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    Attention!!! Updated strategies located here.


    Starting Map:

    Map is not complete. Needed:

    - recount of statues in western half of map
    - survey of statues (number and locations) in eastern half of map
    - verification of possible alternate ??? spawns

    Post-Antaeus Nightmare Spawns:

    Map is not complete. Needed:

    - recount of wandering respawns, numbers spawned from each total

    Subjob ??? Locations

    - NE of starting position (end of tunnel, past Nightmare Stirges)
    - N of Delkfutt's Tower (near crates)
    - SE of Delkfutt's Tower (NW end of cermet ridge)
    - W cliffs area (above Scolopendra)
    - S cliffs area (near Fire Elemental)
    - (needs validation) E cermet ridge
    - (needs validation) near Jeuno zone

    Time Extensions

    Antaeus - 60 minutes

    Notorious Monsters

    Antaeus (Boss) - sets ??? for Dynamis-Qufim sliver key item, time extension
    Scolopendra - reduces Antaeus' Auto Regen
    Stringes -
    Suttung - reduces Antaeus' Magic Defense

    Air/Dark/Earth/Fire/Ice/Light/Thunder/Water Elemental - removes Antaeus' resistance to specific element

    Basic Strategy

    A. Run begins at the lake in Dynamis-Qufim. Puller makes initial pull of Nightmare Stirges at the tunnel leading SW from the lake area to allow ??? searchers access to the greater Qufim area. After Stirges are killed, alliances move NW to Point B.

    B. Avoid wandering Quadav effigies and Water Elemental by following the wall to the north. Water Elemental can be killed before Scolopendra to build TP and to remove it from possibly aggroing during the fight.

    After Scolopendra is dead, alliances move north along the wall to again avoid wandering Quadav effigies. There are three Quadav effigies wandering the tunnel leading to Delkfutt's that should be pulled (it is possible to pull one effigy without linking the rest if the movement pattern is observed closely). Job spawned by these 3 effigies are:

    [quadav list here]

    Alliances proceed north to Point C, avoiding beastman statues and Antaeus at Delkfutt's Tower and wandering Nightmare Snolls in the open area to the east of the Tower.

    C. Alliances can kill wandering Ice Elemental OR avoid it and save it for pre-Antaeus TP gathering. Nightmare Roc x3 must be killed at the tunnel entrance to proceed to Point D.

    D. Alliances will need to kill 3 Goblin statues to proceed to Point E. Goblins spawned by these statues are:

    [goblin list here]

    Earth Elemental should be avoided (debatable benefit for building TP for use with Suttung).

    E. Alliances should proceed to Suttung, avoiding Nightmare Snolls in the open area to the south. Best camp for mages to avoid aggroing snolls by magic is to move north into the tunnel towards the Behemoth's Dominion zone where it is possible to still target melee alliances for curing Suttung's massive AoE damage.

    Zoneline to Behemoth's Dominion has two Goblin statues that refill HP and MP which can be pulled if time permits.

    Alliances should move to Point F to prepare for Antaeus.

    F. If not already killed earlier, Ice Elemental should be killed and TP saved for use with Antaeus. Due to Antaeus' use of heavy short- and long-range AoE, tanks and BLMs should spread out to avoid pulling hate and killing multiple people.

    Antaeus can be sacrifice pulled with the puller dying safely in a corner to the SW of Antaeus' initial position, which should avoid respawning Nightmare Weapons.

    General strategy is similar to Dynamis Lord, and requires two RDM/DRK for Chainspell-Stun to prevent (in particular) damage from Grand Slam and Trebuchet.
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    I found the subjob ??? once in the NW passage leading out of the lake, right where the Nightmare Stirges patrolled.

  3. I can confirm 2 other ???'s for subjobs, having found both leading my shells through.

    1st run, ??? was at the Eastern Cermet Ridge near the exit to the tunnel leading from Jeuno, near the northern tip of the ridge. This one I was able to get to without any aggro after initial bat pull.

    2nd run: Much worse, we did almost the whole run without subjobs, as it wasn't at any of the confirmed locations. Finally found it in an odd location: the cermet ridge near the tower, but on the north side and eastern end of the ridge (close to the tunnel exp parties use for pugs/crabs).
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  4. Also, if your puller is good, you can pull Antaeus without any links from the gob statues around him. I usually approach him by following the wall around the tower until he aggros, then fleeing back along the wall to keep him from pathing thru the stones. It's important that your puller keeps running THRU the camp, as he will stand off and just use Trebuchet on your puller.

    Unfortunately, we still have yet to beat him. Both times we've gone, we were running short on time and were unable to pull Suttung to lower his magic defense. 2nd run was best so far, down to 25% before wipe.
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  5. Stringes <--- Killing the big bat NM Reduces his attack strength. Not sure by how much yet. Still testing.

    Will provide further details when testing complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Stringes <--- Killing the big bat NM Reduces his attack strength. Not sure by how much yet. Still testing.

    Will provide further details when testing complete.
    thanks for the info, keep us up to date!

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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    Updated strategies located here:

    Izzy - FFXI - Phoenix

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