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Thread: 1-10-05 Xarcaband pics o_o-b

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    Thumbs up 1-10-05 Xarcaband pics o_o-b

    Started the night with 13k exp into level, finished with 9k exp (those reraise 2's add up, lol), overall had a blast!

    All pics hosted on imageshack, and theyre huge, so click on thumbnail to view d(`-`

    The night didnt exactly start off with a bang ;_;

    A little Taru can't take so much damage >_>;

    What happenned to the pretty northern lights?

    Thanks to Zera's suggestion there was no more deathga from body slam d(`3`

    Ying and Yang on the Horizon!

    YAY!! killing Ying and Yang

    Dynamis Lord, you're next t(>.<t)...errr that thing looks awful big

    Now you can see why the first shot is of 2 tarus scrambling madly for their lives :P

    ...that's just rude

    I had to put on diapers to run away from Dynamis Lord aggro ;_;

    Did I mention best.dynamis run.ever?
    (fun) (death) (excitement) (All Right!)

    Again, Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

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    I forgot to open Clipper so I had to use the in game picture taker but here is what I got.

    Here is us fighting him can't see too much but the best shot i can get.

    Here is me running away after General engages him again while eveyone still weakened

  3. Damn, too bad i didnt get to join you there. I overslept and woke up an hour after you guys started dynamis, sorry, myuun (`3`)p

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    After twizz kills ying, Shizune defeats Yang Q_Q
    gogogo 3dmg per hit thf/nin Q_Q
    nice pics lol

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    Ya those are awesome pics. That was the BEST dynamis run ever! I had so much fun. Lets do it again @.@

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    If you were not here and were wondering how the battle went vs. Dynamis Lord. Here is what it would have looked like if you were watching it on TV and it was broadcast like it was a football game. Announcers and a crowd.

    We pick up here at the 25 min. mark after watching commercials by Radav's Clothing and Fishing co., Fatman's Big and Bigger, and Kirin beer.

    Radav leads Dynamisbums to a stunning victory over Yin and Yang.
    With 24 min. left DB is preparing to take it to the man himself Dynamis Lord
    (crowd cheering in background)
    Everyone is resting... Radav is calmy surveying his troops
    Fatman whipsers to Radav...
    Looked like he said... We're gonna L--- Not sure what he said Bob.
    Radav stands in front of the clamoring Army

    Radav is letting the clock run a bit trying to milk it some so Dynamis Lord has no choice but to go all out.
    (Actually I think he's trying to give his guys some time to recover.)
    A Hush falls over the crowd.
    His men start to get up and fall in line.
    Fatman shouts I don't see him where is he?? (Dynamis Lord)
    Zymurgy yells... He's on the steps of the castle.
    The crowd knowing action is near starts to murmur.
    Radav sensing his army is ready. (Kayoto and Zumi told him so.)
    Calls for everyone to get up.
    Ok men he says.
    Lets go CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!
    There they go running up the hill to the foot of the Castle!
    I see Helm screaming something and running the opposite direction.
    He must be ordering the men to fall back.
    This is not looking good folks..
    Kayoto makes a rallying cry
    Go Go go all out use your 2 hours!! get in there fight!
    It looks like they are all standing around Bob.
    Jesus Bill this is a slaughter....
    Wow dynamis lord is talking trash...
    Something about blood flowing from their dead corpses...
    Oh here it comes!!!! Radav is USING..............
    S O U L V O I C E!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh this will turn the tide for sure...
    (wierd disco ball thingy pops over Radav's head and makes flashy lights everywhere. You can see his army's actions grow more furious as his beautiful singing fills the air)
    (as Radav is singing the crowd really starts cheering!!!!)
    RA---- DAV!
    OMG HE'S Singing Requiem VI on Dynamis Lord!
    This is it Dynamis is dead meat!!!
    (Dynamis Lord begins to summon something.)
    Oh boy Dynamis Lord is countering Radav's move.
    zOMG Its... Yin and Yang again!
    He's summoned his dragons to battle.1
    Dynamis Lord gains the effect of Requiem.
    Radav landed his song..
    Dynamis Lord looks pretty pissed.
    Bill this can't be good for Radav...
    He comes at Radav with his dragons in tow...
    Radav is bitten to pieces by Yin then Yang comes in....
    (ohhhh the crowd is really upset by this....)
    (people begin to barf and cry in the stands..)
    Dynamis Lord turns to the what little is left of the valiant army...
    Oh wow... Bob I've never seen such destruction.
    He just pulled out his super slashing spinning Aoe death move
    Three of him appear at once and whipe out what is left of the brave force...
    God I really thought they had more in them...
    Well Bob I guess you were wrong..

    There's how the battle went play by play. Enjoy.

  7. Hahaha, nice post Radav.

    The run was awesome. I'll see about getting my pics up since I was farther away and had a decent vantage point while stacking boosts.

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