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Membership Requirements (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15911)
General Conduct (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15912)
Attendance, Member Status, Run Credit (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15913)
Lotting Systems

Choice, Distribution Systems and Criteria (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15914)
Artifact Armor (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15915)
Currency, Items (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15916)
Shadow Items (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15917)
Lotting Preference Changes (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15918)
Hydra Items (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=25371)

Upgrading in Dynamis

Relic Weapon, Shield (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15919)
Artifact Armor (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15920)

Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15921)

Revision History

13 November 2006 - Original rewrite
24 September 2007 - Late currency updates (6k => 4k, 1M => 600k)
14 October 2007 - Clarified late AF lotting rules to indicate that late members may not lot AF until it is completely free lot.
2 November 2007 - Corrected AF lotting rules for late members, removed shadow item temporary replacement rule (from insufficient attendance data)
29 November 2007 - Specified previously implemented AF storage tier in current lotting order
7 January 2008 - Added Hydra Item rules that were posted in an announcement on July 2, 2007. (Link (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3052&highlight=))
1 June 2008 - Updated Shadow Item rules, new currency prices, job change penalties
17 September 2008 - Corrected currency costs, added new priority type, added minimum runs requirement for FLE

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Game Requirements

In order to enter a regular Dynamis zone, you must have a job that is level 65 or higher. You also must have obtained the Dynamis event cutscene in Xarcabard and obtained the Vial of Shrouded Sand key item from a Trail Markings in Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria, Windurst Walls, Ru'Lude Gardens, Beaucedine Glacier, or Xarcabard.

To enter Dynamis-Beaucedine, you must have obtained the Hydra key items from examining ???s placed by defeating the bosses in Dynamis-Bastok (Hydra Corps Eyeglass), Dynamis-San d'Oria (Hydra Corps Command Scepter), Dynamis-Windurst (Hydra Corps Lantern), and Dynamis-Jeuno (Hydra Corps Tactical Map).

To enter Dynamis-Xarcabard, you must have obtained the Hydra Corps Insignia key item from examining the ??? placed by defeating Angra Mainyu in Dynamis-Beaucedine.

To enter Dynamis-Buburimu, Dynamis-Qufim, or Dynamis-Valkurm, you must have progressed past CoP mission 3-5, "Darkness Named".

To enter Dynamis-Tavnazia, you must have obtained the sliver key items from examining the ???s placed by defeating the bosses in Dynamis-Buburimu (Dynamis-Buburimu sliver), Dynamis-Qufim (Dynamis-Qufim sliver), and Dynamis-Valkurm (Dynamis-Valkurm sliver).

Linkshell Requirements

You must be at least level 70 to join DynamisBums.

Application Process

Before considering to apply DynamisBums, please make sure you have read our rules in this thread. Details about the actual application process can be found as a sticky in the Applications forum: Rules and Information for Applying (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/announcement.php?f=21&a=3)

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Best Efforts Are Expected

Everyone is expected to pull their full effort into a Dynamis run. Examples of what we consider to be a lack of effort include (but are not limited to) the following:

Frequently going AFK or standing idle while we are actively moving through a zone
Using Dynamis as an opportunity to level up weapon or magic skills
Not bringing medicines appropriate for the zone we are doing. It is expected that members will use common sense with regards to medicines you will need to bring for your job, but we will try to announce a list of other medicines you should bring as a reminder.
Running away, hiding, or immediately self-disconnecting during a difficult or linked pull
Not utilizing spells or abilities for the role your job is expected to perform (eg., tanks not using Provoke, mages not using Sleep)
Coming to Dynamis as a job with less utilization, when other jobs are available to you and more appopriate to bring (exceptions may be made)
Using a trial weapon (to earn weaponskill points) or a non-primary weapon for your job in Dynamis (eg., a THF using a sword). We know these are not your best weapons, don't bother trying to convince us otherwise.Following Instructions

You are to follow instructions provided by linkshell leadership or by your alliance leader. Failure to do so will result in a warning or other corrective
measures, including re-evaluation of linkshell membership in more extreme cases.

Offensive and Rude Behavior

DynamisBums observes Zero Tolerance with regard to offensive language, emotes, or intimidation of other members. We expect that members making such remarks act maturely enough to be able to apologize sincerely if offense is taken, regardless of whether the comments were accidental or intentional.

Members that show a continued lack of restraint and inability to observe this policy will be removed from the linkshell.

Use of Linkshell Chat

The linkshell channel (/linkshell) is reserved for use. We expect all members to be paying attention to all communication on this channel. We will use it for the following purposes:

Leadership (run and alliance leaders) - to relay run-specific information between other leaders, such as direction or alliance status

Designated Treasure Pool managers - will announce when AF drops and remind members to pass specific items in the Treasure Pool

Raisers - WHMs or other mages will announce who they are Raising to avoid multiple people raising the same person

Use of /linkshell should not be abused, even by leadership.

Controlling Multiple Characters

The use of multiple characters under the control of one person in Dynamis is not allowed, unless it has been approved by leadership in advance. If we are able to determine that you are controlling more than one character, you will be asked to log out the additional character(s) or they will be forcibly removed from the zone.

Run Substitution

Members may arrange to have their character controlled by another person for the sole purpose of obtaining a key item needed to clear a zone. Such instances must be arranged with leadership in advance of the run.

Members under control of another are not eligible to lot anything from Dynamis (including AF, priority or otherwise, and are not entitled to gil from currency) and receive no credit for attendance. However, the controlling member in an approved instance will receive credit for attending the run.

One Dynamis Linkshell

DynamisBums' members are permitted to attend Dynamis with DynamisBums ONLY.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

1) If we cancel a run (for whatever reason), you may attend another linkshell's run with the express permission of a leadership member. This is done on a case-by-case basis and is not a blanket consent (therefore, the excuse of "You let me go last time so I thought it was ok." is invalid).

2) There is a certain situation which requires you to attend another linkshell's run, through arrangement between the leadership of both linkshells. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as a member exchange between linkshells for the purpose of getting a key item from a previously uncleared zone.

In both cases, leadership must be aware of and have approved of the instance of attending another linkshell's runs.

11-13-2006, 09:07 PM
DynamisBums tracks the attendance of its members for use with determining priority and lotting eligbility. Up-to-date information about a member's attendance can be found on the Memberlist.

What Constitutes a Complete Run?

The full span of a run in Dynamis starts 30 minutes before the listed start time in the announcements we post on the forums until the designations on the perpetual hourglasses have expired in Dynamis. The run does not end as soon as the boss for the zone (if applicable) is dead; we use any remaining time in the zone to farm for more ancient currency and artifact armor.

If you need to leave a run before it is over, you must notify a leader. If you simply leave Dynamis without notifying anyone, you will not receive full credit for the run.

Member Status

A linkshell member can have either active or inactive status with the linkshell. Active members are displayed on the Memberlist and are eligible for most lotting systems described below.

A member becomes inactive by not attending four (4) consecutive Dynamis runs without notifying leadership. Inactive members are removed from the Memberlist and are not eligible to lot AF until after the run in which they become active again. Members that miss ten (10) consecutive Dynamis runs without notification of leadership must request permission to attend another run from leadership.

We realize that members may encounter problems outside the game that are far more important to attend to, which prevent them from attending Dynamis runs. Through dialogue with leadership, it is possible to extend a member's activity status for up to eight (8) runs or even indefinitely, depending on the situation.

Run Credit Details

Members receive full credit (1.0) to their attendance for a run by arriving on-time and leaving when the run is completely over (see above). Members also receive full credit for a run if they have given up their spot for someone else by arranging to sit out with the leadership OR they have left a run after the run's primary objective has been completed (boss killed, end of farming route, Dynamis Lord, etc) to go offline.

A member DOES NOT receive full credit for a run if he has decided to leave Dynamis before it is over to go do other in-game activities. For example, if you choose to leave after the Dynamis Lord to go level another job or camp an HNM, you will not be receive full credit for attendance. You are expected to stay the entire length of the run, and we do follow up with people leaving a run early to ensure they are not taking advantage of our attendance policy.

There are general instances in which a member may not be awarded full credit for attending a run or may be given credit for not participating in a run:

Tardiness - Members who are late to a run receive only half-credit (0.5) for the run. You are late if you arrive 30 or more minutes after the posted time in the announcement, regardless of when we actually enter the Dynamis zone.

Being late to a run affects your ability to lot AF that drops:

Late members that are in Dynamis an hour or less after the posted announcement time may lot AF when it is declared a free lot to all that can equip it.
Late members that are in Dynamis more than an hour after the posted announcement time may lot AF when it is declared a free lot to everyone.These limitations include members with priority (ie., you lose priority for the run if you are late) and are regardless of whatever the late member's main lotting job is.

The only exceptions to this are for recurring instances of being late that have been previously arranged with the leadership (due to work schedules, etc), or for members that are locked out of the zone by the timer due to our previous run (such as when we have occasionally late multiple-run days).

Disconnecting - Credit for run attendance if you disconnect and do not return is based on when you disconnected:

Before the run - 30 minutes after we start: 0
30 minutes after we start until primary objective complete: 0.5
After primary objective is complete: 1.0Members found to be purposefully disconnecting to avoid having to attend the remainder of a run will not be awarded full credit for their attendance, regardless of when the disconnection occurred.

Away From Keyboard (AFK) - Members who are removed from a Dynamis zone due to being AFK will receive NO CREDIT for their attendance. DO NOT GO AFK!

Repeated offenses of going AFK and having to be forcibly removed from Dynamis will result in more severe consequences, such as lotting penalties and reconsideration of linkshell membership.

If, for any reason, you believe you may be forced to go AFK during a run, it is strongly encouraged that you set your Auto-Logout timer to its minimum value (10 minutes). Receiving partial credit from disconnection is a better end result from the nothing you will receive if we must arrange to Warp you because you are no longer responsive.

Sitting Out - Members are given full credit if they elect to sit out to accomodate another member in a run that is already full. This option is afforded only to members who are currently waiting and ready at the Trail Markings or Heiroglyphics.

You do not get credit for giving up your spot in a run if you have not even arrived yourself. You cannot simply "check-in" and find out if the run if full while you are doing other in-game things and expect us to give you credit for attendance.

If you have been slotted as an alternate, you are expected to be at that run on-time, until we are able to determine whether or not you can be placed into the alliance(s). If we are unable to place you in a run, you will receive the same credit to attendance as if you were sitting out.

11-13-2006, 09:26 PM
Indication of Lotting Choice

At the beginning of every run, each DynamisBums member sets a specific lotting choice. Currently, members may choose between lotting artifact armor (AF), gil (determined by the currency dropped in a zone), or nothing. For CoP Dynamis zones, members may not choose to lot currency, as this is collected for use with upgrading AF.

All members will indicate their preference using a specific search comment. Setting comments allows leadership to quickly look through lists to determine distribution of items or currency at the end of the run.
Artifact Armor (AF) : Search > Set Comment > Seek Party > Other
Gil : Search > Set Comment > Mission > Other
Nothing : no particular color required, but an indication that you are lotting nothing should be made in your commentBecause comments are checked periodically through the run to ensure members are not changing their initial choice, members must have their comment set at all times. If you disconnect or otherwise lose your search comment, you are expected to set it again immediately.

Distribution Systems

There are several systems that DynamisBums uses to influence the distribution of items that drop in Dynamis: priority, recent attendance, minimum runs, and job preferences.


The purpose of priority is to reward dedicated members, NOT to even out the distribution of AF in a perfect mathematical manner based on drop history. All current priorities are listed in the Current Priority thread in the Rules forum.

Priorities are reviewed periodically to determine whether they should continue or be modified to include other members. In general, Primary priority will not be given to members that have completed their first (non free-lot) set of artifact armor.

Primary priority - This will be given to members of a job who are clearly ahead of the rest of the members of the same job in terms of attendance and AF won and untangibles such as willingness to sacrifice themselves for the group and ability to follow orders. This priority may be given to more than one person. This priority may be awarded for a piece of AF (or another priority-assigned item) that has never dropped for us.

Secondary priority - This will be awarded to members of a job who are no longer eligible for Primary priority and have been on their current job for a year or more, during which time they have accumulated at least 75 runs. In addition, these members must have demonstrated extraordinary effort and contribution to the linkshell, and have unanimous support from all of the current leadership. This priority cannot be awarded for an item that has never dropped for us, and must have dropped a minimum of three (3) times during a member's review period.

Members with Secondary priority must defer lotting to members with Primary priority.

Non-main job priority - While most priorities are given to members within their main job, there are occasionally certain circumstances where a member has had a long-standing priority that remains unsatisfied due to circumstances beyond their control. In these situations, leadership may determine that a member be allowed to change their main job while retaining their previous priority. These instances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Recent Attendance, "4/10"

DynamisBums encourages that its memberbase has consistent attendance in order to have a reliable showing at any particular zone. While we understand the realistic limits of a casual player, we want to discourage members from having the expectation of a highly-desireable reward from less-than-desireable attendance.

Currently, a member must have attended four (4) of the previous ten (10) Dynamis runs to satisfy this criterion. Zones that a member does not have access to are not counted as non-attendance, however, they may be in instances where a member clearly does not make an effort to clear zones they do not yet have access to.

Minimum Runs, "25-runs"

To prevent the situation where new members receive what they want from the linkshell and subsequently leave, DynamisBums also observes a minimum runs criterion in several instances.

Currently, a member must have attended twenty-five (25) runs to satisfy minimum runs. This run total is based on the actual value of attendance calculated from full and partial run credits, not neccesarily the distinct number of Dynamis runs a member has been to.

Declaration of Job Preferences

Every DynamisBums member is expected to choose a "main job" and an "upgrade job" preference. These designations are made to determine the distribution of equipment and items that drop in regular and CoP Dynamis zones, respectively, according to the systems below.

While you are not forced to pick a particular job if you have multiple jobs leveled, the jobs you choose for these preferences must be level 70 or higher. It is also not required for a member to select the same job for both preferences.

11-13-2006, 09:36 PM
Artifact Armor Lotting

DynamisBums uses a tiered distribution system to distribute AF. This system is designed to reward service, observe preference, and distribute items with the highest utility possible.

Priority lotters (that satisfy active membership)

[Northlands/Tavnazia] Lotters within that main job (that satisfy active membership, and both of the 4/10 and 25-runs criteria)
[Northlands/Tavnazia] Lotters within that main job (that satisfy active membership, and one of the 4/10 of 25-runs criteria)


[City/CoP] Lotters within that main job (that satisfy active membership and 4/10, if applicable)

Members that can equip the AF (not of that AF's main job, that satisfy active membership, do not necessarily satisfy 4/10, may be in job change penalty, may be new member with at least 1 run, may be a late member arriving on or before the one-hour mark). For AF drops in Dynamis-Beaucedine/Dynamis-Xarcabard/Dynamis-Tavnazia, a member must also have 25+ runs.

Members with the job at LV70+

Members who have previously upgraded the AF piece and can use the AF to store a set of relic armor

Anyone else (including inactive members, late members arriving after the one-hour mark, and new members with 0 runs)

Key: Priority main job, Non-priority main job, Free lot

This lotting system observes the following notes/exceptions:

You may only set an AF lotting comment for your main job. Setting a lotting comment for anything other than your observed main job means and entitles you to nothing.

Members MAY set an AF comment on a priority run even if they don't have priority; however, they will not be able to lot until the priority has been satisfied (everyone who has priority gets their AF first).

In the event that priority is completely satisfied during a run, a member that has set an AF lotting comment will be eligible for lotting according to the rules above over another member that has set a different, non-AF lotting comment.

After you receive your first piece of AF with DynamisBums, you must be able to equip any subsequent pieces of AF that you wish to lot unless otherwise specified.

This does NOT apply to players that were at one time a higher level job, but have since delevelled during a particular run (eg., a member who is level 75 at the start of the run may still qualify to lot a level 75 AF if they level down to 74 during the run). Your level is evaluated at the start of the run (eg., the same player attending a subsequent run still at level 74 at the start of Dynamis would NOT be eligible to lot a level 75 AF for that job).

New members will not be allowed to set an AF lotting comment until they have been to at least 3 dynamis runs. That means you may set an AF comment on your 4th and subsequent runs, assuming you meet the lotting conditions above.

Main job lotting is distinguished between the zone the AF drops in:

For Dynamis-Beaucedine and Dynamis-Xarcabard (Northlands), members lotting AF that satisfy both the recent and minimum attendance criteria are allowed to lot before members that satisfy only one of the two.

In regular Dynamis zones (Cities), the recent and minimum attendance criteria are not enforced, but a lotting member must meet the other eligibility requirements, if any.

Leaders will announce as AF moves through each tier. You are not to lot on a piece of AF if you do not qualify for it, even if you lot on purpose with the intent to pass (read: NO "JOKE" LOTTING). Members doing this will be warned the first time, and Warped the second time with no attendance credit rewarded for the run.

It is expected that all members will actively lot or pass on AF quickly. AF, once it reaches a tier with valid lotters, should not stay in the Treasure Pool until it is automatically distributed.

AF -1 and Relic Accessory Lotting

AF -1 Distribution

A similar tiered system for distributing AF in regular zones is used for distributing AF -1 from the CoP Dynamis zones. This system generally follow the distribution ideal of:

Who can use it now > Who has the upgrade job > Who is likely to use it soon > Everyone else

Members with the upgrade job that have the corresponding AF AND satisfy recent attendance requirements. You must be able to use the upgraded AF +1.
Members who have the corresponding AF but not necessarily the upgrade job AND satisfy recent attendance. You must be able to use the upgraded AF +1.
Members who have the upgrade job but not necessarily the corresponding AF AND satisfy recent attendance. You must be able to use the upgraded AF +1 if it were upgraded.
Members who can use the upgraded AF +1 if it were upgraded.
Members with the correct job 70+. You do not necessarily need to be able to use the AF +1 if it were upgraded.
Free lot. There are no further restrictions.

Relic Accessories

These include relic belts and capes found in CoP zones:

Members with the correct upgrade job that satisfy recent attendance requirements.
Members who can equip the relic accessory.
Members with the correct job LV70+.
Free lot. There are no further restrictions.

Every member is expected to declare an upgrade job which works similarly to the main job preference for regular AF. Your upgrade job preference may be different from your main job preference.

The following notes/exceptions are made for AF -1 and relic accessory lotting:

The recent attendance criterion (4/10) is applied to members lotting AF -1 and relic accessories for their designated upgrade job.

In order to lot on a piece of AF -1 that drops in the zone, you must have the corresponding AF. If all members with the corresponding AF already have the dropped AF -1 or already have the resulting AF +1, members with that upgrade job that do not have the corresponding AF are eligible to lot the AF -1.

Lotting of Relic Accessories (currently Belts and Capes) does not require a member to initially possess any of that job's AF.

11-13-2006, 09:46 PM
Currency Lotting

All currency dropped during a run is collected by 2-3 designees. Currency that drops in regular City and Northlands zones is used to help members fund the upgrading of relic weapons, while those dropped in CoP zones are used to upgrade Artifact Armor.

By setting a "currency" or gil comment, a member indicates that they want a portion of gil from the sale of currency to members. A currency comment can only be set in City and Northlands Dynamis zones; currency is not an option for lotting in CoP Dynamis zones.

Determining Gil Split

The amount of gil a member lotting currency is entitled to is determined by multiplying the amount of single currencies obtained during the run by a fixed amount, and dividing by the total number of people electing to lot currency. A leader organizing currency may determine a gil split's precision.

At this time, the base rate of currencies are:

Byne Bills: 3,000 gil
Whiteshells: 4,000 gil
Bronzepieces: 4,000 gil

The current precision function is: rounds down to the nearest 100 gil, or floor( x, 100), where x is the exact calculated split amount.

For example: If there are 13 currency lotters and 155 single currencies and 1 hundred piece drops during a Dynamis run, then a split of 47.6k is given to all members lotting currency ( 155 * 4000 / 13 = 47600 gil).

Distributing Gil Split

Gil is distributed to members taken from a list made from an inital survey of lotting comments set at the start of the Dynamis run. This distribution takes place immediately after the run once the amount of gil for each person has been determined. An instruction will be given to trade a designated leadership member once distribution is ready.

Gil Forfeiture

Gil is not held between runs or sent to members; you must pick it up at when it is announced after the run or it is otherwise forfeited.

Members leaving early forfeit their share of gil. Members that receive "free lot" AF also forfeit their share of gil if a currency comment was originally set.

Forfeited gil returns to the DynamisBank for use with buying hourglasses and medicines for future runs. It is not split over other currency lotters.

Item Lotting

DynamisBums' lotting system no longer separates normal items (ie., Infinity Cores, Beastcoins, various synthesis items) from other drops in Dynamis. These normal items are allowed to freely auto-distribute, and no member should be lotting them.

Items that return a marginal amount of experience to the user (Ginuva's Battle Theory, Schultz's Strategems) are freely lot regardless of a member's lotting preference for that run.

11-13-2006, 09:53 PM
Shadow Item Lotting

The lotting distribution of the drops from the Dynamis Lord in Dynamis-Xarcabard (Shadow Mantle, Shadow Ring) are specially handled.

Every member will indicate a preference for one of the two Shadow items. This preference can be changed, however, it must be changed at least twenty-four (24) hours before a particular run in order to be effective for that run (eg., a request to change this preference on Wednesday for a Dynamis-Xarcabard trip that same day will not be observed until after the run).

Basic Requirements

To be considered for Shadow Item distribution, members must meet the following requirements:

Must be an active member. Inactive members are not eligible for Shadow Item lotting.
Both of the recent and minimum attendance requirements must be met. For Shadow items, the minimum attendance criteria is fifty (50) runs.
Must not have already previously won a Shadow Item. There is a limit of one (1) Shadow Item per member.
Must have already indicated an item preference at least twenty-four (24) hours before the run. Members not making a choice until the day of the run (including right before the Shadow Lord) will not be included for consideration when determining lists.


Lotting list selection is determined using a circular queue for each Shadow Item. This queue is rotated after each successful Dynamis Lord kill, and individual entries may have their positions changed by various criteria.

Initial List

The lotting order of the initial list is determined by number of runs, with ties resolved as indicated below ("Tie-breaking"). The first four members at the top of the list (with the lowest indices), who are present and on-time at the zone, are selected for lotting ability. A fifth lotter may be added to the list at the leader's discretion.

Prior to every subsequent Dynamis-Xarcabard run, the lotting list is manipulated:

A. Rotation of previous lotters
B. Reinsertion of absent members
C. Addition of new lotters and recently active members
D. Application of bonus and penalty adjustments
E. Final reordering

Rotation of previous lotters

After every successful Dynamis Lord attempt, the members chosen as Shadow Item lotters are placed at the end of the list. This occurs regardless of which (if any) Shadow Items are dropped. Members who have become inactive are removed, and the list is then re-indexed.

Reinsertion of absent members

Members who were absent from the previous Dynamis Lord attempt are not rotated with the previous lotters. Instead, they are re-inserted to the lotting order at the same position that they had previously.

A member who was late to the zone is not rotated, but also is not removed and reinserted into the list in this manner.

Addition of new lotters and recently active members

At this point, members who have just recently satisfied the minimum requirements for lotting Shadow Items and members who were previously inactive are added to the end of the lotting queue. For the purpose of lotting order, all members added are listed at the same lotting position.

Application of bonus and penalty adjustments

Individual positions in the lotting order can be adjusted through various criteria:

-1 position for every 100 runs attended (rewarding long-term service)
-1 position if recent attendance is over 90% (rewarding consistent service)

+1 position for every consecutive Xarcabard missed (discouraging skipping Xarcabard runs where attendance is important)
+1 position for every consecutive lotting opportunity after the first (ensuring the top of the list isn't stagnant)

Final reordering

Once the sum of the bonuses and penalties are applied to members' lotting positions, the list is re-indexed one final time to determine the lotting list used in that day's run.


The order of criteria for breaking lotting position ties are (in order):

- Number of runs
- Recent attendance
- Last Shadow Item lotting opportunity (the person who has waited the longest to lot would win the tie)
- Previous lotting position (must be unique, therefore no more criteria needed)

Recent Attendance

For recent attendance, data is used going back exactly 50 mandatory runs and includes--as a bonus--any optional runs attended. Thus, it is possible to have over 100% recent attendance and runs that a member could not attend due to inability to access a zone ARE counted against them.

Shadow Items with No Eligible Lotters

If no one attending the run is eligible for a particular shadow item (due to not meeting the minimum requirements or by previously having received the alternate shadow item), it will be offered to the member with the most runs that:

- Meets the basic Northlands requirements (recent and minimum attendance)
- Has 75%+ attendance over the last 50 runs, and
- Has not changed their shadow item preference in the last six months

This member will have the option of passing on the lot, in which case it'll be offered to the person with the next-highest number of runs, and so on.

It is important to note that:

- this will not happen if there is at least one person eligible for the shadow item in question.
- Shadow Items will not be offered to members not meeting the minimum requirements.

11-13-2006, 09:58 PM
Changing Preferences

Over the course of a long membership with the linkshell, members will eventually change their lotting choices between other jobs. It is currently possible to change your preference for your "Main job", your "Upgrade job", and your Shadow Item preference.

All job changes must be indicated through a post in the Administrative Changes forum. Any current penalties for changes, if applicable, will be listed in the Rules forum.

24-hour Rule

In all cases, a request to change a job will not be recognized twenty-four (24) hours before a particular run. Requests to change a job within this timeframe will not be honored until after the run.

Changing Main Job Preference

Changing your "main job" preference affects your ability to lot AF in City, Northlands, and CoP Dynamis zones. When this preference is changed, a penalty is assessed that prevents a member from being able to lot AF for a certain number of runs until the penalty is satisfied. This penalty is determined based on the AF count: an aggregate number of AF, AF +1, and Relic items received.

A member's current AF count is listed in the Memberlist.

Job Change Penalties
0 - 1 AF: 0 runs
2 - 3 AF: 1 run
4 - 5 AF: 2 runs
6 - 7 AF: 3 runs
8 - 9 AF: 4 runs
10-15 AF = 5 runs
16-20 AF = 7 runs
21-25 AF = 9 runs
26-30 AF = 11 runs
31-35 AF = 13 runs
36+ AF = 15 runs

Once a member has satisfied this penalty through attendance, their job change will become effective on the Memberlist and AF lotting privileges are restored.

A member assessed a zero (0) run penalty must still meet the 24-hour rule to be able to lot AF in a subsequent Dynamis run.

Changing Upgrade Job Preference

Changing your "Upgrade job" preference affects your ability to lot AF -1 and Relic Items in CoP Dynamis zones. Due to the rarity of these items and the frequency with which DynamisBums does CoP Dynamis zones, the penalty system used for the main job preference is not used.

Instead, a member's request to change an upgrade job is immediately effective, but the request is still subject to the 24-hour rule. However, in lieu of a run penalty, a member may not request another upgrade job change for one (1) calendar month (real-time, not game time).

Changing Shadow Item Preference

A member may elect to change their Shadow Item preference at any time. However, such a change must observe the 24-hour rule to be effective for a subsequent Dynamis-Xarcabard.

11-13-2006, 10:07 PM
Relic Upgrading

Any active member of DynamisBums may elect to purchase currency from the linkshell in an effort to upgrade a relic weapon or shield. However, due to the number of members buying currency and the amount of currency required to complete a relic weapon/shield, prospective upgraders are strongly urged to consider whether this effort is worthwhile.

It is NOT possible to fully upgrade a relic weapon/shield with currency received from DynamisBums alone.

Members are allowed to upgrade a total of one (1) weapon/shield through the linkshell. Once you complete this relic, you may no longer receive currency from the linkshell.

Currency Cost

The base costs for a single unit of Dynamis currency are:

Ordelle Bronzepieces 4000 gil
Tukuku Whiteshells: 4000 gil
1 Byne Bills: 3000 gil

Currency Distribution

During any Dynamis run, 2-3 designated people will be lotting and collecting currency in the Treasure Pool. In City and Northlands runs, this currency is divided and sold to upgrading members who are present at the run. At the end of every run, a designated leader will record a list of all currency buyers (and their types, if applicable).

For City runs, the accumulated currency is evenly split over the number of buyers upgrading. This currency is sold immediately after the run.

For Northlands runs, the accumulated currency is divided among lotters in different stages, following the general distribution of:

05% currency will be reserved for Stage 1 upgraders
10% currency will be reserved for Stage 2 upgraders
35% currency will be reserved for Stage 3 upgraders
50% currency will be reserved for Stage 4 upgraders

This currency will not be distributed immediately after a run, as a leader will determine the per capita distribution based on the generalized model. While the leadership member in charge of determining this split has great discretion in the actual results, the overall distribution is to be made as approximate as possible.

If currency is reserved at a stage with no active upgraders, the currency is split evenly among the other stages.

In the event that a split as above results in a lower-stage upgrader receiving more currency than a higher-stage upgrader, and the difference cannot easily resolved, the currency from the run will be evenly split among upgraders of that currency type.

In the case where DynamisBums is hosting runs simultaneously in a City/Northlands zone and a CoP zone, upgraders attending the CoP Dynamis run CANNOT buy from currency dropped in the City/Northlands zone.

All distributions, once determined, will be posted to the Relic Upgrades thread.

Members that are more than sixty (60) minutes late to a run may not purchase currency from that run.

Hundred Piece Currency Distribution

Hundred piece currencies that drop in Dynamis (100 Byne Bill, Montiont Silverpieces, Lungo-Nango Jadeshells) are specially reserved and not included in the normal currency distribution methods listed above. These pieces are sold to members at a non-discounted rate to fund future Dynamis runs.

The base costs for single 100-unit currency are:

Montiont Silverpieces: 400,000 gil
Lungo-Nango Jadeshells: 400,000 gil
100 Byne Bills: 300,000 gil

Distribution of 100-piece currency is based on seniority, and a member qualifies to buy a 100-piece for every ten (10) runs attended. Magnitudes are generated by taking the attendance value from the Memberlist and substracting an amount equal to ten times the number of 100-pieces received. The upgrader with the highest magnitude is offered the next 100-piece currency as it drops.

It is only possible to buy one (1) 100-piece currency per Dynamis event. Thus, even if a member has a higher magnitude after buying a 100-piece in a particular run, a subsequent 100-piece of the same type would be offered to the next person in the distribution list.

Members may elect to pass on an awarded 100-piece currency with no penalty. The 100-piece will be awarded to the next person in the distribution list provided that member has not already been given a 100-piece currency from that event.

Relic Upgraders Information

All current information about outstanding distributions and 100-piece allocations can be found on the Relic Upgrade thread.

In addition, this thread contains information about all relic upgraders and their current progress. It is mandatory that a relic upgrader update leadership with details of their upgrading at least once every four (4) weeks. Failure to do so will result in non-inclusion in future currency distributions.

Relic upgraders can update their progress on the Relic Upgrade thread. Update responses are purged from this thread periodically.

Returning Currency

Currency bought from the linkshell remains property of the linkshell until you have completely finished your relic weapon/shield upgrade (Stage 5). In the event that you leave DynamisBums or the game, you are obligated to return the currency that you purchased from the linkshell for the exact amount of gil for which it was purchased.

It is strongly encouraged that upgrading members hold onto their currency until they are complete ready for the final upgrade stage. Not only does this facilitate the return of currency to the linkshell, but it also prevents wasting currency in the event that you choose to no longer upgrade your weapon/shield.

Currency can be returned through arrangements with the leader(s) designated to deal with currency.

It is not possible to "will" your returned currency to another relic upgrader. The actual distribution method of any returned currency is left to the discretion of the leadership.

Obtaining Special Upgrade Items

As members progress in their relic upgrade efforts, the linkshell will set aside time during a Dynamis run to obtain any special, Rare/Ex items needed for upgrading. Leadership will look at each situation on a case-by-case basis for obtaining Attestations and Fragments.

Due to its common nature, time to specifically obtain Necropsyche will not set aside, however, members will be asked to pass a dropped Necropsyche for an upgrading member that has not yet obtained one from Vanguard Dragons in Dynamis-Xarcabard.

Changing Relic Weapon Upgrade

Members are allowed to change the relic weapon/shield they are working on. However, currency bought from the linkshell in excess of the required currency needed for the new relic weapon/shield must be returned to the linkshell.

Any changes to your relic weapon/shield target should be noted through the Administrative Changes forum.

11-13-2006, 10:15 PM
Artifact Armor Upgrading

Through the AF -1 items received in CoP Dynamis zones, it is now possible to upgrade AF received in Dynamis. Upgrading an AF requires: the original AF obtained, the corresponding AF -1, a certain amount of Ancient Currency, and a synthesis material.

Upgraded AF is not returned to the player until after the weekly Conquest Tally (Sunday, 11AM EST / 8AM PST). For the purpose of counting AF received (in determining lotting penalties in particular), an upgraded AF is considered as a separately received AF, in addition to the previously upgraded AF piece.

Members must request AF upgrades through the AF Upgrade thread (http://www.dynamisbums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1910) so that there is a record of the request.

Currency Cost and Availability

The base costs of a single unit of Dynamis currency for the use of upgrading AF are 50% of the amounts used to sell currency to relic upgraders. Currently, those prices are:

Byne Bills: 1,500 gil
Bronzepieces: 2,000 gil
Whiteshells: 2,000 gil

Due to the limited amount of currency that drops in CoP zones, a leader must first check to see that enough currency is present to cover requests for upgrading an AF piece.

AF Upgrade Validation

In order to receive currency for an AF upgrade, a member must demonstrate that they have the corresponding AF by equipping it in the presence of the leadership member distributing currency.

In addition, once the AF has been upgraded, it must again be displayed to a leadership member so that the upgrade can be validated.

11-13-2006, 10:25 PM
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why didn't I get credit for a run?

A: If you did not completely attend a run, the amount of credit you actually receive towards your attendance varies with when you arrived, left, or disconnected. See the rules for details about when different types of attendance credits are given.

You also may have been excluded from the attendance list because you did not pay for the run's entry fee, if applicable. If you forgot to do so, you should make arrangements to provide the missed entry fee before or at the next subsequent run.

Members found to be abusing our attendance policies (eg., purposely disconnecting right at the point where they would last receive full attendance credit) will not be credited with the attendance they are expecting.


Q: What does lotting currency mean?

Lotting "currency" during a run means that you choose to receive an amount of gil based on the amount of currency we receive during a run. You do not actually receive ancient currency by lotting "currency."

Q: I'm lazy. Can't you just send my share of gil to my Delivery Box?

A: Considering that only one slot can be used to send gil to members, the answer is "no." Any gil not picked up after a run by currency lotters is returned to the DynamisBank.

Lotting Preferences

Q: Do I have to specify a main/upgrade/shadow preference?

A: Yes. This should be done as soon as possible after your entry into DynamisBums. If you do not want AF-1, relic accessories, or shadow items, you may elect to forego them, but you must do so explicitly. Main jobs must be declared by all members.


Q: Why does my free lot AF count towards my AF total?

A: "Free" in the term "free lot" does not mean there are no consequences to receiving the AF. It simply means that the AF has lessened restrictions on who is able to lot on it.

"Free lot" AF does not count towards your accumulated AF total if and only if you cannot use the AF you received. If you level into it or your main job is changed to match the AF (even if you cannot yet equip it), it will count towards your AF total and show up in the Memberlist. These AF pieces will also be considered when deciding priority.

Q: Why am I not on the Memberlist anymore? Did you kick me out of the linkshell?

A: The memberlist displays both active and inactive users. If you are not in the list, you have missed more than 25 consecutive runs and have been essentially removed from the linskhell roster. In order to attend again, you will need to reapply to the linkshell.


Q: Why didn't I get priority? I have _____ runs and only _____ AF!

A: Priority is not *just* a reward for linkshell contribution. It is a means of making up to members who have not been able to receive AF through their own luck at lotting AND have applied themselves towards linkshell service.

A notable exception to this are members that have obtained a number of their AF from another linkshell before joining DB, and have accumulated enough attendance and AF comparable to peers receiving priority.

Most importantly, priority is not something that is automatically given once you hit a certain amount of runs. Factors such as how you interact with your peers during runs, how much you contribute, how you perform at your job are all considered in addition to your accumulated run and AF totals.

If you receive priority, it is your charge to keep it. Priority is not rewarded for an indefinite period of time and can be revoked due to your behavior or lack of attendance/effort in Dynamis.

Q: Isn't that not fair to older members?

A: Our rules are very accommodating to those who stay around a long period of time and choose to pursue rewards for different jobs. However, we do recognize that older members can have poor luck and still contribute as much, if not more, than those receiving normal priority. For those members, we have implemented "secondary" priority.

Relic Upgrading

Q: Can anyone upgrade a relic weapon?

A: Anyone can choose to upgrade a relic weapon and receive currency towards that effort. However, before you choose to upgrade a relic weapon, you need to strongly consider whether or not you have the means to complete a relic upgrade.


There is simply too much currency involved in the upgrade and too many upgraders. You will need to be realistic with your upgrading goals.

Q: Do I have to give the currency I bought from the linkshell back?

A: Yes. Even though currency is "sold" to you, it is still linkshell property. It remains linkshell property until you make your final relic upgrade and returned any currency borrowed in the process.

If you leave the game or leave the linkshell, it is expected that you will return the currency you previously purchased. The linkshell will reimburse you for the cost of the currency.

01-07-2008, 11:36 AM
Hydra Item Lotting

The lotting distribution of the drops from the Nightmare Taurus in Dynamis-Tavnazia are handled differently from other drops within the zone, especially Hydra items from the Haubert set.

Basic requirements

Members must meet a recent attendance requirement of 4 of the last 10 runs attended.

Members must meet a minimum attendance requirement of 50 runs.


Prior to the start of a Tavnazia run:

Members who have PLD as a main or alternate job will /random. The highest and lowest /randoms will be selected.
Members who have WAR or DRK as main or alternate jobs will /random. This can include members who lot as part of the first set of PLDs, but lost the random. The highest /random will be selected.

Initially, the pool of randomers will be restricted to those who have won the least items from the Hydra Haubert set.

These three members will be eligible for any Hydra Armor dropping from the Haubert set. Due to this exclusive eligibility, these members will not be allowed to lot on any other Hydra Items for the duration of the run. In the event that four or more Hydra Items from the Haubert set drop--or all remaining established lotters pass--these items will made available as free lot to those who can equip them.

All Hydra Armor except those in the Haubert set (Salade, Haubert, Moufles, Brayettes, Sollerets) can be freely lot by those who can equip the piece.

All members will be restricted to winning only one Hydra Armor per run regardless of which set it is from.

09-15-2008, 08:02 PM

Lotting rules are subject to change, and thus this image may not always be up-to-date. In the event of conflict, the posted rules automatically supercede the contents of this image.