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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucedine, Sunday, 10 December 2006, 7PM EST

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    Dynamis-Beaucedine, Sunday, 10 December 2006, 7PM EST


    Priorities will be announced on Wednesday. They will go into effect after they are announced.

    Distribution for 100-pieces from currency recycling has been posted:

    Attendance lately has been dismally low. While I realize that this is the time that everyone is busy with exams or preparation for the upcoming holidays, the low turnout is dramatically affecting our run performance.

    If you are online during a run, you should be at Dynamis!

    Run Announcement

    We are planning for Dynamis-Beaucedine on Sunday. This will be a normal farming run.

    We are looking at running through attestation NMs on an early Dynamis-Beaucedine in January.

    Item Preparation

    No special medicines outside of what you would normally use in Dynamis are required here.

    Lotting Eligibilty

    The following active members meet both 4/10 and 25-runs:

    Aerin, Andhalas, Arcadina, Ariamo
    Being, Bohgo, Bovein
    Caclax, Carmisse, Chrio, Civet, Cyrus
    Deon, Descendent
    Elensar, Elfface
    Garaku, Geminorum, General
    Immortaldonut, Ixoony, Izzy
    Jayiiq, Juma
    Kainhighwind, Kariessa, Kiljaeden, Kintix
    Lanner, Liche, Lycender
    Papillion, Penty, Phalen
    Riloth, Ryanito
    Sergee, Spunkymage, Sueno
    Teorem, Tickles, Tornrage
    Yinghong, Yunalescita
    Zumi, Zymurgy

    The following active members meet only one of 4/10 or 25-runs:

    Barji (2/10, 105.5)
    Benien (1/10, 77.0)
    Halon (2/10, 161.5)
    Tazmaliah (4/10, 10.5)
    Tylas (8/10, 10.0)


    We are going to try to move in a simliar route as we took last time, depending on the time and alliance setups we have available.
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    Here is the deal with me I have a new job thats monday night through saturday night 11 pm to 7 am. So I am really tried most of the time. Most wednesday runs I probably won't be able to make since I have to sleep. This job is mail loading job leaves my really sore, hurts my swells up my wrists too which means I can't be playing video games. However the job is only temp i believe so I can will probably be back to playing more when my job ends at the start of the new year. Unless they want to keep me but I don't know if I would accept anything longer then december, I just have no energy to do anything else.

    On days which I work I can't really play FFXI for more then an hour if that at all. Just don't feel up to it and I need to rest for the next day of work.

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    I'll be there for the start of the run to make sure that the new members who show up get pearls. I might stay for the whole run depending on how my back feels tomorrow.

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    not sure if i could make it to the run this whole week... it's final week X_x but lets see

    Job pref: Melee>PLD/THF> RDM

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    i'd like to have an amazing turnout tonight since our last 3 runs had less than 35 people Q_Q

    show up, get shinyz, be happy, everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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