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Thread: Dynamis-San d'Oria, Sunday, 13 May 2007, 7PM EDT

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    Dynamis-San d'Oria, Sunday, 13 May 2007, 7PM EDT


    Pre-run Job Changes

    We make alliances from scratch prior to the start of every run, which is taxing and requires a significant amount of time due to members' staggered arrivals. While we try to accomodate the jobs that members have chosen as they arrive, it is often necessary to ask for people to change jobs to meet very basic alliance requirements.

    In the event this occurs, we are asking that members not argue when asked to change jobs. We will always ask for volunteers first, but if we are not able to get people to willingly change jobs, we will have to choose members to do so. Volunteers will be picked first from the list of members who have their main job preference set to the job we need, and second by /random between members who have the job leveled.

    Please understand that we are not deliberately trying to inconvenience you if you are asked to change jobs. We are simply trying to satisfy the fundamental needs of the alliances for the runs, and that process goes by much smoother when members are cooperative.

    For the Dynamis Lord, job changes are not optional. If you are asked regularly to bring a particular job to a Dynamis Lord fight, please prepare that equipment beforehand so it is easily accessible to you.

    I have received a number of complaints regarding uncooperative members who were unwilling to change jobs for a fight that we absolutely must bring our best for. I do not hesitate to point out how many times we have barely lost where that kind of unwillingness could have easily been the difference. Please consider the frequency with which we can do these runs along with the time and effort that forty other people are putting in to make Dynamis Lord attempts successful.

    Run Announcement

    On Sunday we will be running Dynamis-San d'Oria. The goal for this run is a full clear of the zone. Depending on the turnout, we may consider double targetting.

    If you have THF70+, please bring THF. You may be asked to change jobs depending on how we are able to balance the alliances.

    For those who it applies to, Happy Mother's Day! For all the rest, don't forget to call your mom. Just not during Dynamis, please.

    Item Preparation

    No special medicines outside what of you are normally expected to bring for your job are required for this zone.

    Lotting Eligibility

    No special lotting rules outside of active membership are enforced in this zone.


    We will be trying out a different boss pull than we have normally used in the past. This is described in the Boss Strategy section at:
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    I'll be there! Do I need to sign up for any non CoP zone or just show up? I'm gonna go ahead and guess just show up, being there are no responces here. Anyway, I'll see ya there.

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    Hi guys,

    I won't be able to make this run, because the new "Wings of the Goddess" expansion trailer has given me a heart attack. Well, actually, I have another obligation tomorrow night, but that trailer is wicked cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robhighman View Post
    I'll be there! Do I need to sign up for any non CoP zone or just show up? I'm gonna go ahead and guess just show up, being there are no responces here. Anyway, I'll see ya there.
    Nope, you never have to sign up for anything except a CoP run! Just show up!

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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    Well Tomorrow is my day O.o but I have no clue what my kids have planned so.... If i don't show Don't be to surprized.

  6. i was asked to cover someone's shift at work tomorrow, so gonna be there til sometime between 8-9 est. there may be a small chance that i make it on time due to the closing manager showing up early, but expect me to be late to this run

  7. I don't think I will be able to make it. Taking my mom out. Goodluck guys.

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    Im taking the mother out to dinner tonight for mothers day, so i will probobly be around an hour late ^^;. I'll be there asap though. Gl with start of run.

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    I'm going to let anyone come as whatever job they want, as long as the basics are filled, so NIN's and SMN's, come one come all!

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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    Ok, perhaps I made it too carte blanche:

    We expect that between various options, members are going to choose the best for their role in Dynamis.

    This means that if you are expected to fill the role of a damage dealer and have, for example, a choice between an average WAR and an average BST, you will be bringing your WAR to Dynamis. Similarly, between a WHM and a SMN, you should be bringing WHM if you need to be in a support role.

    While it is important to satisfy basic alliance requirements so as not to send the alliance planners in a nervous breakdown, members must also consider that bringing their best job also causes us to move through every zone faster, which results in more AF and currency dropping, which in turn results in a faster pace and a generally more exciting run*.

    Of all people, I do understand that some members are routinely expected to bring the same job for every run and that sometimes you want to bring something different to mix it up and lessen the tedium. As long as the change is at least lateral between roles and not putting us at a disadvantage (changing for the sole excuse that you are feeling lazy that day and do not really wish to contribute is hardly something one should consider in activities such as these), that's fine. But if there is an expressed need for a certain job that you could fill, and it is close to the start of the run, members' cooperation is GREATLY appreciated so that we can try to start on-time.

    So to those who bring their best and accomodate our last-minute job changes and hardly ever complain about it, thank you. That kind of considerateness makes our jobs a lot easier on Dynamis days.

    And though he has different ways of saying it, I know Izzy appreciates it too.

    *Your excitement during Dynamis may vary.
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