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Thread: Unfortunate news

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    Wow... this is so sadd ;;

    Despite all the drg basing when I joinned the shell, Fatman deep down was a truely awesome person. He made sure I was welcome in the shell and I tank him for that. There's never going to be a leader like him and that's going to be tough to deal with. I'm really going to miss him, and such a tragic loss :( Well, we know he's in a better place and I'm sure he's doing well.
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    If his sister oks releasing her address, I'll get it some time soon.
    Fatman, a leader, a friend, a great person. Rest in peace buddy. I'll miss all the good times we had together.

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    Thank you Fatman for all the advice early in the game, when we were in Harrypotter LS. Also for my end game experiences, allowing me to be a part of your great Linkshell, Dynamisbums. Thank you.

  4. i can't even believe it... i'm just sitting here staring at the computer screen in disbelief....
    i haven't known fatman for very long, but he was truely an awesome person. great leadership is a trait that not many posess, and fatman was one of the few gifted with it. his persistance and perseverance in dynamis were a testament to his devotion to all of the members of DynamisBums, old and new. In the short time i knew him more than in passing, it was always a good time. his excitement for major accomplishments was genuine. fatman will be missed by the entire community of phoenix who knew him or knew of him.
    Rest In Peace, Fatman.

    Edit: and may your dream of filling all the rivers in the world with KFC gravy to end world hunger come true. haha ; ;
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    Rest in peace Fatman, you will be missed.

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    this is very sad...

  8. omg, fatman.. I honestly can say without any doubt, he was the one person in game that I knew, that never changed, and always was a nice guy. I'm in shock right now... We haven't talked much at all for a while, but I have shared a lot of experiences in my noob days with him. You were a pioneer for the NA community, you've done lots for many many people on our server, i'm very sad to see you go..
    Me, as well as all of phoenix will miss you man. ; ;

    R.I.P. Fatman.

  9. It's an sad day for most of us who know fatman for long time
    we all going to miss you fat and thank you for all the fun we had together

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    Tomorrow, Tyler and myself will be making a trip to PA to pay our respects to Fatman. If there is anything anyone would like us to place with him, please send them to me in a PM. We'll be leaving sometime in the morning tomorrow, so get whatever you would like to say to him to me.


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