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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucedine, Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 8PM EDT

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    Dynamis-Beaucedine, Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 8PM EDT

    This Wednesday, we are planning to return to Dynamis-Beaucedine.

    This will be a farming run. Please come prepared to work as we may make slight deviations from our normal farming route.

    As usual, if you have THF of an appropriate level (70+), please bring THF. You may be asked to change jobs again as we are forming alliances.

    Single or multiple targetting will be determined before the run begins.

    No special items will be required for this run outside of the normal medicines we expect you to bring to every Dynamis run.

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    i'll be there.. definitely unless somethin unexpected happenin like internet suddenly down like what happened to me on last xarcabard -_-"

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    tickles and i will be there

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    I won't be able to make it. Going to get one last bit of vacation in before school starts up again.

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    I'll be there...hopefully. All these East Coast storms are really messing up my DSL modem.

    See you all tomorrow. I shall be skilling up my Archery skill till about dynamis time.

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    i was having trouble with my internet yesterday, so i might not be able to come, but hopefully it will be fine today. we'll see

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    i'm sorry i won't be able to make it

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    may or may not be on tonight. had a long long day at work.

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