Q: I don't belong to your linkshell. Can I attend some of your runs?

A: Generally, no.

However, DynamisBums has enjoyed a good relationship with other Phoenix Dynamis linkshells where we allow an exchange of members to attend our runs for the sole purpose of obtaining the key item from the zone. These attendees are not allowed to lot on any drops in the zone, and we expect that you will follow our basic rules and conduct yourself in positive, contributing manner.

If you belong to a linkshell that participates in the Calendar and want to attend one of our runs for this purpose, please ask your linkshell leader to contact one of DynamisBums' leadership to coordinate your ability to attend in advance. If you don't belong to a linkshell and want to experience Dynamis, consider applying to one of the many that exist on the server.

Q: Can you help me get my attestation and/or fragment for my relic weapon? I am willing to pay!

A: No. We believe that these items should be earned through your Dynamis linkshell.