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Thread: Dynamis-Beaucidine 7pm EST Sunday Oct. 7th.

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    Dynamis-Beaucidine 7pm EST Sunday Oct. 7th.

    I know some of you would like us to try Xarcabard. I would like to as well but since we just don't have enough people for Xarcabard yet we will do Beaucidine again one more time.

    After this run we will be doing the main cities again. We are recruiting new members to try and shore up the numbers we have now. So if you have friends who are just hitting 70 and would like to start coming to Dynamis with us. Get them in touch with me or Fatman. We need to add some people to our numbers who are as dedicated as our core group.

  2. woot oct 7th gogo! lets warp into the future! hahah or the past..

    anyway GL as i wont be on and i still havnt gotten new HDD after it died.....

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    I think we shoud try a Xarcabard after glaicer. Or maybe Xarcabard instead, see what we can get. I would still do the glaicer a lot more times still since I have yet to get anything from there. If we beat glaicer with 40 or so probably means that we do got enough to go to Xarcabard.

  4. i still need dynamis-windurst ; ;

  5. me to windurst can i have it

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