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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucadine Sunday Jan. 7, 7 PM EST

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    Dynamis-Beaucadine Sunday Jan. 7, 7 PM EST

    This Sunday we will be doing Dynamis-Beaucadine Glacier. We will be focusing on getting attestations for people who are close to their 4th stage.

    As always bring plenty of Echo Drops to counter the Vanguard Crows.


    Teorem's Edit (Lotting eligibility stuff):

    Members satisfying recent attendance (4/10) AND minimum runs (25+ runs):

    Aerin, Andhalas, Arcadina, Ariamo, Artfuldodger
    Being, Benien, Bovein
    Carmisse, Celly, Chrio, Civet, Cyrus
    Elensar, Elfface
    Garaku, Garrion, Geminorum
    Ixoony, Izzy
    Jayiiq, Juma
    Kainhighwind, Kariessa, Kiljaeden, Kintix, Krish
    Lanner, Liche, Lycender
    Papillion, Penty
    Riloth, Ryanito
    Spunkymage, Sueno
    Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage
    Yinghong, Yunalescita
    Zumi, Zymurgy

    Members satisfying one of recent attendance (4/10) OR minimum runs (25+ runs):
    Bohgo (6/10, 11)
    Caclax (1/10, 125.5)
    Carl (5/10, 5)
    Chaela (7/10, 19)
    General (2/10, 188)
    Halon (2/10, 163.5)
    Immortaldonut (3/10, 39.5)
    Phalen (3/10, 152)
    Scytale (2/10, 80.5)
    Surami (1/10, 35.5)
    Tazmaliah (4/10, 13.5)
    Tylas (6/10, 13)
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  2. / Ass team please :O!

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    cyrus has solar flaaaares his sig wins

  4. I'd love to attend but I don't have access yet. I still require Bastok.

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    We have Bastok scheduled again for Jan the 31st. I know thats kind of a long ways away, just be sure to make it! orz

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    It's too late now, but in general, if you need a zone and there is another linkshell doing that zone, if you have permission from that LS, you're more than welcome to attend the run with them for the sake of clearing the zone. We don't do city runs often enough to get people through them all, so if you find the opportunity to get a zone cleared, that's fine.
    Fatman, a leader, a friend, a great person. Rest in peace buddy. I'll miss all the good times we had together.

  7. celly + bake be there~~!!!

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    i'll volunteer for the assassin team.

    ... and i always hated the lens flare filter in photoshop.

  9. not sure if I'll make it. Been my luck lately all I've been around to make is Wednesdays...I'll beg some and see if I make it.

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    Since I just started Dynamis on Wednesday, it'll be a cuople weeks before I clear the other three cities. But I'm looking forward to hitting Beaudecine sometime!

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