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Thread: Unfortunate news

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    Some of you may remember me, most of you not. I had the pleasure of running Dynamis with DB in the fall of 2004 before moving to WoW, and my main guild was Cold Fusion, with Ulvir, Azeroth, Omnivorous, Revan, Armakoy, Yunalescita, Hadesarchangel and many other friends you may remember.

    Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of Fatman (late I know, but I just found out). He was a terrific person/gamer and a good person to look up to.

    Take care everyone,

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    To a man too generous for his own good, one in five thousand and jolly to boot, rest well friend. You will be missed inspiring one (

  3. I really have no idea what to say . This is the biggest shock to my system this entire year. I took a long time off of MMORPG gaming so I could focus on real life stuff. If anyone remembers Isobel or Isobelni we both play together in WoW. I hadn't been logged in to WoW for months. I log in tonight, run into Isobel, and was told this. I rushed to the website to confirm it.

    Fatman was a very dear friend and close to my heart during my FF11 run. He never judged, even when times called for it. I just spoke to him about a month ago when I came back (briefly) to Phoenix. Fatman was a wonderful person - I spent a lot of time with him, especially during the Promathia missions.

    Dear friend, you will be forever missed. I can't even begin to describe to you how much your friendship meant to me. You were patient and kind and always willing to lend an ear. Thank you for being so wonderful to me, and thank you for being such a role model. Whatever religion you believe in know that I believe God is with you and watching over you, now and forever. Send us that special Tarutaru smile from heaven and know we will always be thinking about you.

    With much love, and much respect,


  4. Hey all, none of you know me and neither do i know Fatman. I stumbled across this site a few weeks ago as i was earching for information on Dynamis runs (im on Bismarck server) and i found a very long transcript with fatman (R.I.P) and radav which i thought was hilarious. He to me sounded like an awsome guy that i thought was great, and the more these 2 spoke the more i was drawn in to their shenanigans. I just found out today that he has already passed away and i felt really bad inside. Like something really heavy was weighing me down. I never knew the taru at all but i do hope his soul rests in peace and im sure his friends as long as this whole Dyna shell is still thinking of him.

    Rest In Peace Fatman your still remembered and never forgotten /goodbye

  5. Fatman,
    Your contributions to the Dynamis effort are still being used today. I was looking for a good website that would explain strategies, so as to not reinvent the wheel whenever I entered a new zone.

    On my own website, we're linking straight to yours. Using your methods, strats and drop results.

    Your untimly departure has left a ripple in the community.
    People from other servers, like myself, now feel your loss.

    I pray that God's using your help now. ^-^
    All of my respects and Rest in Peace.

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