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Thread: Images and movie clips of dynamis requested.

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    Images and movie clips of dynamis requested.

    Hey everyone,

    From some recent happenings, I've been...inspired, you could say, to make a movie clip of us in dynamis. Actually, it's something I've wanted to do a long time, but just never got the chance until now. I have some of my own clips and images, but lost a lot of stuff I had saved over the past year...don't ask . I would be so greatful if I may get the help from the LS. If you have any images or vid clips of us in dynamis, doesn't matter of what, and wouldn't mind me using it to use in this movie I'm making, I would be so greatful.

    I already have a clip of 3 previous DL wins, including the one I made, the other 2 are from Sykes and Izzy. Also have the recent movie of General doing Knights of the Round made by Neosutra.

    Specific vid clips I'm looking for are mainly battle stuff. Since I'm usually RDM for dynamis, me sleeping things off at a distance gets incredibly boring. Would like to include melees' point of view. Images I'm looking for are mainly fun stuff. Friends together, group pictures, acting silly, stuff like that. But kinda restrict it to people within the LS.

    Edit: The images, which it appears I'll need a lot of, doesn't have to be us in dynamis, it can be between friends within the shell in Jeuno, or running around in sky or whatever. Example, I'm using a couple of the screenshots of people in full AF2 and I have one of Barji and I waiting in Beaucidine.

    You can send it to my email at or if you can post it for me to download, that would be great too. If sending by email, please use the subjuct heading FFXI DB or something related to that so I will recognize it, otherwise it'll be deleted. If you have a question of what you want to post or send me, just give me tell.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'd like to have some videos of myself playing my little harp for the billionth time as I get this message.

    Radav casts Mage's Ballad.
    Radav recieves the effect of Ballad.
    *Stares at computer screen wondering if he's seeing things*
    *Nope that's right you casted ballad and only hit yourself!*

    Seriously though some action videos even small clips of funny stuff would be really cool to have for people to view.

    I'd like to get a picture of everyone together in the LS who's got full AF2. That to me is one of the most impressive things we've been able to do as a whole. I think we just broke 40 people with full AF2!

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    Or better yet...

    Radav casts Mage's Ballad.
    Radav receives the effect of Ballad.
    Fatman receives the effect of Ballad.

    Now that would be a Kodak moment!
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    Ill see if i can combine the clips i have atm into one filefront file and email you the link. I am also taping many dynamis runs from now on and will try and host them for you on either filefront or something of that nature. I wont have any melee vids (real up close ones), but can give what i have.
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    Hey everyone. I still need a few more pictures or clips of DB members and friends the wouldn't mind being used in this movie I'm making. Doesn't have to be while we are in dynamis.

    I would like a screenshot of any active members with full AF2 grouped together, kinda like they did with the ballista pictures. I downloaded some of the individual screenshots from the full AF2 thread.
    **Which btw, if you posted a picture up in that thread and don't want me to use it, please send me a /tell. I've been forgetting to ask whenever I log on.**
    None of the pictures are in the actual movie yet, so if you don't want me to use it, just tell me. It's no significant loss to me.

    I still need to do/redo clips with Fatman, Radav, Helm, Jayiiq, Sykes, Shizune, Zumi and Zymurgy. If we can get all together for about an hour or 2, that would be great.

    Basically just need these, will have a friend comment on anything that needs to be changed, and it will be done finally.

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    Some misc pictures I still have.
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    thanks for the pictures Kain^^ I can use a couple of them.

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