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Thread: Dynamis-Xarcabard, Sunday, 26 August 2007, 7PM EDT

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    Dynamis-Xarcabard, Sunday, 26 August 2007, 7PM EDT


    September Runs

    Though the voting asked for an additional Xarcabard, I'm unable to fit it into our September schedule. I will try to fit it into October instead, as early in the month as possible.

    The other runs have been added to the Calendar.

    Run Announcement

    On Sunday we will be returning to Dynamis-Xarcabard. This run will be with the intention of clearing the Dynamis Lord.

    If you have a job that you are normally asked to switch to for the Dynamis Lord, please try to have that equipment easily accessible so we can make quick job transitions. We will try to have the list of necessary job changes as early as possible.

    Item Preparation

    Members are expected to bring the following, appropriate for their job:

    - a Reraise item (for the Dynamis Lord)
    - an Opo-opo Necklace (melee)

    We will supply the following:

    - a couple Venom/Poison Potions
    - 6 Sleeping Potions
    - an Icarus Wing

    Lotting Eligibility

    Members satisfying recent attendance (4/10) AND minimum runs (25+ runs):

    Aerin, Alarial, Andhalas, Arcadina, Aspiringfinch
    Caladan, Carl, Carmisse, Chaela, Chrio, Cinnabun
    Garaku, Gerrott, Gryffyn
    Halon, Helm
    Kainhighwind, Kariessa, Kiljaeden
    Laudeaubond, Liche
    Neosutra, Nerces
    Papillion, Penty
    Riloth, Robhighman, Ryanito
    Serb, Spunkymage, Sueno, Surami
    Tazmaliah, Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage, Trixter

    Members satisfying one of recent attendance (4/10) OR minimum runs (25+ runs):

    Abrasax (5/10, 7)
    Albatross (10/10, 19.5)
    Artfuldodger (2/10, 128.5)
    Caclax (2/10, 158)
    Draiman (7/10, 19)
    Hawker (10/10, 13)
    Kanaye (2/10, 96.5)
    Kesh (2/10, 69.5)
    Meikonaro (5/10, 15)
    Miraun (4/10, 7.5)
    Plusx (2/10, 41.5)
    Reaghol (8/10, 11)
    Skullkyng (5/10, 8)
    Stevoud (7/10, 18)
    Thalestris (4/10, 8)
    Zilent (5/10, 14)


    General strategy:

    Based on my own observations and feedback from other leaders and members, we're going to try a couple small things and reinforce some details about the run that should make the run in general go a lot smoother.


    I've asked Izzy to create adjusted alliances to spread around our healing a little more. While I firmly believe that mages are competent enough to heal across parties, I do also recognize that it's tough sometimes for parties that are full of melee to keep up with a single person--usually a BRD--able to Erase, etc. In parties where there isn't a WHM, we will try to have at least a BRD + RDM combination so that the BRD isn't completely reliant on Ballad to be able to muster enough MP to deal with status removal.

    This leads to...

    During the run

    Mages need to work harder

    Not the thing that you necessarily want to hear, but even I'm guilty of this myself as of late. The biggest things mages that are WHM or /WHM can help out on are making sure that Slow and Blind are removed quickly and consistently.

    Haste should be on all the melee and tanks that it's helpful for as much as possible. A Hasted melee/tank can't be slowed by Demonic Howl.

    Everyone that can use Sleepga should be doing so when faced with large pulls. The more people we have to contain whatever we're fighting, the better the chance we get through it unscathed.

    Tanks need to work harder

    Tanks have done a lot better of a job than in the past. However, the most significant complaint I receive and notice is that as a tank, you need to know, particularly with Kindred RNGs and NINs, that the positioning you use to tank may be subjecting the alliances to things like Hecatomb Wave or other AoE which can be avoided with simple movement.

    If you are tanking something using directional AoE, you shouldn't be facing with your back to the alliances.

    Melee need to work harder

    And last but not least, yes, even the melee need to work harder. This means you do actually have to pay attention not only to what we're fighting, but whether you're possibly pulling hate and adjusting to that.

    Melee need to maximize their offensive and surivial capabilities, and a lot of that can be helped by making sure you're not standing around idle and being aware of your positioning. Don't stand behind tanks only to get hit with AoE, be aware that your BRD's songs only have a certain range, etc.

    In addition, if you are /NIN, use Utsusemi. Many specials take more than one shadow, but most melee won't recast until they are down to one shadow or have already taken damage. Between Kindred spamming Condemnation and Quadrastrike and the Dynamis Lord using Oblivion Smash, that's just not enough.

    Things everyone needs to do

    - If you're in Weakness, back off. Move away from where people are fighting and rest in an area where you're not likely to get hit by something and just die again
    - If you are resting and you notice that the fight is moving to you, get up and move. You're not really going to get much sympathy if you saw something coming and just let it hit you even when you had the chance to avoid it.

    Dynamis Lord

    The last few runs, we have seen significant problems with the Dynamis Lord. Much of this has been due specifically to Bindga, but also some other problem related to early use of job abilities, unclear timing, and so on. So, easy stuff first:


    You get three minutes from when I ask the puller to begin to prepare for the Dynamis Lord. At the end of this time frame, BRDs will buff their parties, people will get last minute Cures/Hastes/whatever. Before the pull, everyone will be using Poison or Venom potions; we are providing these, so there is really no excuse to not have one.

    Job Abilities

    After the pull is made, the next two things that happen are:

    - PLD Provokes and uses Invincible right when the Dynamis Lord is at the melee area. Do not Provoke/Invincible too early or else the Dynamis Lord is just going to cast on the target and hit everyone in the area.
    - RDM/DRK uses Chainspell and begins to Stun. The PLD must have control of the Dynamis Lord before this happens. RDMs that are next in the Chainspell rotation should be close enough to take over after the first RDM is done or dies but not close enough to get hit by potential AoE.

    Both the current PLD using Invincible and RDM/DRK using Chainspell should be positioned against a cliff edge in such a way that Knockback/Gravity will not prevent them from continuing to hold hate or Stun.


    There are two ways to make this a non-issue:

    - Make everyone bring a Panacaea, or
    - Melee must observe the normal starting position and keep away from the tank UNTIL the Dynamis Lord is under control. Generally, the melee should be further north, but in recent months have been able to creep much, much closer to the tank to start. As a result, Bindga aimed at the tank is able to hit and stop the melee completely and we lose.

    I will make sure it is clear where everyone needs to be positioned before we start the Dynamis Lord.

    If there are any questions on strategy, or if people are unsure what's going on in general, ASK QUESTIONS! Do it here or ask before the run, so that when it comes time to do something like the Dynamis Lord, you're confident that you know what you're doing.
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  2. im curious teo, what kind of job do you have? "must work harder" sound like a project manager =p

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    He's Engineer of global operations for the entire world.

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    Next post: Work smarter, not harder.

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    In my line of work, failure is punishable by death. Unfortunately, the game doesn't quite work that way (plus the linkshell would be pretty empty, myself included), so I just have really high standards instead to make up for it.

    "Smarter" = "harder" by default. Whatever it takes, everyone has to put in more effort if we want to easily breeze through this stuff again. We've gotten too lazy/confident/etc and it's showing in the little things that are getting us.

    And project managers suck, especially when you get stuck with something you didn't want to do in the first place but can't argue because it's "other duties as assigned."

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    I might be able to help the ppl sleeping mobs.I have been working with a friend to try and make a near invinciable mob holder for his einherjar ls.The folowing is what i have got so far feel free to make corrections/give advice as i am not a full time RDM and might have overlooked something.

    1)dmg reduction: earth staff(-20%) Cheviot cape(-5%(-10% nightime)) Phalanx(-20% with no gear or merits from what i have herd(i have not tested this yet)) This should put a RDM at -45% to -50% dmg taken.To get the magic acc from the dark staff back you can use a anrin obi.

    Tav taco(+25% def) and pro4(+55def)should get you around 400 def which is what a pld usually has.

    Useing all of this and having a high enfeebling skill and aquaviel on should help to get sleepga off even if the RDM gets hit.

    2)pairing a RDM with a PLD:after the intial sleepga a RDM can get behind the PLD in their pty and the PLD can use cover when the mobs first wake up since this is where we usually luse the RDM due to many mobs waking at the same time.We usually have 2 PLD in a pty with a RDM so the RDM can alternate between the 2 PLD since cover has 3 min recast timer(this also lets our PLD have fun with their Valor Surcoats).

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    The fact of the matter is, sleep needs to be casted, and it's not getting casted. No amount of gear or random food is going to make red mages actually hop their asses up on the front line where they should be, and start sleeping stuff. You know why I'm dead 90% of the time? Because I'm on the front line sleeping the pulls and nuking the statues, I should only be casting sleepga II over ALREADY SLEPT MOBS. Not when the mobs are popped because no one else is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teorem View Post
    In parties where there isn't a WHM, we will try to have at least a BRD + RDM combination so that the BRD isn't completely reliant on Ballad to be able to muster enough MP to deal with status removal.
    Would you object to me going down on you for this?


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    Hmm how about having WHM gettin ready to divine veil erase in party? just parties with melee not ranger.. and who gonna provide panaceas.. those are pretty rare in AH <_<

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    I think you underestimate both how often Demonic Howl is used, and how much mp goes into 5xHaste instead of cures. Parties where there are 2 or 3 tanks or melee to haste are fine.

    Speaking for WHM: Blindna has a long cast and recast time. I'd also rather keep Divine Veil around for paralyze/bind/poison/petrify problems rather than blind or slow, as both are status effects which demons inflict constantly.

    Speaking for RDM: You're asking too much to include Haste in alongside Sleep(ga), Cures, Silence, and other enfeebles. Let's work on sleeps and enfeebles before throwing in Haste cycles as well.

    Speaking for BLM: BLM isn't only about nukes. Every BLM should learn the power of timely Stuns and Sleepga II (and Bio II on monks).
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