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Thread: Dynamis-Tavnazia, Sunday, 28 January 2007, 7PM EST

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    Dynamis-Tavnazia, Sunday, 28 January 2007, 7PM EST

    Since no one said that starting an hour earlier would be a problem, we will hold the first run an hour earlier than normal.

    Tavnazia 1: 6PM EST / 3PM PST
    Tavnazia 2: IMMEDIATELY after Tavnazia 1 ends (tentatively: 730-8PM EST / 430 -5PM PST)

    Please pass this along!



    If you have not seen it already, a member drilldown is available by clicking on your username in the memberlist. This page lists the following:

    - General member information and status
    - ALL regular and free-lot AF received (with runs/dates, if known)
    - Your attendance for the last 15 runs
    - Items you have received, as of 1 January 2007
    - Relic progress (this section *is* now complete)

    If you see anything missing, let me know. In particular, there seems to be some people who had AF upgraded but it is not recorded in the database.

    Relic Upgraders

    To be honest, I'm a bit tired of the civil pushing and prodding for people to update their currency information. I mean, you know you have to do it regularly, and I've already gotten to the "or else" part a few times now. So, that really only leaves calling people out by name since I don't think I'll get your attention otherwise.



    You will not be receiving currency from any split from any zone until you update this information. If this information is not updated in two weeks, I drop you from the currency list and you will be asked to return your purchased currency.

    It's really not hard to sit and add up how much you've saved up so far and let me know about it once a month. Really.

    Run Announcement

    On Sunday, we will be hosting a dual-run in Dynamis-Tavnazia. Both runs will be farming (not for clearing Diabolos). The runs will be held right after each other, with the second starting immediately after the first lets out.

    The first run is scheduled to begin at 7PM EST / 4PM PST.
    The second run is tenatively scheduled to begin at 9PM EST / 6PM PST.

    Because this can potentially cause Wednesday's run to start late, I am considering adjusting the start time for the first run to begin one hour earlier (6PM EST / 3PM PST). The second run will still start immediately after the first one ends, so this could start 1-1.5 hours than the tentative time as well if we start early.

    Please sign up for the run, indicating your run preference (first, second, or either) and whether you would be able to make the first run if it was held an hour earlier than normal. If you sign up to a particular run, YOU MUST BE ON TIME. The alliance builders will replace you with someone standing by if you are not at the Heiroglyphics when it is time to start. WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.

    Do not wait until Sunday to sign up! We will be posting alliances as completely as possible on Saturday or early Sunday morning to give everyone an idea of what job(s) they may need to bring.

    We will try to accommodate as many people as possible. Keep in mind that with an effective 36-member limit, we may not be able to get everyone that signs up. With the basic job requirements required for this zone, we may not be able to get everyone in the order that they signed up in.

    Item Preparation

    All members are expected to bring:
    - A Reraise item (you will be using this for the entire run)
    - A stack of Echo Drops (if you cast magic or use ninjutsu)
    - A stack of Eye Drops (melee)
    - A stack of Venom/Poison potions

    Lotting Eligibility

    The following members meet 4/10 and are eligible for lotting AF -1:

    Aerin, Andhalas, Arcadina, Ariamo, Artfuldodger, Aspiringfinch
    Bakerice, Being, Bovein
    Caclax, Carl, Carmisse, Celly, Chrio, Civet, Cybaster, Cyrus
    Elensar, Elfface
    Garaku, Garrion, Geminorum
    Ixoony, Izzy
    Jayiiq, Juma
    Kainhighwind, Kariessa, Kiljaeden, Kintix, Krish
    Ladron, Lanner, Laudeaubond, Liche, Lycender
    Mayven, Mystywysty
    Papillion, Penty, Plusx
    Riloth, Ryanito
    Scytale, Spunkymage, Sueno
    Tazmaliah, Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage
    Yinghong, Yunalescita

    The following meet 4/10 AND 25-runs and are eligible to lot Hydra armor and AF:

    Aerin, Andhalas, Arcadina, Ariamo, Artfuldodger
    Bakerice, Being, Bovein
    Caclax, Carmisse, Celly, Chrio, Civet, Cybaster, Cyrus
    Elensar, Elfface
    Garaku, Garrion, Geminorum
    Ixoony, Izzy
    Jayiiq, Juma
    Kainhighwind, Kariessa, Kiljaeden, Kintix, Krish
    Lanner, Laudeaubond, Liche, Lycender
    Papillion, Penty
    Riloth, Ryanito
    Scytale, Spunkymage, Sueno
    Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage
    Yinghong, Yunalescita

    The following meet only one of 4/10 or 25-runs:

    Aspiringfinch (4/10, 21)
    Carl (8/10, 10)
    General (3/10, 190.5)
    Ladron (4/10, 7)
    Lefiel (1/10, 54)
    Mayven (8/10, 8)
    Mystywysty (6/10, 7)
    Plusx (5/10, 10)
    Tazmaliah (4/10, 16.5)
    Zymurgy (3/10, 207.5)


    Both runs will aim to get the time extensions on the second and third floors. We will emphasize farming on the third floor, for possible Hydra armor and Xarcabard AF.
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    Izzy - 2nd run.
    Carmisse - 2nd run.

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

  3. 2nd

    I will start kissing my wife's ass now, not missing TAV

  4. 2nd run please

  5. Change of plans, can't make either run.
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    First can make it at 3 pm, unless something unusual comes up.

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    First run please. Though I can make either one if needed.
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    First or second run, whichever you need me for.
    PLD/BRD/NIN/SMN/MNK/THF. 100 Cloth.

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    myself and gara will be there doesnt matter which run we're on

  10. Either, but earlier is better, so I guess first.
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