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Thread: AF Upgrades - Currency Info

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    AF Upgrades - Currency Info

    Please read:

    Requesting AF Upgades

    If you have received a piece of AF -1 from a CoP Dynamis zone and need ancient currency to upgrade it, please reply here with BOTH the piece you are upgrading and the amount and type of currency needed to upgrade it.

    We (myself and/or the other leaders distributing currency for this purpose) will have to see the base AF piece equipped in order to give you currency for the upgrade. In addition, you must show us the upgraded AF after it has been returned to you so we can verify that the upgrade was completed.

    An upgraded AF piece is considered an extra piece of AF, which is reflected in the AF total in the Memberlist.

    You are allowed to buy currency for AF +1 that is not your upgrade job, through AF -1 received in a free lot. However, you must be able to use the AF in its upgraded form. We will not fund AF +1 for your mannequins.
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    A reminder: I will not be hunting you down to give you currency for AF upgrades. As long as we have sufficient currency you can upgrade, but YOU need to post here AND get in touch with me in-game to arrange getting the currency.

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    For Assassin's Bonnet -1 received Wed, 9/3/2008 at Dynamis-Valkurm:

    Assassin's Bonnet +1 = T. Whiteshell x26

    Thanks ^.^

    Picked up currency: 7 September 2008 at Xarcabard
    AF +1 verified:
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    Would like to begin buying currency for my Monster Helm +1. Will need 30 T. Whiteshells according to Wiki. Thanks.

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    Cleric's Duckbills+1 and 28 bronzepieces

    Picked up currency: 12 October at Al Zahbi
    AF +1 verified: 4 October 2009 by Papillion
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    Forgoooooooooooot to post my request to upgrade my Duelist's Boots, currency needed: Ordelle Bronzepiece x26. Recieved my Duelist's Boots +1 on August 3, 2008.
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    i am live central florida .. for now.

    AF upgrade~

    hi hi~ i sorry if i post in wrong board ( i am terrible at this )

    may i please buy 20 T shells for
    Pantin Babouches +1 i know its 26 shells needed but it seems i have 6 T shells already i have been saving up~

    thanks much!

    Picked up currency: 09 May 2009 at Tavnazia
    AF +1 verified:
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    28 shelss for BLM AF -1 legs please. ^^

    Picked up currency: 7 June 2009 at Holla
    AF +1 verified:
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    My WHM pantaloons+1 were verified by Carmisse last Tavnazia run.

    I need 30 whiteshell please, for Scout Bracers -1/+1 (hands) upgrade.

    Picked up currency: 23 August 2009 at San d'Oria
    AF +1 verified:
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    26 Bynes for NIN feet -1 Please, Thanks.

    Picked up currency: 12 August 2009 at Holla
    AF +1 verified:
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