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Thread: I will miss you all.

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    I will miss you all.

    This morning i found out my unit will be going to Iraq in 2 weeks. I have been dreading this moment for a while now, but it finally happened. I am taking this time to sell my gear, and spend time with my wife.

    Over the almost 2 years that i have played this game, i have made alot of friends. Ive enjoyed the leveling, the quests, Dynamis, Gods, and HNMs. I have enjoyed playing with my wife's little taru whm, and i have enjoyed crafting and talking with my cloth friends about the latest HQ rumor lol.

    All these things i will miss, but most of all i will miss the many people that i have grown to care about. The people that kept me logging on every day, whether there was an event planned or not. I wish everyone a wonderful life, and remember to smile.

    There are some things i wish i could have done before i left, like getting that last .7 skill in clothcraft, being smacked around by AV, and getting that last peice of smn relic, but i will leave this stuff to you guys .

    Please remember to have fun, remember the friends you have here, and remember to every once in a while stop and smell the virtual roses.

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    bring DVDs with you. If youre going to the Syrian Border Op, youre gonna be extremely bored.

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    omg Neo, I'll miss you Try to stay safe.

  4. Hey don't feel so bad I might be joining you out there in a couple months we got the rumor floating around too. If I see some guy wearing a weaver's apron standing in line at the Burger King I'll assume that's you :P

    Good luck man, keep in touch.

    Oh and don't ditch your char, you are coming back and all ^^

  5. Nooooo Dude, try to stay safe :/
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    no more peacock runs /cry be save dude will see u in game when u get home!
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    Be safe.

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    Stay safe Neo, and let us know how you are doing when you get the chance....

  9. Be safe neo

  10. gluck man i made it to iraq and back i know you can too just stay on your toes and don't do anything silly like convoy at night bad move very scary it might get you yelled at like me if you hear ak47 fire and don't see the muzzle flash and don't shoot back cause you could shoot someone that has nothing to do with the ak fire but your 1sgt is sitting in your hummer and has a hard on for shooting shit but you didn't fire but in effect saved your ass and his for not being stupid and shooting randomly

    Sgt. bajri MP
    Stay safe!

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