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Thread: Unfortunate news

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    Unfortunate news

    I sent an email to a friend of Fatman's who I had the contact info of yesterday, and received an email from her two hours ago.

    My name is Heather this is my email bill was just using it for a bit. He has been our friend for years and also our tenet so he lived right upstairs. Bill passed away on Sunday July23, 06 he was sick since the Thursday before he thought he just had a cold. We had talked to him everyday to make sure he was ok he said he was getting better. Then Sunday morning his friend Joel witch was staying with him came down said bill was in bad shape we needed to call 911 so that's what I did! Then went upstairs he was covered in sweat could not talk move or breath. The amb. got here they tried to get him on the chair thing but know one could get him off of the couch so they then put him on a board witch they then layed him down his lungs were full of fluid so when they layed him down the fluid went to his heart and killed him. We had the viewing on Tue. and the funeral on Wed. It was a very nice service and he had alot of friends and family there. There were even alot of people from work that came and one of the woman spoke on behalf of Truck lite and she had a lot of nice things to say and described him to a T. It was really nice! So if you don't mind me asking how did you know bill? Also if you have any more questions feel free to email me back. Sorry to have to give you the bad news!

    And here is a link to his obituary:

    Edit: I got permission from his sister to release her address to people who want to send their condolences. I will not be posting her address publically, so if you want to send a card or flowers or anything, please PM me or contact me in game and I will give you the information.

    Edit: As requested by Fatman's real life friend, I am posting this image that was emailed to me. It is a paper from his viewing.

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    Fatman, a leader, a friend, a great person. Rest in peace buddy. I'll miss all the good times we had together.

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    Oh god.

    Thank you Fatman for the wonderful times. We'll never be able to replace you.

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    As they say, it's always the good ones that go before their time. No exception here. Fatman had a huge impact on thousands of players, he'll always be remembered on Phoenix, and beyond, of that I'm sure.

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    don't really know what to say. . . spent many times talking to fatman just about stuff. the world just got a bit weaker. i'll miss you fatman.

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    I’ve spent the better part of the past two hours trying to hold back the tears and sadness of the news of his passing. He went long before his time. Fatman was not only a friend, but an inspiration. He was the proverbial saint in our gaming community offering dedication and effort that affected hundreds upon hundreds of players across the world. He gave so much of his time to ensure the happiness of others. Everything he has done for us will not be forgotten. And it goes without saying, that he will be greatly missed.

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    Is there a way you could get his parents and sisters emails or addresses zym? i know id like to send my condolences and im sure many others would as well. I don't think his family knew just how much of an impact(judging from what the email said) he had on the number of people he did, and im sure they would be happy to know just how respected he was.

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    Fatman was quite possibly one of the most important people to the NA Dynamis community, and even though we lost him in life, we still have him in spirit. In memory of Fatman we must stay strong and do what we do best.

    Fats, we can only hope to touch as many lives as you have. You will be missed. {See you again!}
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    Oh.... god;;
    I can't believe it.... I really don't know what to say, but we will miss you, Fatman....
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