Schedule from the begining of May to the beginning of July has been added to the calendar:

This is how it was setup -

We will cycle through all zones farming AF. We will not do dual runs with a city. Since we will be doing each city one every 9 weeks it will be more beneficial to do them as a full group and get alot of AF each time.

We will focus on linkshell goals that do not pertain to getting alot of AF. Things I considered when scheduling Sundays were as follows.

1. Attestations - Added an extra Beaucedine because we have three members who are on the stage where the Goblin asks for an attestation.

2. Priorities - Added a couple extra Beaucedine because of so many priorities there and the strong need we have for the AF that drops here.

3. Dynamis Lord - Added a few Xarcabards because killing Dynamis Lords is always good

4. Zone Clearing - I added an extra cycle of new zones to the schedule to try and get everyone access to Tavnazia

So how many of each zone will we be doing in the next two months?
Bastok - 1
Beaucedine - 4
Buburimu - 2
Jeuno - 1
Qufim - 2
Sandoria - 1
Tavnazia - 6
Valkurm - 2
Windurst - 1
Xarcabard - 4