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    Attention!!! Updated strategies located here.

    General Strategy:

    1. At start point puller will pull Time Extension statue near trail markings then mobs near and on staris leading up.
    2. After thes mobs are cleared all alliances will proceed to the top of the steps with BLM alliance at top and melee alliances on steps near the top. Large open area will then be cleared.

    3. Path will then be followed left (Southwest) at the top of the steps clearing all mobs out all the way around to the top of the steps leading to the Auction house. Auction house will not be pulled at this time.

    4. At this point move East to the front of the Grand Duke's Palace clearing all mobs in front of the palace.

    5. Proceed to clear out the palace, camping in front of it and pulling statues one at a time. Puller will clear palace one side at a time and then the upstairs area until all mobs inside the palace are dead.

    6. At this point move to the back archway of the palace and clear out the remaining mobs behind the palace except for the Goblin Statue that does not move at the entrance to the Duke's Chambers.

    7. It is important that everyone be out of the palace and in the area where Maat resides before the Goblin Statue is killed because it will cause the mobs to respwawn inside the palace and create a potentially very large link if anyone is inside when the Statue dies.

    8. After the mobs respawn inside the palace the puller will once again clear the inside of the palace same as before.

    Steps 9-17 will be followed as time permits (as Boss is now up at the zone to Upper Jeuno)

    9. Once the palace area is clear everyone will proceed to the 4 way intersection in front of the palace and head east clearing mobs to the moghouse area.

    10. From the moghouse area, clear out the entire fountain area camping at the trail markings while the puller brings mobs from the area around the fountain.

    11. Once the fountain area is clear, head past the fountain up the north steps then head east back towards the mog houses. There will be Goblin Statue spawns on the steps in front of the mog houses. It is important that everyone be present before the statues are killed because they will cause the fountain area to respawn and create a very large link if anyone is in the fountain area when it re-spawns. These statues can be killed easily with a coordinated GA 3 attack from a few Black Mages

    12. Repeat step 10.

    13. Once the fountain area is clear, head past the fountain up the north steps and establish camp at the area just West of the top of the steps.

    14. Clear all mobs in front of the Auction house pulling them up the steps to the main camp.

    15. Everyone except puller will then head into the palace and camp in front of the steps leading to the second floor.

    16. Puller will pull the trap statue located down the small set of stairs just south of the Auction house. It is important that everyone be at the palace and this replica is not killed until it is near the palace as it will respawn the Auction house area including mobs at the top of the steps in front of the Auction house.

    17. After these mobs are killed puller will pull mobs from the Auction house area taking care not to cause a very large link which is common here when pulling.

    18. Camp will be established at the Auction House. Suicide pull boss from zone to Upper Jeuno having suicider die near mog house.

    19. After the boss is dead and everyone is ready puller can begin pulling mobs to the Auction House for farming until time expires.

    Supplies Needed:
    Echo Drops for mages
    2 Poison Potions

    Starting MOB MAP

    Repops MAP (Before Boss Pull)

    Repops MAP (After Boss Pull)

    Above 3 maps created by and edited by Fatman to include mob names and numbers.

    1 Goblin Replica WAR MNK
    2 Goblin Replica RDM BRD
    3 Goblin Replica
    4 Goblin Replica PLD DRK Wyrmwix Snakespecs (DRG)
    5 Goblin Replica THF NIN
    6 Goblin Replica
    7 Goblin Replica BRD
    8 Goblin Replica
    9 Goblin Replica MNK BST
    10 Goblin Replica WAR WHM Hermitrix Toothrot (BLM) SMN
    11 Goblin Replica RDM SAM
    12 Goblin Replica
    13 Goblin Replica MNK MNK
    14 Goblin Replica NIN
    15 Goblin Replica RDM BST
    16 Goblin Replica WHM
    17 Goblin Replica PLD DRK
    18 Goblin Replica BLM RNG RNG RNG RNG Morgmox Moldnoggin (SMN)
    19 Goblin Replica THF DRG
    20 Goblin Replica WAR BRD
    21 Goblin Replica
    22 Goblin Replica Humnox Drumbelly(BRD) SMN
    23 Goblin Replica WAR WHM
    24 Goblin Replica Buffrix Eargone(PLD) DRK
    25 Goblin Replica THF BST
    25b Goblin Replica
    26 Goblin Replica SAM
    27 Goblin Replica NIN
    28 Goblin Replica BST
    29 Goblin Replica Sparkspox Sweatbrow(WAR) MNK WHM BLM RDM THF
    30 Goblin Replica BRD
    31 Goblin Replica BRD
    32 Goblin Replica WAR THF
    33 Goblin Replica BLM
    34 Goblin Replica PLD DRK
    35 Goblin Replica SMN SMN SMN
    36 Goblin Replica Elixmix Hooknose(RDM)
    37 Goblin Replica
    38 Goblin Replica DRG
    39 Goblin Replica SAM DRG
    40 Goblin Replica NIN
    41 Goblin Replica WHM RDM Bandrix Rockjaw(THF) PLD DRK BRD
    42 Goblin Replica BST
    43 Goblin Replica BST
    44 Goblin Replica SAM
    45 Goblin Replica RNG RNG Lurklox Dhalmelneck(RNG)
    46 Goblin Replica WAR
    47 Goblin Replica MNK
    48 Goblin Replica PLD
    49 Goblin Replica DRG
    50 Goblin Replica SMN
    51 Goblin Replica BLM
    52 Goblin Replica BLM
    53 Goblin Replica WHM BLM
    54 Goblin Replica
    55 Goblin Replica
    56 Goblin Replica NIN
    57 Goblin Replica DRG DRG
    58 Goblin Replica RDM
    59 Goblin Replica PLD
    60 Goblin Replica Ticktox Beadyeyes(DRK) BRD SAM
    61 Goblin Replica WAR WHM THF
    62 Goblin Statue
    63 Goblin Replica DRK RNG
    64 Goblin Replica SAM NIN
    65 Goblin Replica DRG
    66 Goblin Replica BST
    67 Goblin Replica WHM Cloktix Longnail(DRK) NIN
    68 Goblin Replica BLM
    69 Goblin Replica THF Tufflix Loglimbs(PLD) DRG
    70 Goblin Replica SMN
    71 Goblin Replica MNK BLM
    72 Goblin Replica WAR WHM
    72b Goblin Replica Gabblox Magpietongue(RDM) RNG SMN
    73 Goblin Replica MNK RDM
    74 Goblin Replica Trailblix Goatmug(BST) NIN NIN
    75 Goblin Statue
    76 Goblin Replica DRK
    77 Goblin Replica RNG
    78 Goblin Replica PLD
    79 Goblin Replica NIN
    80 Goblin Replica BRD
    81 Goblin Replica WHM
    82 Goblin Replica WAR
    83 Goblin Replica SAM
    84 No Replica found???
    85 No Replica found???
    86 Goblin Replica BLM BLM BLM THF Karashix Swollenskull(SAM)
    87 Goblin Replica PLD DRK Rutrix Hamgams(BST) BRD RNG
    88 Goblin Replica SAM Snypestix Eaglebeak(NIN) DRG SMN
    89 Goblin Replica RDM
    90 Goblin Replica
    91 Goblin Replica RDM
    92 Goblin Replica SAM
    93 Goblin Replica WAR
    94 Goblin Replica MNK
    95 Goblin Replica Mortilox Wartpaws(SMN) SMN SMN
    96 Goblin Replica DRG
    97 Goblin Replica BLM
    98 Goblin Replica
    99 Goblin Statue
    100 Goblin Replica
    (Missing from original map) - Goblin Replica RDM PLD
    (Missing from original map) - Goblin Replica BLM RNG
    101 Goblin Replica Smeltix Thickhide(WAR) WHM BST
    102 Goblin Replica Wasabix Callusdigit(SAM) RDM SMN
    103??? Goblin Replica DRK
    104 Goblin Replica Jabkix Pigeonpecs(MNK) BLM DRG
    105 Goblin Replica PLD
    106 Goblin Replica THF BRD
    107 Goblin Replica THF BRD
    108 Goblin Replica
    109 Goblin Replica
    110 Goblin Replica SAM
    111 Goblin Replica MNK WHM BST SAM
    112 Goblin Replica THF PLD NIN DRG
    113 Goblin Replica WAR DRK BST BRD
    114 Goblin Replica BLM RDM RNG SMN
    115 Goblin Replica
    116 Goblin Replica
    117 Goblin Replica WAR Kikklix Longlegs(???) WHM BLM RDM THF
    118 Goblin Golem
    119 Goblin Replica WHM DRK
    120 Goblin Replica RDM DRG
    121 Goblin Replica WHM DRK
    122 Goblin Replica RDM SMN
    123 Goblin Replica BST SAM
    124 Goblin Replica BLM BST
    125 Goblin Replica MNK BST
    126-127 Goblin Replica RNG RNG Slystix Megapeepers(NIN???) NIN NIN NIN
    128-129 Goblin Replica PLD Tymexox Ninefingers(DRK) BST BRD RNG
    130 Goblin Replica MNK THF SMN
    131 Goblin Replica BST SAM
    132 Goblin Replica WAR BLM DRG
    133 Goblin Replica Distilix Stickytoes(???) RDM THF PLD BRD NIN
    134 Goblin Replica WAR Bootrix Jaggedelbow(MNK) BLM DRK RNG SMN
    135 Goblin Replica Anvilix Sootwrists(WAR) THF BRD SAM SAM DRG
    136 Goblin Replica WAR MNK WHM BLM RDM Mobpix Mucousmouth(THF)
    137 Goblin Replica BST
    138 Goblin Replica DRG
    139 Goblin Replica SMN
    140 Goblin Replica MNK THF
    141-142 Goblin Replica WAR SAM
    143 Goblin Replica RDM BRD
    144 Goblin Replica WHM BLM
    145 Goblin Replica Scruffix Shaggychest(PLD) DRK RNG NIN
    146 Goblin Replica PLD PLD PLD BRD
    147-148 Goblin Replica RDM PLD DRK Blazox Boneybod(BST) BRD NIN
    149-150 Goblin Replica WAR MNK MNK WHM Eremix Snottynostril(BLM) RNG
    151 Goblin Replica DRG SMN
    152 No Replica found???
    153 No Replica found???
    154 Goblin Replica WHM BLM Jabbrox Grannyguise(RDM) BRD NIN
    155 Goblin Replica WAR MNK THF Prowlox Barrelbelly(RNG) SAM


    Common Goblin Mobs
    Vanguard Alchemist, White Mage
    Vanguard Ambusher , Ranger
    Vanguard Armorer , Paladin
    Vanguard Dragontamer, Dragoon
    Vanguard Enchanter, Red Mage
    Vanguard Hitman, Ninja
    Vanguard Maestro, Bard
    Vanguard Necromancer, Summoner
    Vanguard Pathfinder, Beastmaster
    Vanguard Pitfighter, Monk
    Vanguard Ronin, Samurai
    Vanguard Shaman, Black Mage
    Vanguard Smithy, Warrior
    Vanguard Tinkerer, Dark Knight
    Vanguard Welldigger, Thief

    Goblin Replica
    Goblin Statue, White Mage

    Goblin Pets
    Vanguard's Avatar, Summoner Pet
    Vanguard's Slime, Beastmaster's Pet
    Vanguard's Wyvern, Dragoon's Pet

    Goblin Named NMs
    Anvlix Sootwrists, Warrior
    Bandrix Rockjaw, Thief
    Blazox Boneybod, Beastmaster
    Bootrix Jaggedelbow, Monk
    Buffrix Eargone, Paladin
    Cloktix Longnail, Dark Knight
    Distilix Stickytoes, ???
    Elixmix Hooknose, Red Mage
    Eremix Snottynostril, Black Mage
    Gabblox Magpietongue, Red Mage
    Hermitrix Toothrot, Black Mage
    Humnox Drumbelly, Bard
    Jabkix Pigeonpecs, Monk
    Jabrox Granyguise, Red Mage
    Karashix Swollenskull, Samurai
    Kikklix Longlegs, ???
    Lurklox Dhalmelneck, Ranger
    Mobpix Mucousmouth, Beastmaster
    Morgmox Moldnoggin , Summoner
    Mortilox Wartpaws, Summoner
    Prowlox Barrelbelly, Ranger
    Rutrix Hamgams, Beastmaster
    Scruffix Shaggychest, Paladin
    Snypestix Eaglebeak, Ninja
    Smeltix Thickhide, Warrior
    Snypestix Eaglebeak, Ninja
    Sparkspox Sweatbrow, Warrior
    Ticktox Beadyeyes, Dark Knight
    Trailblix Goatmug, Beastmaster
    Tufflix Loglimbs, Paladin
    Tymexox Ninefingers, Dark Knight
    Wasabix Callusdigit, Samurai
    Wyrmwix Snakespecs, Dragoon

    Zone Boss
    Goblin Golem, White Mage, Replica
    Special Abilities: Tormentful Glare (Sleep), Seismostomp (Strong Area Damage), Death

    4/15/05 - added walkthrough, updated certain mobs thanks to Teorem, added suicide pull written by Radav
    4/15/05 - added locations of named goblins
    4/19/05 - added maps provided by Cyrus
    6/24/05 - added note about ga 3 to step 11 of strategy
    8/13/05 - moved mob list to new thread
    8/14/05 - moved drops list to new thread
    10/30/05 - added mob maps and mob lists
    4/15/06 - added new mob maps and list
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    A couple mistakes on the map I used and a couple of pulls I'm not positive about but other than that mob map is complete!

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    Updated strategies located here:

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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