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Thread: Dynamis-Buburimu

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    Attention!!! Updated strategies located here.

    Apocolyptic Beast (AB) gives a 60 minute time extension in addition to dropping the ??? that gives you the key item that clears the zone, so whether it be a farming run or a run for the win, this guy is one you need to kill.

    There are 15 NMs in the zone, one for each job, plus dragons that only do one dragon TP move each. Killing a Beastman NM will make it so AB will not use that 2 hour ability, and killing a dragon will make so that when AB uses that TP move, it will not have any effect/not do any damage.

    (WAR)Qu'Pho Bloodspiller
    (WHM)Gi'Bhe Fleshfeaster <--
    (PLD)Te'Zha Ironclad
    (THF)Va'Rhu Bodysnatcher
    (SAM)Koo Rahi the Levinblade
    (SMN)Baa Dava the Bibliophage
    (NIN)Doo Peku the Fleetfoot
    (BRD)Ree Nata the Melomanic
    (RNG)Lyncean Juwgneg
    (MNK)Hamfist Gukhbuk
    (BLM)Flamecaller Zoeqdoq
    (DRG)Elvaansticker Bxafraff
    (DRK)Shamblix Rottenheart
    (RDM)Gosspix Blabberlips
    (BST)Woodnix Shrillwhistle

    Stihi - Flame Breath (G6-H6)
    Vishap - Poison Breath (Cliff South of Mighoya Dunes, J7-K7)
    Jurik - Wind Breath(Cliff North of Mighoya Dunes, J6-K6)
    Barong - Chaos Blade (E-9)
    Tarasca - Heavy Stomp (F7-G7)
    Alklha - Body Slam (Maze of Shakhrami Cliff, F6)
    Basilic - Petro Eyes (I6-I7)
    Avitaras - Void Song (roams open area north of Mhaura, H7-I8.) <---
    Koschei - Thorn Song(Cliff South of Mhaura, east of Khooma Dunes, H9)
    Stollenwurm - Lodesong [Graviga] (Khooma Dunes, H9-I9) <---
    (Original compilation by Lui)

    The 2 hour abilities used by AB are used in the order listed in the Job Level menu under Status, Top to Bottom, Left to Right. This means that the lethal 2 hour abilities, Mijin and Astral Flow are used at the end of the cycle. He uses a 2 hour every 30-45 seconds. The most time conserving strategy is to suicide pull the WHM NM after getting SJs back. This leaves 14 more 2 hours, and with Mijin and Astral last, this leaves ample time to kill AB. Lodesong and Voidsong are the important dragons to kill before taking on AB. If you have extra time and happen to stumble across Heavy Stomp and/or Body Slam, take those out too. Storing TP, Icarus Wings, and 2 hour abilities are important. Kite AB during Manafont and Chainspell. Invincible during Blood Weapon. He is very suseptible to Bind, very resistant to Stun, and completely immune to Gravity.

    Once AB is dead, the ??? falls where he died, all of the dragons that were not killed despawn, and the Nightmare mobs spawn. Current theories are that each Nightmare mob only drops one job's accessory piece (belts and capes), and each mob also only drops one job's -1 AF (another theory is that Buburimu only drops hands -1 armor). Another theory is that beastmen mobs only drop AF (Buburimu AFs are all the level 72 AFs from the 4 "normal" zones), while Nightmare mobs drop only -1 AF.
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  2. We never saw a big roaming boss in Qufim Q.Q

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    Main boss in Qufim pops at the entrance to Delfkutt's Tower.

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    The RNG NM we discovered was from an Orc pop at the west side of G-7. Probably not worth the trek there, as we'd have to clear out a bunch of other orc pops as well, unless we're on our way to the outpost anyway to clear that. I managed to squeeze by the statues with no aggro while training the Boss Dragon (see below).

    We haven't gone the other direction (east) to explore the path to the lighthouse yet. If the goblin/orc statues are any indication, we still have to find Quadav and Yagudo bosses, wherever they may pop (perhaps on the way to Onzozo?).

    I did manage to get aggro from the Boss Dragon at the very end, and while running like mad discovered, yes indeed statues will link with a dragon (a bunch of Orcs joined the chase). At the 30-second remaining mark, I tried to get to the space in E-9 to see if anything was there, but time expired before I made it

    Does anyone know what the 2-hrs were of the goblin Nms we killed?

    EDIT: One of the Goblin NM's was BST (lol), from the pull we did after the first statue clump.

    Oh and a last point, we don't _have_ to kill the mobs the blue/green eyes pop. If BLM wanna coordinate 3 or 4 Blizzard/Thunder IV to kill the statue, the mobs will pop with no aggro when the statue dies.

    EDIT: So we should definitely find WHM NIN and SMN nm's right? RDM and BLM secondary targets?

    EDIT: Remove my sig.
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    We do need to clear the first 2 dragons we did to kill the Boss NM or they will get in the way and aggro us as we are fighting those 2 i think will be a must to kill

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    Mobs that pop after the Apocalyptic Beast is dead ...

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    Thats the best map ever wow nice job on it.

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    Also, here is a rough map of what Yagudo NMs popped at what statues ... it is based on Faranim's statue map, but I think his map is a little bit off on the statues locations relative to each other.

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    I have to say, wow nice job ^^

    If anyone outside the LS actually reads these posts, I have a quick rundown of our basic strategy for getting the Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver:

    1) Find and hit the ??? before we do anything else. 2 or 3 people are designated runners and are the first to receive hourglasses and enter the zone. While everyone else is busy zoning in, these runners checked the zone to Bibiki Bay, the Stone Monument, and the zone to Tahrongi or Onzozo. We came very close to finding out if someone who enters after the restriction is lifted, still enters with restriction or not.

    2) 2a and 2b can happen in any order, after the subjobs are returned and people wait at the entry point.

    2a) Find and sac-pull, then kill the NM WHM Quadav. We tried pulling the NM SMN and NIN Yagudo as well, but didn't have time to locate them, and it turns out it didn't matter (see Zymurgy's post).
    2b) Find and kill Aitveras, who walks back and forth in an east-west line north of the entry point.

    3) My memory gets a bit hazy here. Did we head straight to the beach at H-9? or pull Tarasca from the northern road by the goblin statues first? Anyway, I believe we killed 2 more mini-bosses (including one roaming around the beach at H-9) before pulling The Big One.

    4) We used a Dynamis Lord-style two-level strategy on AB. Melee and tanks pooled together at the bottom of the ramp at H-9. Mages jammed together in the same cliff corner overlooking the ramp. Everyone let loose. A lot of carnage ensued, then much yelling and celebration when AB went down and we received an extra 60 minutes.

    These steps 1-4 all don't require any Sleepga, so RDM are actually more useful as RDM/WHM or RDM/DRK, rather than RDM/BLM up to this point. I think we had one RDM/DRK who Chainspell/Stunned during AB's Manafont.

    Once AB is down, RDM/BLM are useful again, as each Nightmare mob spawns 1 or 2 more copies of itself when aggro'd.

    Crabs on the beach at H-9, dropped a BST Hands-1. Bubble Shower is their worst attack. Scary.

    Birds at the top of the hill at the line of I-8/J-8, dropped WHM Hands-1 and a RNG Belt. These have the same attacks as Tragopan in Bibiki.

    Crawlers north of the top of the ramp at J-7, dropped 2 DRK Capes. The Silk Thread attack from these are like the webs from Spiders - Haste cannot "overwrite" the Slow effect.

    Urganites that combed the beach of J-7/K-7, dropped a PLD Hands-1. These had some really bad plaguega and poisonga AoE's, so unless you have a clean single pull, expect to use lots of antidotes and/or die a lot.

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    Nah I didn't chainspell stun, he resisted my stun 100%. We kited during Manafont. We pulled Tarasca to the beach. Since it uses heavy stomp, we put the mages on the ledge and fought it below

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