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Thread: DynamisBums Rulebook and FAQ v2.0

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    Upgrading in Dynamis - Artifact Armor

    Artifact Armor Upgrading

    Through the AF -1 items received in CoP Dynamis zones, it is now possible to upgrade AF received in Dynamis. Upgrading an AF requires: the original AF obtained, the corresponding AF -1, a certain amount of Ancient Currency, and a synthesis material.

    Upgraded AF is not returned to the player until after the weekly Conquest Tally (Sunday, 11AM EST / 8AM PST). For the purpose of counting AF received (in determining lotting penalties in particular), an upgraded AF is considered as a separately received AF, in addition to the previously upgraded AF piece.

    Members must request AF upgrades through the AF Upgrade thread so that there is a record of the request.

    Currency Cost and Availability

    The base costs of a single unit of Dynamis currency for the use of upgrading AF are 50% of the amounts used to sell currency to relic upgraders. Currently, those prices are:

    Byne Bills: 1,500 gil
    Bronzepieces: 2,000 gil
    Whiteshells: 2,000 gil

    Due to the limited amount of currency that drops in CoP zones, a leader must first check to see that enough currency is present to cover requests for upgrading an AF piece.

    AF Upgrade Validation

    In order to receive currency for an AF upgrade, a member must demonstrate that they have the corresponding AF by equipping it in the presence of the leadership member distributing currency.

    In addition, once the AF has been upgraded, it must again be displayed to a leadership member so that the upgrade can be validated.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Why didn't I get credit for a run?

    A: If you did not completely attend a run, the amount of credit you actually receive towards your attendance varies with when you arrived, left, or disconnected. See the rules for details about when different types of attendance credits are given.

    You also may have been excluded from the attendance list because you did not pay for the run's entry fee, if applicable. If you forgot to do so, you should make arrangements to provide the missed entry fee before or at the next subsequent run.

    Members found to be abusing our attendance policies (eg., purposely disconnecting right at the point where they would last receive full attendance credit) will not be credited with the attendance they are expecting.


    Q: What does lotting currency mean?

    Lotting "currency" during a run means that you choose to receive an amount of gil based on the amount of currency we receive during a run. You do not actually receive ancient currency by lotting "currency."

    Q: I'm lazy. Can't you just send my share of gil to my Delivery Box?

    A: Considering that only one slot can be used to send gil to members, the answer is "no." Any gil not picked up after a run by currency lotters is returned to the DynamisBank.

    Lotting Preferences

    Q: Do I have to specify a main/upgrade/shadow preference?

    A: Yes. This should be done as soon as possible after your entry into DynamisBums. If you do not want AF-1, relic accessories, or shadow items, you may elect to forego them, but you must do so explicitly. Main jobs must be declared by all members.


    Q: Why does my free lot AF count towards my AF total?

    A: "Free" in the term "free lot" does not mean there are no consequences to receiving the AF. It simply means that the AF has lessened restrictions on who is able to lot on it.

    "Free lot" AF does not count towards your accumulated AF total if and only if you cannot use the AF you received. If you level into it or your main job is changed to match the AF (even if you cannot yet equip it), it will count towards your AF total and show up in the Memberlist. These AF pieces will also be considered when deciding priority.

    Q: Why am I not on the Memberlist anymore? Did you kick me out of the linkshell?

    A: The memberlist displays both active and inactive users. If you are not in the list, you have missed more than 25 consecutive runs and have been essentially removed from the linskhell roster. In order to attend again, you will need to reapply to the linkshell.


    Q: Why didn't I get priority? I have _____ runs and only _____ AF!

    A: Priority is not *just* a reward for linkshell contribution. It is a means of making up to members who have not been able to receive AF through their own luck at lotting AND have applied themselves towards linkshell service.

    A notable exception to this are members that have obtained a number of their AF from another linkshell before joining DB, and have accumulated enough attendance and AF comparable to peers receiving priority.

    Most importantly, priority is not something that is automatically given once you hit a certain amount of runs. Factors such as how you interact with your peers during runs, how much you contribute, how you perform at your job are all considered in addition to your accumulated run and AF totals.

    If you receive priority, it is your charge to keep it. Priority is not rewarded for an indefinite period of time and can be revoked due to your behavior or lack of attendance/effort in Dynamis.

    Q: Isn't that not fair to older members?

    A: Our rules are very accommodating to those who stay around a long period of time and choose to pursue rewards for different jobs. However, we do recognize that older members can have poor luck and still contribute as much, if not more, than those receiving normal priority. For those members, we have implemented "secondary" priority.

    Relic Upgrading

    Q: Can anyone upgrade a relic weapon?

    A: Anyone can choose to upgrade a relic weapon and receive currency towards that effort. However, before you choose to upgrade a relic weapon, you need to strongly consider whether or not you have the means to complete a relic upgrade.


    There is simply too much currency involved in the upgrade and too many upgraders. You will need to be realistic with your upgrading goals.

    Q: Do I have to give the currency I bought from the linkshell back?

    A: Yes. Even though currency is "sold" to you, it is still linkshell property. It remains linkshell property until you make your final relic upgrade and returned any currency borrowed in the process.

    If you leave the game or leave the linkshell, it is expected that you will return the currency you previously purchased. The linkshell will reimburse you for the cost of the currency.
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    Hydra Item Lotting

    The lotting distribution of the drops from the Nightmare Taurus in Dynamis-Tavnazia are handled differently from other drops within the zone, especially Hydra items from the Haubert set.

    Basic requirements

    Members must meet a recent attendance requirement of 4 of the last 10 runs attended.

    Members must meet a minimum attendance requirement of 50 runs.


    Prior to the start of a Tavnazia run:
    • Members who have PLD as a main or alternate job will /random. The highest and lowest /randoms will be selected.
    • Members who have WAR or DRK as main or alternate jobs will /random. This can include members who lot as part of the first set of PLDs, but lost the random. The highest /random will be selected.

    Initially, the pool of randomers will be restricted to those who have won the least items from the Hydra Haubert set.

    These three members will be eligible for any Hydra Armor dropping from the Haubert set. Due to this exclusive eligibility, these members will not be allowed to lot on any other Hydra Items for the duration of the run. In the event that four or more Hydra Items from the Haubert set drop--or all remaining established lotters pass--these items will made available as free lot to those who can equip them.

    All Hydra Armor except those in the Haubert set (Salade, Haubert, Moufles, Brayettes, Sollerets) can be freely lot by those who can equip the piece.

    All members will be restricted to winning only one Hydra Armor per run regardless of which set it is from.
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    Artifact Armor Lotting Tiers

    Lotting rules are subject to change, and thus this image may not always be up-to-date. In the event of conflict, the posted rules automatically supercede the contents of this image.

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