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Thread: Updated Strategies

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    Dynamis-Jeuno and Dynamis-Qufim maps have been updated with corrections from recent runs.

    I have also updated the Dynamis-Buburimu maps to include correct Nightmare groupings (will add other dragons to the primary map after next Buburimu run so I can verify the details). In addition, a map and details about successfully pulling (without linking) and fighting Nightmare Uragnites have been added.

    Strategy for Dynamis-Valkrum has been added:

    To do:

    - Verify second set of Goblin statues leading to Dragontrap
    - Need exact placement of Hippogryph/Sabotenders in "secret beach" near Dragontrap
    - Need to find post-boss Nightmare Sabotender position (28)
    - Need to find post-boss Nightmare Sheep positions (260, 263, 266)
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