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Thread: Dynamis-Bastok 7 PM EST Sunday

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    Dynamis-Bastok 7 PM EST Sunday

    Free Run (two targeters)

    I have scheduled the month of July... here is what our schedule looks like until the end of July:

    18-Jun Bastok
    21-Jun Qufim/Tavnazia
    25-Jun Beaucedine - Attestation Farming
    28-Jun Valkurm/Tavnazia
    2-Jul Xarcabard
    5-Jul Buburimu/Tavnazia (Tavnazia for the win)
    9-Jul Jeuno
    12-Jul Xarcabard
    16-Jul Beaucedine - For the win
    19-Jul Valkurm/Tavnazia (Tavnazia for the win)
    23-Jul Tavnazia - as many runs as we can (times TBD)
    26-Jul Sandoria
    30-Jul Beaucedine

    I scheduled as many Beaucedines and Xarcabards as I could which wasn't alot.. hopefully in August we will be able to do more!

  2. I should be able to make the run but will be cutting it close to the entry time. The main highway I have been taking to my new work location has been closed for the next week, so taking surface streets is going to add about 15-20 mins. This has me arriving home at approx. 6:50pm est, 10 mins before start time.

    Reguardless, I am sure you dont need me to win bastok, but it wouldnt be dynamis without a WHM raising me every 15min like clockwork. Ill see you there.

  3. Wont get home from work until 7:10pm but ill be there if room

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    Not sure if i can make it doing fathers day bbq.

  5. i should be there. just got internet in my new house so i've been gone for a few weeks sorry.

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    Yay, Crapstok! Finally get to try out WAR/DRG with my new haste gear.

  7. I will be there (I need the zone :P)

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    Most likely will be home an hour too late to attend.

  9. not sure if i can make it due to it being Father's day, probebly going out to dinner, i'll try to be there though

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    Screw my dad! I'll be at Bastok.

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