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Thread: Dynamis-Xarcabard 4/26/06 8 PM EST

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    Dynamis-Xarcabard 4/26/06 8 PM EST

    Cancelling Tavnazia due to low attendance lately

    We will be going for the win and the run is free

    Please be sure to bring:

    an item to reraise yourself
    poison/venom potions (minimum of 3)
    echo drops (if applicable)
    eye drops (if applicable)
    opo necklace and sleep pots to get 300% TP before Dynamis Lord

    Please arrive at the trailmarkings by 7:30 PM EST so we can start on time for a change. If you will be late please let me know.

    No sign-up is required!

  2. I'll be there most likely, 85-90% chance of attendance.

    I get out of work at 8PM though, so it's a distinct possibility I'll be late.

    (And yes, I know no sign-up. I usually like to post my intentions, though.)
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    Ima come to xarcabard Q_Q, posting now cause im going t osleep and dont wanna miss sign up if there happens to be any<_<.

  5. Probably wont be there, have to do final touches on my paper, I'll see if i finish early though.

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    I have alot of school things going on lately (finals) so iono if i'll b able to make it or not...i'll know by about 6:30-7 est but i'll join xarcabard ftw.

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    ftw all right ill be there whatever job u need me as
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    68: BST
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    37: DNC
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    I might be late. I'll be online, but need to pick up my brother from school. Unfortunately, won't know until he calls me.

    Also, what job do I come as? Send me a tell. Thanks.

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    I *just* got home from work, and gotta be back up @4am tomorrow so I won't be there tonite ;; Good luck guys!

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