs will come after the last person to sleep them. If you know that you were the last person to sleep a group of mobs, move away from them to a safe place and cast Aquaveil, so that if they awake you will have enough time to sleep them again before they can get to you.

    4) Statues: When casting on Statues, make sure there is enough distance between you and the statue so that your nuke will land before it gets to you (Once it hits you it will interrupt your casting). Once your first nuke lands, you will have hate and will need to kite it. Get enough distance between you and the Statue so that you can cast another nuke before it reaches you again. If you need to kite a Statue, make sure your kiting path does not bring you close enough to anything that will aggro. There will be times where BLMs will need to solo a statue. This is the technique we use to solo statues with ease.

    5) If you see a fellow member going down, help cure them. Watch out for each other.

    6) Assisting the Tank: The assist command is /assist "Odion" Let the tank get some hate before you start casting, then use level II and level III nukes if in city zones and level4 nukes and AM II spells in the Northlnd zones. Your job is to ASSIST in bringing the mob down. These mobs go down fairly easy anyway. Overnuking causes the mob to leave the group and come after you, stopping any damage from melee. If the mob is leaving the group and coming after you, then you are not doing your job correctly. If you are using level II and III nukes and the fight continues with the hate staying on the tank, then you are doing your job correctly. You may use larger nukes at the end of the fight, but only if your higher nukes results in killing the mob. In the Northlands (Beaucedine and Xarcarbard) mobs are much more resistant to magic. You can use level 4 nukes and Ancient Magic without a lot of trouble. However the above rules still apply. If you are taking hate from the tank, use a lesser tier nuke.

    7) MP: Keeping your MP at a reasonable level is a must. It is vital for keeping the run flowing smoothly. As said before. If the mages run out of MP, the run will slow down or even stop. For Taru Black Mages I recommend not letting your mp drop below 400 unless it is a situation where you need to go all out to kill an nm or group of mobs. Other races do not have as much mp as tarus so they will need to be more careful. Also, Melee kill Dynamis mobs quickly. The alliance does not have to depend on the Black Mages to kill everything. Don't be afraid to sit back and heal your MP when you need to.

    8) Subjob: In Dynamis we require that all Black Mages sub White Mage. There are several reasons for this. A) RDM sub has a fast cast trait which means if we need to time nuke a mob, or group of mobs, the time that the nukes land may be off as much as 2-3 seconds between those that sub WHM and those that sub RDM. Also some members should not wear gear that enhances the Fast Cast trait such as Loquacious Earring, Rostrum Pumps, etc., making their timing worse. It has been argued that those with RDM sub just need to start their nukes a second or two later, but that rarely works out. There are times where BLMs need to cure themselves and others of status effects. With WHM sub you can easily cure yourself of status effects.

    9) It is a Linkshell requirement for all BLMS to carry a stack of Echo Drops and a Reraise item to all Linkshell events. Make sure that you have these items and not "Bum" them off of somebody else.

    10) Stay Alive: Some Deaths in Dynamis are unavoidable, but many are not. If you are dead, you cannot contribute to the fight. Also, the time it takes to get raised, become unweakened, and get HP/MP back, hurts the run. By using the guidlines above you should be able to avoid a lot of damage and death.

    Hope this helps


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  4. I solo staues all the time, have yet to die . ^^

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    Ok, I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon too. I read this back when I hit 75 blm and again now that Salmi has re-brought it up! Do I get a cookie for reading it twice?

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    Do I get partial credit if I am down to 9 echo drops?
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