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Thread: Dynamis-Tavnazia, Sunday, 15 July 2007, 6PM EDT

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    Dynamis-Tavnazia, Sunday, 15 July 2007, 6PM EDT

    Preliminary Alliances

    Alliances were made in the order you signed up. As always, if you are not at the markings at the start time, you will be replaced with someone that is there and ready to go. Anyone sitting out, ready to go at the markings will receive 100% credit.

    1st Run
    1:1 Kanaye WHM Zumi PLD Neosutra PLD Teorem WHM Alarial RDM Sueno NIN
    1:2 Kariessa BLM Geminorum BLM Laudeaubond BLM Caladan SMN Chaela BRD Mayven RDM
    1:3 Carl SAM Mystywysty MNK Papillion MNK Riloth THF Fuuten BRD Garaku DRK

    2nd Run
    2:1 Nerces PLD Helm PLD Yunalescita WHM Tazmaliah RDM Kainhighwind WAR Eander WHM
    2:2 Izzy BLM Carmisse BLM Tickles RDM Liche BLM Miniscrilla BLM Ryanito BRD
    2:3 Tornrage RNG Andhalas MNK Aspiringfinch RNG Brynn BRD Stevoud RNG Chrio THF



    Please read the following announcement for recent changes:

    Run Announcement

    On Sunday we will be running two consecutive Dynamis-Tavnazias. Please note that the starting time of the runs will be ONE HOUR earlier than normal Sunday runs to allow those in the second run to enter Dynamis on-time on Wednesday.

    The runs must start on time. Be in Tavnazia in advance of the run or you will be replaced.

    First run begins: 3:00PM PDT / 6:00PM EDT
    Second run begins: 4:30PM PDT / 7:30PM EDT (tentative, second run begins when the first ends)

    Sign up below, indicating which run you prefer, and whether you'd be able to attend the other run just in case we need to switch people around. Preliminary alliances will be created from the signup. Keep in mind that due to the limitations of the zone, we may not be able to get everyone that signs up or observe the order that they signed up in.

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring, in addition to the medicines you are expected to bring for your job:

    - a Reraise item for use during the entire run. Experience is cheap, buy a cheap Reraise Earring if you have to.
    - a stack of Poison/Venom potions

    Lotting Eligibility

    [AF -1 drops] Members satisfying recent attendance (4/10):

    Aerin, Alarial, Albatross, Andhalas, Araut, Arcadina, Aspiringfinch
    Caclax, Caladan, Carl, Carmisse, Chaela, Cybaster
    Eander, Elensar, Eoa
    Garaku, Geminorum, Gerrott, Gryffyn
    Halon, Helm
    Kainhighwind, Kanaye, Kariessa, Kiljaeden
    Laudeaubond, Liche
    Marious, Mayven, Meikonaro, Miniscrilla, Mithral, Mystywysty
    Neosutra, Nerces
    Ocyris, Orael
    Papillion, Penty, Plusx
    Riloth, Robhighman, Ryanito
    Serb, Skullkyng, Spunkymage, Stevoud, Sueno, Surami
    Tazmaliah, Teorem, Thalestris, Tickles, Tornrage, Trixter
    Zilent, Zumi

    [AF/Hydra Drops] Members satisfying recent attendance (4/10) AND minimum runs (25+ runs):

    Aerin, Andhalas, Arcadina, Aspiringfinch
    Caclax, Carl, Carmisse, Chaela, Cybaster
    Eander, Elensar, Eoa
    Garaku, Geminorum, Gryffyn
    Halon, Helm
    Kainhighwind, Kanaye, Kariessa, Kiljaeden
    Laudeaubond, Liche
    Mayven, Miniscrilla, Mystywysty
    Neosutra, Nerces
    Papillion, Penty, Plusx
    Riloth, Ryanito
    Serb, Spunkymage, Sueno, Surami
    Tazmaliah, Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage, Trixter

    [AF/Hydra Drops] Members satisfying one of recent attendance (4/10) OR minimum runs (25+ runs):

    Alarial (7/10, 21)
    Albatross (9/10, 9)
    Araut (4/10, 11)
    Artfuldodger (3/10, 125.5)
    Bovein (1/10, 48.5)
    Caladan (10/10, 20)
    Chrio (3/10, 67)
    Draiman (6/10, 11)
    Gerrott (7/10, 23.5)
    Juma (2/10, 149)
    Marious (4/10, 3.5)
    Meikonaro (9/10, 9)
    Mithral (4/10, 4)
    Orael (4/10, 14)
    Quince (5/10, 13)
    Robhighman (6/10, 16)
    Sergee (2/10, 59.5)
    Skullkyng (4/10, 3)
    Stevoud (9/10, 9)
    Thalestris (4/10, 4)
    Zilent (8/10, 8)


    Both runs will be farming runs.
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  2. 1st Run if possible, can move to 2nd if needed though.

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    Prefer first run, but can do either.


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    Brooklyn, NY
    Izzy - 2nd
    Carmisse -2nd

    I have the pulls figured out to not link now for the group I take. We shoulda gotten the extention last time but I died when i got back to camp with the mobs, so the eye that popped the extention was a bit too far behind to link the slept stuff so it ran back Q_Q.

    Sorry for that.

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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    me and gara will be there ^^b doesnt matter which run

  9. 1st run please.

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    2nd, if I'm feeling up to it, been feeling crappy lately ; ;

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