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Thread: Unfortunate news

  1. It's sad to know one of the nicest people had to pass away..

    but we all know he's in a better place

    rest in peace

  2. I can't believe it...=\ This just really caught me off guard. Fatman was always so upbeat and ready to go, always willing to help everyone else. His leadership made this linkshell what it is, and even if only online, he helped hundreds of people through his efforts.f

    I...dunno, this one really hits me hard...even though I didn't know him that well.

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    Hard to believe, even though I havn't talked to Fat in close to two years. He was a great guy back when Fury was a social linkshell.

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    even though i didnt really know him....or spent much time with him cause i recently joined...i could tell he was a good guy... he's going to be missed alot not only as a leader...but as a friend...and mentor...

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    Fatman was by far the most important person the phoenix server for Dynamis... he's going to be severely missed.. he was one of the best leaders I know.. and despite any quarrels or anything.. I respected him, he was a badass leader and I'm going to miss him. I don't think DB will everbe the same for me without Fats, as I told Fats last I talked to him.. Dynamis without him is like a ham sandwich without the ham, just a sandwich... I'm going to miss you Fats, I hope you are gaining weight with the big man upstairs, thanks for all your hard work, thanks for putting up with this old Dragoon... See you again, leader.

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    I've been crying since I found out. It has really hit me hard that Fatman has passed away. Fatman, you are missed. If someone could PM me an address of where to mail a card, I would be forever grateful.

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    i would like an address also

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    This is unbelievable. Such a loss will be greatly felt for all that knew him, close friends and acquaintances alike.

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  10. Thanks again Fatman for all the good times, you will live on in our thoughts. We will really miss you, i have to say that i learned alot from you.

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